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    Dux Hot Water Systems: Your Ultimate Guide to Efficiency & Cost Savings

    Efficiency and reliability are key when it comes to hot water systems. Dux delivers both, with innovative designs that can lead to significant savings on energy bills. Our article breaks down Dux’s standout features and points you towards the best choice for your home or business.

    Key Takeaways

    • Dux has over a century of experience in the hot water systems industry and is known for its continuous innovation, with products like the Prodigy range and ‘Airoheat’ heat pump system setting industry standards.

    • The company offers a wide range of energy-efficient residential and commercial hot water systems, including storage tanks, continuous flow water heaters, and eco-friendly options like solar and heat pump solutions.

    • Dux emphasizes sustainability, with products such as non-condensing and condensing continuous flow systems having up to a 6.7-star energy efficiency rating, and solar and heat pump systems that can reduce heating costs by up to 70%.

    Discovering the Dux Difference

    Dux has distinguished itself as a global pioneer in the hot water systems industry. With over a century of innovation and excellence, Dux has consistently delivered high-quality products, setting the bar high in the hot water industry.

    This emblematic Australian brand represents not only leadership in high-quality water heater production but also relentless research and numerous sector breakthroughs, making it an international hot water powerhouse.

    A Century of Innovation

    Dux’s journey began over a century ago, founded by Rohit Jain, Udit Chaturvedi, and Manika Tiwari. The company has spearheaded innovation since its inception, launching significant breakthroughs like the Prodigy range and the ‘Airoheat’ heat pump system. Through its unwavering dedication to innovation, Dux has significantly influenced the hot water industry, incorporating advanced technologies and features in its products.

    Proudly Owned and Operated in New South Wales

    Dux is owned by Noritz, a prominent manufacturer of high-quality residential and commercial hot water systems in Japan. Dux’s manufacturing facility is situated in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, a testament to the brand’s dedication to local manufacturing excellence. With 78 employees, Dux has made a significant contribution to the local economy.

    The Dux Hot Water Range: Tailored for Every Home

    Dux caters to the diverse needs of both residential and commercial customers with an extensive range of hot water systems, including dux hot water systems. From compact storage tanks with a 50L capacity to larger units such as the 400L, 315L, and 170L tanks, there is a Dux hot water system for every requirement, including the efficient hot water heater options. With their reliable hot water service, Dux ensures customer satisfaction.

    Engineered for energy efficiency, these energy efficient systems feature models with remarkable 4 and 5-star efficiency ratings, which promote cost savings and environmental consciousness.

    Residential Bliss: Finding Your Perfect Dux Hot Water Unit

    Dux provides a range of residential hot water units, each with distinct features and advantages. From the Prodigy gas storage units offering mains pressure hot water to the Airoheat Heat Pump systems that are eco-friendly, Dux has a solution for every residential need.

    Selecting a Dux unit involves considering factors like family size, hot water usage patterns, and the unit’s hot water capacity for the best fit.

    Commercial Mastery with Dux Water Heaters

    For businesses, Dux offers a range of commercial water heaters designed to meet their specific needs. These include condensing continuous flow water heaters and non-condensing continuous flow water heaters, each with its own unique features and benefits. With merits like efficient heating, minimized heat loss, higher capacity, swifter recovery time, and augmented efficiency, these commercial water heaters are an appealing option for businesses.

    Technology Meets Tradition: Dux's Advanced Features

    Dux has consistently pioneered the integration of advanced features into their hot water systems. This commitment to technological advancement comes to life in their collaboration with Noritz, a leading Japanese manufacturer of water heaters. This partnership has resulted in more competitive and technologically advanced products, offering superior performance and efficiency.

    The Noritz Collaboration

    The partnership between Dux and Noritz began when Noritz, a prominent manufacturer of household water heaters, acquired Dux in December 2014. This collaboration has resulted in the development of new products and the acquisition of valuable expertise, leading to a more diverse and comprehensive range of hot water systems.

    Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

    Dux designs their hot water systems with unwavering emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability. Their non-condensing continuous flow systems have a 6.4-star equivalent energy efficiency rating, while the condensing continuous flow systems boast a 6.7-star equivalent energy efficiency rating.

    Dux’s solar hot water systems and heat pumps also contribute significantly to energy conservation by saving electricity and reducing water heating costs by up to 70%.

    Solar Solutions and Heat Pumps

    Dux’s solar solutions and heat pumps are at the forefront of their commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. By utilizing solar energy and heat pump technology, these systems offer substantial energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional electric hot water systems.

    These solar solutions come in various tank capacities, catering to different household sizes, and their heat pump systems have an impressive energy efficiency rating of 7 stars.

    Fast Service and Support

    Dux’s dedication to customer satisfaction transcends the provision of high-quality products. They offer a comprehensive customer service package that includes:

    • Phone support

    • Assistance in selecting water heaters

    • Priority email and support calls

    • Account management

    • User group sessions

    Dux also provides onsite technical support that can be accessed by reaching out to them at their dedicated customer service line.


    In conclusion, Dux hot water systems present a compelling blend of innovation, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making them a worthy consideration for both residential and commercial use. With their commitment to advanced technology, sustainable practices, and exceptional customer service, Dux truly sets the standard in the hot water industry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the meaning of Dux?

    Dux means the top pupil in a class or school, especially in Scottish and certain other schools.

    Is Dux an Australian thing?

    Yes, Dux is an Australian brand that has been producing high-quality products for Australian households since 1915.

    What makes Dux hot water systems stand out in the industry?

    Dux hot water systems stand out in the industry due to their commitment to innovation, energy efficiency, and high-quality products, offering a wide range of systems for residential and commercial use.

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