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    Effortless Hydration with Billi: Choosing the Right Filtered Water System for Your Home

    In search of a water filtration system that checks all the boxes? Billi’s range of energy-efficient systems offer impeccable taste, safety features, and environmental benefits for any home or office. This article unpacks how to choose the right Billi system to meet your specific needs without compromising on style or sustainability.

    Key Takeaways

    • Billi offers an extensive range of tailored water filtration systems for home and workplace use, featuring self-learning timers, eco-friendly technology, and advanced safety features to match your specific needs and sustainability objectives.

    • Billi’s filtration systems integrate innovative technologies, such as Luxgarde™ UVC Purification for near-complete waterborne contaminant defense, and touch-free sensor taps, enhancing user convenience and hygiene with a focus on sustainable development.

    • Maintenance is crucial for the performance of Billi systems, with services offered to simplify upkeep, and the company encourages participation in the Billi Eco-Movement to promote environmental responsibility and offers rewards and promotions for customer loyalty.

    Discover Your Perfect Billi System

    Billi offers a diverse range of water filtration systems, catering to both large whole house and compact, specialized needs. But how do you choose your ideal Billi model? It all boils down to understanding your specific needs and being aware of the unique features that each system offers.

    Ponder over factors like the top-notch under bench systems and the self-learning timer to cut down on energy usage while selecting a home Billi. Don’t overlook safety features like a lock for instant boiling water access, adjustable chilled temperature, and sparkling level. Moreover, Billi’s environmental focus ensures that all its systems are energy-efficient.

    Billi has been a leading provider of high-performance filtered water system solutions for over 25 years. Their range of systems, from complete home filtration systems to under bench systems, are designed to deliver superior performance and modern aesthetics while promoting healthy, sustainable living. So whether you’re looking for a home Billi or a commercial one, rest assured there’s a perfect fit for you.

    Selecting a Home Billi

    Several key factors should be weighed while selecting a Billi system for your home. These include:

    • Your budget

    • Storage space

    • Electricity and potable water access

    • Availability of post-sale support and maintenance

    • Water and energy-saving features

    Checking these factors is vital to align your system with your sustainability objectives.

    Billi provides a range of filtered water systems for home installation, such as under bench water filtration systems and whole house filtration systems. Each system is designed to enhance the taste and odor of your drinking water through the filtration of impurities and control of water temperature.

    One of the standout features of the home Billi is its eco-friendliness. The under-sink mains-tapped water filtration eliminates the need for plastic bottles, while sustainable technologies like water cooling, heat exchange, energy reclaim, and the use of Green Gas refrigerant contribute to ecologically sustainable development. This makes the home Billi not just a smart choice but also an environmentally responsible one.

    Tailoring a Billi for Workplaces

    Billi’s expertise extends beyond residential settings into workplaces. Selecting a Billi system for your workplace requires consideration of factors such as:

    • employee count

    • office size

    • water filtration quality

    • tap design variety

    • chilling and boiling abilities

    • system bench-space

    • warranty options

    A larger office may require a higher capacity machine to meet its needs.

    Billi’s workplace systems offer a range of customizable features for maximum convenience and safety. Models like Billi Quadra/Quadra Plus, Billi Sahara, and Billi Alpine/Alpine Duel-Temp are equipped with advanced safety features and energy-efficient designs. Plus, with a selection of maintenance plans, you can ensure your office gets the ideal Billi model for its needs.

    Whether you have a small office or a large one, Billi has a system tailored for your workplace. The All Billi Underbench Sparkling Units, the Billi Eco, and multiple models featuring round slimline and levered dispensers can cater to diverse workplace sizes and user capacities, providing boiling, chilled, and sparkling water options. With Billi, your workplace can enjoy the benefits of a customized water system that meets its specific needs.

    Enhance Your Space with Billi's Innovation

    Innovation is at the heart of Billi’s water filtration systems. The systems incorporate advanced technologies such as:

    • Heat Exchange Technology

    • Eco-intelligence Technology

    • Ice Bank

    • Firewall® technology

    • BioCote® technology

    These technologies contribute to water efficiency benefits.

    One of the standout features of Billi’s systems is the Luxgarde™ UVC Purification Technology. This cutting-edge UVC LED purification device offers a robust defense against waterborne contaminants without the use of chemicals, ensuring filtered drinking water of the highest quality. This technology enhances the functionality of Billi’s filtration systems by effectively eliminating waterborne pathogens and safeguarding the water with up to 99.999% purification.

    With Billi, you not only get a high-performance water system but also a touch of the future. The integration of sensor taps and soap dispensers eliminates the need for a kettle, providing a hands-free and hygienic experience. The touch-free technology in Billi products also provides user experience benefits such as convenience and improved hygiene.

    The Future is Touch-Free

    Billi’s sensor taps and soap dispensers are a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation. The features of these products include:

    • Electronic sensor integrated within the spout detects hand movements

    • Enables automatic dispensing of soap or water

    • Improves convenience

    • Promotes hygienic hand washing without the need for physical contact

    These features not only improve convenience but also promote hygienic hand washing without the need for physical contact.

    What sets Billi’s touch-free technology products apart is their space-saving design, energy efficiency, and modern aesthetic. These features cater to the growing need for sustainable solutions, showcasing Billi’s environmental focus.

    Whether it’s a hand washing area or a setting where liquid soap is utilized, Billi’s touch-free technology products are adaptable and effective. This highlights the versatility and effectiveness of the sparkling water systems Billi offers.

