Puretec Hybrid P9 Supplied & Installed

Puretec Hybrid P9 Supplied & Installed

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Transform Your Water Quality with the Puretec Hybrid P9 All-In-One Filtration System

The Puretec Hybrid P9 combines advanced filtration technology with practical design, making it a top contender for safe and clean drinking water. Our in-depth exploration covers its features, setup, and sustained performance, helping you make an informed decision on your water filtration needs.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puretec Hybrid P9 is an all-in-one water filtration system featuring pump and UV sterilisation, ensuring the effective purification of rainwater with a compact and versatile design for various installation options.

  • Featuring a premium Grundfos pump, the Puretec Hybrid P9 offers efficient, quiet operation and a 4-stage filtration process (including sediment, carbon, ultrafiltration, and UV sterilization) to ensure high-quality, pure water free from harmful microorganisms.

  • The system is designed for ease of use and maintenance, with a lockable, corrosion-resistant cabinet, replaceable cartridges, and a Mains to Rain Controller that seamlessly integrates rainwater and mains water supply while maintaining consistent pressure.

Unveiling the Puretec Hybrid P9: A Comprehensive Overview

The Puretec Hybrid P9 features:

  • Technological innovation

  • Design excellence

  • Pump and UV sterilisation integral to its design

  • All-in-one solution for the effective purification of rainwater

We will now explore its unique features to understand what makes it stand out.

Patented HybridPlus System

HybridPlus System Installation Illustration

The Puretec Hybrid P9’s HybridPlus system provides versatile installation options as it can be positioned against a wall, fence, or tank. This unique system ensures that no matter where you choose to install the Hybrid P9, you can count on a tidy and precise installation.

The system incorporates adjustable feet, capable of supporting heavy loads and providing various angles. These feet enhance the stability and levelness of the system, ensuring that it remains efficient and durable over time.

Ensuring Adequate Pressure: The Role of the Pressure Controller

The pressure controller plays a key role in the efficient performance of the Puretec Hybrid P9, as it manages and maintains the water supply pressure. This ingenious component detects when a faucet or appliance is turned on, activating the pump to provide immediate water flow.

More than just activating the pump, the controller has the following features:

  • Monitors system pressure and adjusts the operation of the pump to ensure adequate pressure, ensuring a consistent flow rate and preventing potential damage to pipes

  • Automatic shut-off in the event of no water

  • Cycle protection, which prevents the pump from dry running, enhancing the longevity of the filtration system.

Airflow and Heat Dissipation Features

Like any filtration system, the Puretec Hybrid P9 also relies on efficient airflow and heat dissipation. The unit incorporates design elements specifically aimed at promoting efficient airflow and heat dissipation.

Concealed ventilation features are integrated into the design of the Puretec Hybrid P9, ensuring consistent airflow. These features ensure heat is effectively dissipated, preventing overheating and maintaining system efficiency. Together, the airflow and heat dissipation features contribute to the system’s capability to maintain an ideal water temperature range.

The Complete Plug and Play Package: Installation Simplified

Plug and Play Installation Illustration

The design of the Puretec Hybrid P9 simplifies the installation process. Its sleek profile allows it to fit snugly against various surfaces or stand on its own, offering flexible installation options depending on your space and preference.

In addition to its sleek design, the Hybrid P9 features a unique plug and play package, making it a true p9 all in one solution. This innovative design ensures that regardless of where you install the system, you can count on a tidy and neat installation.

Unique Connection System

With its unique connection system, the Puretec Hybrid P9 distinguishes itself. This system permits water flow linkage to either the left or right side of the unit, offering flexibility and convenience during installation.

The design significantly reduces installation time and effort while ensuring a secure setup. Such flexibility not only makes the installation process swift and orderly but also contributes to the overall efficiency of this high-quality system. Our high quality system ensures a seamless experience for the user, with a tidy finished installation.

Lockable Cabinet Design: Tamper Proof and Corrosion Resistant

Security is a high priority for the Puretec Hybrid P9. The system features:

  • A lockable cabinet that enhances security and protects against unauthorized access

  • Patented gull-wing style doors that make the system tamper-proof and weatherproof

  • Rodent-proofing to safeguard the system from environmental elements

These features ensure that the Puretec Hybrid P9 is secure and protected at all times.

The cabinet is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials, offering long-lasting protection against rust and degradation. The gull-wing style access doors on the lockable cabinet also allow for easy, convenient maintenance and replacement of filtration cartridges.

Premium Pump Performance: The Heart of Puretec Hybrid P9

The high-quality Grundfos pump is the core component of the Puretec Hybrid P9 system. With a 0.5kW power rating, this pump is designed for efficient operation, providing a consistent and reliable supply of pressurized water.

The premium pump is integral to the system, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of water, contributing to the overall performance of the Puretec Hybrid P9 as a reliable filtration solution. Combined with a rain/mains changeover valve and pressure controller, the pump works seamlessly to maintain adequate water pressure throughout the usage cycle.

