Envirosun is 100% Australian owned, our range of hot water systems are designed and built specifically to suit the Australian climate

    Solar hot water systems are classed in 3 different types, Thermosyphon, Split Solar and the Air Sourced Solar also known as a Heat Pump

    A Thermosyphon solar water heaters is where the storage tank is located on the roof,  directly connected to the solar panels and also called a close coupled system,  we call  ours the EnvirosunTS Plus  and the  Envirosun THX in a closed circuit glycol range for frost and colder regions

    The Envirosun TS Plus 300 litre 2 panel solar hot water system has a STC rating of 40 in zone 3, now that is approx 20% higher than Solahart and Rheem, this a documented government approved tested rating, not a off the cup, mines better sales pitch

    The Split solar is where than tank and solar panels are just that, split, the storage tank is on the ground level or any convenient location lower than the solar panels, and the solar panels is the only component that is on the roof, in our range this is known as the Envirosun AS solar system. We have these in different storage capacities up to 400 litres

    The Envirosun 315 litre 2 panel AS solar also receives a STC rating of 40 and a massive 47 on the 400 litre 3 panel unit

    The Air sourced solar is commonly called a heat pump, it uses the ambient air and with refrigeration/air conditioning technology converts surrounding air to heat with massive energy savings compared to a electric hot water system, this one we call the Enviroheat Heat Pump, a Enviroheat will save you up to 71% on your water heating costs

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