    Luxgarde™ UVC Purification Technology

    Purified water is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. With Billi’s Luxgarde™ UVC Purification Technology, you can experience purified water like never before. This non-chemical UVC LED purification technology defends against potential waterborne contaminants, purifying up to 99.999% of drinking water consistently.

    The operational mechanism of Luxgarde™ UVC Purification Technology is fascinating. It uses short-wave UV light to disrupt the DNA, RNA, and proteins of pathogens, impeding their replication process and inducing cell rupture, ultimately purifying water.

    Luxgarde™ UVC Purification Technology is widely recognized for its efficacy in deactivating up to 99.999% of pathogens, making it suitable for use in both residential and commercial water systems. So whether you are at home or at work, you can enjoy refreshing filtered drinking water, thanks to Billi.

    Water Efficiency Meets Style

    With Billi, you don’t have to choose between water efficiency and style - you can have both. Billi systems are not only efficient due to their under-sink mains-tapped water filtration and patented heat exchange technology but also stylish, accommodating a variety of aesthetic preferences.

    Billi provides a diverse selection of design styles for their water filtration systems. Designer taps in finishes like chrome, brushed metal, and matt black are available to complement your interior design.

    Billi’s integration of design with functionality is evident in its water filtration solutions. These systems are:

    • Efficient

    • Stylish

    • Adhere to high environmental standards

    • Showcase a dedication to form, function, and ecological sustainability.

    Service and Maintenance Simplified

    Your Billi system’s performance heavily depends on its maintenance. Steady upkeep and filter replacements guarantee a steady supply of premium filtered water and sustain optimum performance.

    Frequent servicing, varying from weekly to annually based on usage, is required for a Billi system. Water filters should ideally be replaced every 12 months or after 30,000 litres. Home maintenance involves changing filter cartridges every 6 months, inspecting fittings, and tubing, and monitoring for moisture.

    To make maintenance simpler, Billi offers customized service plans that encompass routine maintenance and filter replacements. So, you can enjoy your Billi system without worrying about its upkeep.

    Join the Billi Eco-Movement

    The Billi Eco-Movement is more than a campaign - it’s a commitment to Billi’s environmental focus and reducing carbon footprint by implementing advanced water filtration systems. By choosing a Billi system, you not only get access to high-quality filtered water but also contribute to a greener planet.

    Joining the Billi Eco-Movement offers environmental advantages through the promotion of water and energy conservation. The integration of water cooling, heat exchange, and energy reclaim technologies, along with the use of Green Gas refrigerant, contributes to ecologically sustainable development.

    Both individuals and businesses can contribute to the Billi Eco-Movement and meet ecologically sustainable development goals by:

    • Fostering sustainable spaces

    • Embracing resource-efficient practices

    • Curbing total energy consumption

    • Using reusable alternatives

    • Partaking in recycling

    • Incorporating green initiatives

    By choosing Billi, you’re not just making a choice for better water - you’re making a choice for a better planet.

    Exclusive Offers and Rewards

    Your relationship with Billi doesn’t end with the purchase of a system; it’s just the beginning. Billi is currently offering an exclusive promotion where customers can receive up to $350 cashback upon purchasing selected Billi Taps.

    But that’s not all. Billi also provides a rewards program that allows customers to accumulate points through shopping, social media interaction, and referrals, which can then be exchanged for exclusive rewards.

    To take advantage of these offers and rewards, you can visit their shop, contact 1800 812 321, or locate your local retailer. However, do note that some offers may have specific qualification requirements, so it’s recommended to check the terms and conditions of each promotion.


    From high-performance filtration systems to stylish designs and eco-friendly features, Billi systems are designed to meet your every need. Whether you’re choosing for your home or office, you can count on Billi to deliver quality, innovation, and sustainability. So why wait? Choose Billi today and experience the difference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is better zip or billi?

    In conclusion, both zip and billi units work well in every environment, but billi units mostly use a water-cooled condenser which transfers heat more efficiently than air. It ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

    What is a Billi unit?

    A Billi unit is a three-in-one solution that provides immediate access to boiling, chilled, and sparkling filtered water, offering a range of options for at-home convenience. They are high-quality water filtration systems designed and made in Australia with advanced innovative technology.

    How much does it cost to install a Billi tap?

    The cost of installing a Billi tap can range from $2599 to $10999, depending on whether it is for commercial or residential use and additional features.

    Is Billi tap filtered water?

    Yes, Billi filter tap provides instant filtered still drinking water.

    What are the key factors to consider when choosing a Billi system for home use?

    When choosing a Billi system for home use, consider factors such as your budget, storage space, access to electricity and water, and after-sales support availability. These factors will help you make an informed decision for your home.

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    Outstanding service! Our hot water system had broken down and it was leading into the Easter weekend. JR Gas and Water went out of their way to ensure that we had hot water ASAP.


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    The tenant had no hot water due to the hot water system failed. Found JR Gas & Water online, asked for a quote, receives the quote next day, price was very reasonable compare with another quote. Ordered the service with JR Gas & Water, new hot water system was installed the next day. Excellent service, reasonable price, very responsive, definitely will use JR Gas & Water again.


    I had not hot water. The team at JR Gas and Plumbing took my call on a weekend, provided me advice and my new hot water system was in the next week. Super knowledgeable and efficient - I am so pleased I called them and will use again and recommend to anyone wanting a professional job with a reasonable price tag.


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