A marvel of hot water is the continuous flow or instant gas hot water system. One of the most improved and advanced systems over the last 50years these same appliances no bigger than a jerry can heat up to 32L a minute of hot water, enough for up to 4 showers at once. Available anywhere from 10L per minute for the weekend shack all the way up to 32L per minute and from all the best brands such as Rinnai, Rheem and Bosch the continuous flow gas hot water system is a very tidy way to have endless hot water.With the advances leading up to a now 7-Star efficiency equivalent system, a modern gas hot water system is the perfect addition for the professional couple, the family whose kids love an infinite shower and the good old granny flat. With the ability to use near zero power and no gas unit the tap is opened it's the perfect solution for those who use a limited amount of hot water.The natural gas-powered system while efficiently using the supplied gas is more cost effective than most electric storage systems running on an off-peak tariff. The LPG continuous flow gas hot water system while efficient for a single person the running cost can quickly get out of hand for a family.

Instant Gas Hot water Systems

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