Critical Review - Puretec Water Filtration Systems

Puretec has been the market leader in quality domestic water filtration systems for over 30 years across Australia and New Zealand. Like all well run households Puretec is family owned and operated. When it comes to well-built cost effective and innovative systems, Puretec water filtration has been the go-to for plumbers wanting the best outcome for their customers. With headquarters in most capital cities' you can be assured you are not getting the fancy Facebook ad, imported cheap, to good to be true rubbish.

We have been supplying and fitting all types of systems for years now, and every time we try something else our suppliers are pushing it's the same issues. Water still tastes funny, housings crack and leak, install is a lot harder the instructions state and a lot of them have no proof they do what they state apart from the promise of the man on Facebook importing the systems.

The Puretec range is for our purposes broken up into two main categories, filtration for the mains supplied water and then tank supplied, and then again into whole house and single point of use.

For a long time now we have been installing the G-Series systems. The Puretec G-Series is a whole house filtration system designed to take out 99.9% of contaminants through a series of filters a UV light all to help the water not only look, smell and taste great but also kill the likes of E.Coli and Giardia. They are a super easy system to install for us and feel extremely well made and have all those extra features you see with a high-end product. The Puretec G-Series has Aluminum bracket's, so they are not falling off the farmhouse wall creating a leak we see so often. The control cover lid is lockable so the kids are not putting their fingers where they shouldn't and its designed to be outside with quality UV resistant plastic and finishes. These units are also unobtrusive and the colour selection isn't in your eye which is important if you are unfortunate enough to have your water main entering on the front of the house. Here at JR we have a Puretec G-Series to fit most households with flow rates all the way up to 120 litres per minute and they can be installed in as little as two days.

Running similar lines to the Puretec G-Series is the Puretec EM2 Range of twin whole house filters without the UV filtration. Though they don't have UV they are a minimum for those without any form of filtration especially for those with rainwater and bore water. They are built though and smart with quality, heavy duty plastics and bracketry. So well-built they come with up to a 10year warranty, prefect suited to our harsh climate. With filtration all the way down to 1 micron for the whole household and flow rates upto 150 litres per minute we are sure here at JR we have a Puretec EM2 Series filter system to suit your household and needs.

If you just want to filter your kitchen water for drinking and cooking there is plenty of reliable and quality Puretec water filter systems available. Available in both UV treated and non UV treated options, dedicated filter and mutli use taps we have been installing these systems for years. Filtering all the way down to 0.0005 micron with the Puretec RO270 reverse osmosis system for removal of 98% of all impurities and upto 7.5L per minute with a elegant Tripla T Series Tap. The Puretec Tripla T Series taps are a great way to have dedicated filtered water in your kitchen with a single 3 way mixer for a smart modern finish. These taps along with there complete system are very well built, easy to install, easier to use and with a smart installer can be very single to replace cartridges.

As you can probably guess we are huge fans of the Puretec range and honestly have no complaints. The range is vast, they are well built, have great warranties and awesome aftersales support. They are on the higher side when it comes to price, but you are getting a quality product that does what it claims to do and you will have no issues finding replacement cartridges. We love installing these systems and with our extensive range available for quick install you can be assured there will be a system suited to your needs today.