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We can supply and install any cooking appliances that use Natural or LP gas. We also do heaters, hot water, and pool heaters as well.

Gasfitting in Australia is a licensed trade. A large number of jobs we attend where the customer (generally a husband) installed a new cooking appliance themselves has a gas leak. We cannot tell if a fitting is leaking or the gas pressures are correct without the appropriate tools so it would be near impossible for an untrained person to safely complete the install.

We can install your new stove including replacing valves, hoses and gas conversion from $260inc GST.

We can install your new water heater from $199inc GST.

We can install your new water heater from $199inc GST.

We can install your new water heater from $299inc GST.

We use a number of tools to locate gas leaks. We generally start with a pressure test to confirm a leak then use experience and a gas leak detector to pinpoint the cause of the leak. We will then quote and proceed with the repair. We can test and locate your leak from $120inc GST.

We do a large number of induction to gas stove conversions and the customers are always happy. Gas offers instant heat, better control, cheaper running costs and the ability to use a larger range of pots and pans.

Switching from electric to gas cooking or heating is a good option and depending on your individual situation can save you a lot of money. Generally an electric to gas cooking conversion will cost $300-$500 for Natural Gas and $450-$750 for a full LPG bottled setup. A gas hot water conversion will set you back $1400-$2500 depending on system, gas type and location.

Like a car, all gas equipment needs regular servicing and adjustment to keep gas usage to a minimum and maximize heating efficiency. We recommend servicing all your gas cooking and heating appliances at least every 5 years.


The main difference is link suites have a plastic cover piece that goes between the cistern and pan, close coupled the cistern bolts onto the pan and there is a gap between the pan and wall, back to wall are like the close couple but the pan goes all the way back to the wall for a cleaner finish with no visible waste pipe.

We can design, offer advice, supply and install the best products to suit your budget.

Toilets leak for a number of reasons, and the two most common issues are worn inlet or outlet seals.

We will fit your new tapware from $40inc gst. Still undecided on the style you want or what to get? You can buy tapware straight from us online and we only sell the good stuff.

First thing would be to check the other fixtures in the house, if the pressure elsewhere is good then you probably need a new shower head. Not all shower heads are the same and 9lpm can be adequate with a quality shower head and the right advice.

Every situation is different and the answer will depend on a number of factors inc. number of people in the house, time you plan on spending at the property, availability to gas and sunlight. Head to our hot water help page to get information on system costs, running costs and rebates.

A quality water filter is worth every cent. You can filter out specific chemicals, odours and solids on specific taps or your whole home. Not all filtration systems are the same and the majority of the cheaper units have no impact on water quality at all. That’s why we supply and recommend Puretec and Raymor filter systems.

If your existing suite is relatively new then a replacement cistern will be fine, or a new suite if your looking for a style change. New cisterns fit old toilet pans but will not flush all the solids away. Old pan used a lot more water and the new ones use less water but have a lot better water spread around the bowl, helping remove all the waste.

You call us. We will check all your flow rates, suggest improvements to reduce water usage, note your meter reading and issue your new water compliance certificate. Have gas as well and need a gas compliance certificate? Why not add an inspection, test and certification for $80inc gst.

Give us a call today and we can run through all your options, requirements and budget. We will run through all your options such as how big it needs to be? Is if for your garden, pool or flushing your toilets? Metal, plastic, round or slimline tank? Give us a call today.


Drains gurgle for a number of reasons but the most common is an imminent blockage. The noise is caused by pockets or air escaping through the water-filled pipes.

We can drain clearing, internal camera surveys, sonde locating and quote any needed repairs.

Bathroom drain smells are very common in older homes and busy bathrooms. The pipework from your bath, shower, and basin generally runs to the floor waste in the middle of the bathroom floor where soap scum, sludge, and organic matter line the insides of the pipework. Pouring 500ml of bleach down each drain once a month, letting it sit overnight and flushing the next day for 10min with hot water will keep your drains clear, free-flowing and odor free.

We can organize all the services needed to relocate your drainage from concrete cutting and reinstatement, drainage and water relocation and form 4 certification.

The best way to prevent blocked drains is by controlling what enters yours drains. Oils, fats, and grease will go hard when they get cold and will build up inside your drain causing blockages. Kitty litter also swells when it gets wet so should never go down a toilet.