Critical Review - Rinnai B-Series Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems

Rinnai has been the bench-mark in continuous flow gas hot water systems for decades, with Toyota Land Cruiser like reliability, the Rinnai has proven to be a great investment. Rinnai now have over 100years experience is gas powered heating systems with the range in Australia covering storage, continuous flow, instantaneous, heat pump, electric storage and solar hot water systems.

The Rinnai B-Series continuous flow gas hot water systems are available in both LPG and Natural Gas and have similar sizing to the Infinity Series with a 16L, 20L and 26L system. Along with a range of sizes and gas types a Rinnai continuous flow hot water system can also be purchased in a 60degree option for those with the ability to run 50 and 60degree internally in the home, and a factory preset 50degree option to meet legal requirements for internal tapware.
With a heavy-duty copper heat exchange, you get up to a 15-year warranty, not that you will need it though as we are still yet to see one burst and we have been replacing units well over twenty year's old.

The system also has improved internal corrosion resistance and frost protection down to -20degrees. Cast aluminum and sheet stainless steel internals' help prolong the life of the Rinnai B-Series gas hot water systems to well exceed anything else on the market.

With regard to the performance of the Rinnai B-Series continuous flow hot water systems we find them too also be superior. Other manufacturers will promote similar figures but when they are installed in a family home they are not as promoted. The 1.5L/min minimum is as listed, the unit happily runs and doesn't cut in and out when you want a luke warm shower on a hot February day, and it also stays on when the little ones want to wash their hands. No frustrating showers and no shocks when the hot water kicks back into life.
The six star minimum efficiency is standard across the range and although 6 is the current maximum they have upto a 6.2 star equivalent. Converting your 4 Star gas storage systems to a 6 star can save a family over $500pa on hot water gas costs alone. With efficiency generally comes noise, although there is nothing to worry about with the Rinnai as unless you are face on with the system you may never know it's even running.
Gas as we all know is an ever-increasing commodity that we don't have to deal with. With increases in electrical efficiency to rival gas on a energy in vs out scale there are other options for your family to look into when replacing you gas hot water system. Systems like the heat pump water heater type leverage the ability for a near zero running cost with the ability to be paired with your solar electricity. Unfortunately, most of us only have the ability to create very minimal gas on a good day, definitely not enough to run a water heater. For those without solar or any plans to have it installed a Rinnai B-Series hot water system should be on top of your list for your next hot water system.
Like most continuous flow systems installation is a breeze. Easy mounting with a sub 20kg unit weight and a few screws and you are halfway there. Standardised connections across the range and similar connection layout to previous models and models from other manufacturers mean we can have your new system installed in just over 30min. With such a compact system and no requirement for expansion valves, bases or drain lines it means your new Rinnai B-Series gas hot water system will easily fade into the background.

Rinnai has developed a range of accessories also to fit the B-Series gas hot water system range with flue kits, security brackets and controllers to control the outlet temperature of every tap in the house and a bath fill function. They have also developed a range of pipe covers and recess boxes to further maximize clearances down the side of your house.

Price wise especially if you already have a continuous flow system are great. With supply and installation available from $1199inc gst and the options of same day service throughout the Brisbane region. Check out our range of Rinnai B-Series gas hot water systems today.

Our verdict? Great system, well made, readily available spare parts, endless hot water and one of the cheapest systems to install.