The Efficiency of a 0.5kw Pump

The Puretec Hybrid P9’s Grundfos 0.5kW pump operates efficiently, ensuring a pressurised and safe rainwater supply. The pump delivers an effective flow rate of 50 liters per minute, showcasing the system’s ability to provide a steady and efficient supply of pressurized water.

With the ability to self-prime up to 4 meters, the pump showcases its efficiency, ensuring that water supply is reliable and continuous without needing manual intervention.

Reduces Pump Noise: A Quiet Operation

The Puretec Hybrid P9 balances powerful performance with a priority on quiet operation. The unit’s cabinet design significantly contributes to reducing pump noise.

Adjustable leveling feet on the system help to minimize vibration and shock, which in turn reduces noise and can prolong the machinery’s lifespan. This thoughtful design ensures a quiet operation, allowing you to enjoy your Puretec Hybrid P9 without any distraction or disturbance.

Filtration Excellence: Ensuring Water Purity and Taste

4-Stage Water Treatment Process Illustration

The efficacy of a water filtration system is gauged by the quality of water it produces. The Puretec Hybrid P9 ensures water purity through a 4-stage water treatment process that includes:

  1. Sediment filtration

  2. Carbon filtration

  3. Ultrafiltration

  4. Advanced UV sterilization

This comprehensive natural process ensures that the safe and delicious rainwater is free from impurities and safe for consumption.

The final stage of the filtration leverages Radfire ultraviolet technology to eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms such as E. coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium cysts, providing effective bacteria protection without the use of chemicals. This four-stage treatment process is instrumental in delivering safe and high-quality water.

Chemical Free Bacteria Protection

To ensure safe drinking water, the Puretec Hybrid P9 employs a UV sterilization system that eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, eliminating the need for chemicals.

The benefits of the Puretec Hybrid P9 include:

  • UV sterilization, a proven method for disinfection that destroys microorganisms with efficiency equivalent to chlorination without using harmful chemicals

  • Safe and clean drinking water

  • Peace of mind knowing that harmful bacteria are eliminated

Filtration systems like the Puretec Hybrid P9 that don’t rely on chemicals for bacteria protection are crucial for maintaining water quality and preventing the introduction of potentially harmful substances.

Replacement Cartridges for Continued Performance

The Puretec Hybrid P9 system incorporates a pleated washable sediment removal cartridge as the initial stage of its filtration process, ensuring the removal of larger particles such as dirt, silt, and rust.

To maintain optimal water quality and system performance, the 5 micron pleated sediment cartridge should be replaced through a simple twist-off action to remove the old cartridge, installing a new one with a tight seal, and performing a system flush for 1-2 minutes.

Integrating Rainwater Supply with Mains Water: The Mains to Rain Controller

Versatility and adaptability are inherent in the design of the Puretec Hybrid P9 system. Its Mains to Rain Controller is designed to supply water from a rainwater tank when available and automatically switches to mains water when the tank is empty.

To determine the tank’s water level, the controller uses either a float switch or pump pressure, triggering the switch from rainwater to mains water when necessary. Integrated with a premium Grundfos pump and a pressure controller, the system ensures both a consistent pressure and a seamless water supply despite the source.

Fine-Tuning Your System: Adjustable Feet and More

The design of the Puretec Hybrid P9 is adaptable to cater to your specific needs. The system incorporates adjustable feet, which not only helps in ensuring even weight distribution across the system but is also critical for maintaining a level and stable setup.

These adjustable feet offer the flexibility to fine-tune your system according to your specific needs and preference. Whether you want to adjust the system’s angle or manage the weight distribution, the adjustable feet offer the flexibility to do so with ease.


In conclusion, the Puretec Hybrid P9 is an all-in-one water filtration system that promises to transform your water quality. Its unique design and state-of-the-art features make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution to their water purification needs.

From its patented HybridPlus system to its efficient UV sterilization, the Hybrid P9 is designed to ensure water purity and taste. Its ease of installation, premium pump performance, and excellent filtration make it a standout choice in the crowded market of water filtration systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Puretec Hybrid P9 unique?

The Puretec Hybrid P9 is unique because of its patented HybridPlus system, lockable cabinet design, premium pump, and 4-stage water treatment process with UV sterilization. This sets it apart from other water treatment systems on the market.

How does the system maintain adequate pressure?

The system maintains adequate pressure through a pressure controller that uses sensors to detect water demand and activate the pump accordingly. This ensures consistent and reliable water supply.

How does the system ensure a quiet operation?

The system ensures a quiet operation by reducing pump noise through its unique cabinet design and adjustable leveling feet, which minimize vibration and shock.

How does the system ensure water purity?

The system ensures water purity by using a 4-stage water treatment process and advanced UV sterilization, along with a washable sediment removal cartridge for larger particles. This ensures that the water is thoroughly treated for purity.

How does the system integrate rainwater supply with mains water?

The system integrates rainwater supply with mains water by using a Mains to Rain Controller that switches to rainwater when available and shifts to mains water when the tank is empty. This provides a seamless and efficient water supply management system for your needs.

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