Puretec Hybrid P3 Supplied & Installed

Puretec Hybrid P3 Supplied & Installed

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Maximize Water Purity with the Puretec Hybrid P3 All-in-One Filtration System

Wondering if the Puretec Hybrid P3 filtration system is the right fit for you? Cut through impurities with its efficient dual filtration and UV protection, providing clean and safe water for smaller households. Discover its seamless integration into various water qualities and the peace of mind it brings to your home.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puretec Hybrid P3 is a comprehensive water filtration system suitable for both mains and rainwater, featuring a pump, 3-stage filtration, UV sterilisation, and adaptable flow rates for various household needs.

  • This system is built to last with weatherproof and rodent-proof materials, anti-corrosion components, and includes advanced filtration technology and chemical-free UV sterilisation to ensure water purity.

  • Installation and maintenance of the Hybrid P3 are user-friendly due to its flexible mounting options, reversible bracket, gull-wing style cabinet doors for easy access, and an alarm system for maintenance alerts.

Exploring the Puretec Hybrid P3: Your Ultimate Water Filtration Solution

The Puretec Hybrid P3 is a game-changer in the world of water filtration. It is designed to work effectively with both mains and rainwater supply. Here are some key features of the Puretec Hybrid P3:

  • Ideal for smaller households

  • Adapts to various water qualities

  • Offers a solution to sediment, chemicals, unpleasant tastes, and odors

  • Highly effective in eliminating bacteria and parasites

  • Ensures safe and palate-pleasing water

Enriched with dual filtration, the Puretec Hybrid P3 ensures exceptional water purity. Every drop of water passing through this system experiences meticulous purification, resulting in cleaner, healthier water for you and your family.

Unpacking the Hybrid P3 All-in-One Design

A true embodiment of modern design and technology, the Puretec Hybrid P3 is an all-in-one filtration system. It incorporates a pump, 3-stage filtration, and UV sterilisation to deliver pressurised safe and delicious rainwater. Beyond this, the system houses a Grundfos CMB 3-47 Pump with a PM2 Controller for optimized water pressure delivery and a ventilation system neatly concealed within the unit to facilitate airflow and manage heat dissipation.

An added advantage is the system’s reversible mounting bracket and dual filtration feature, enhancing sediment handling capacity. This design flexibility facilitates a neat and tidy installation, giving you the freedom to position the unit to suit your space and plumbing configurations.

The Heart of the System: 0.5kw Pump and Its Benefits

At the core of the Puretec Hybrid P3 is the 50 LPM Grundfos CMB 3-47 Pump, ensuring efficient water flow during the filtration process. Paired with a PM2 Controller, this pump optimizes operation, making the filtration process smooth and efficient, while it also reduces pump noise.

From delivering a flow rate of 54 liters per minute at 40mJ/cm² to 130 liters per minute at 16mJ/cm², the pump adjusts to your specific water filtration needs. This adaptable performance proves that the Hybrid P3 is not just about delivering clean water; it’s about providing a tailored solution for every household.

Ensuring Quality and Durability: Features of the Puretec Hybrid P3

The Puretec Hybrid P3 is not only about performance but also about longevity. It’s designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions, thanks to its weatherproof and rodent-proof features. Security and ease of maintenance have been prioritized in the design of the Hybrid P3. The unit features a lockable, childproof and anti-tamper cabinet with gull-wing style access doors, safeguarding the system and facilitating straightforward maintenance tasks.

Constructed with corrosion resistant materials, the Hybrid P3 is built to last. Even the pump used in the system is anti-corrosion constructed, ensuring long-term use in various environmental settings.

Advanced Filtration Technology

Illustration of advanced filtration technology in Puretec Hybrid P3

The Hybrid P3 employs advanced filtration technology to ensure the purity of your water. At the heart of this process lie the carbon block cartridge and the pleated, washable sediment removal cartridge. The carbon block cartridge plays a key role in reducing taste, odor, chlorine, and sediment from the water, enhancing the overall quality of your water supply.

Working alongside the carbon block, the pleated washable sediment removal cartridge enhances sediment filtration. This dual filtration ensures that every drop of water you consume is clean, safe, and free from impurities. To maintain this level of water quality, it is essential to use replacement cartridges as needed.

UV Sterilisation: A Chemical-Free Path to Purity

Illustration of the UV sterilisation process in Puretec Hybrid P3

The Puretec Hybrid P3 goes beyond filtration. It employs Radfire ultraviolet technology, an advanced component for sterilizing water. This UV sterilisation effectively eliminates 99% of harmful microorganisms such as E. Coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium cysts.

What makes this process even more remarkable is its eco-friendly nature. The UV disinfection operates without the use of chemicals, making it an environmentally sustainable solution for water purification. Thus, the system not only maintains high levels of water purity but also aligns with eco-conscious practices.

Installation and Maintenance Made Simple

Illustration of the simplified installation and maintenance features of Puretec Hybrid P3

Ease of installation and maintenance is another essential feature of the Puretec Hybrid P3. The system offers flexible installation options, including:

  • Against a wall

  • Against a fence

  • Against a tank

  • As a freestanding unit

Its lockable cabinet with gull-wing style doors ensures secure and easy access for maintenance.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

The Hybrid P3 is designed for a simple and straightforward installation process. Its reversible aluminum mounting bracket aids in this process, ensuring a neat and tidy finished installation.

The unique connection system of the Hybrid P3 also offers flexibility during installation, featuring a complete plug that allows connections from either the left or right-hand sides, catering to different plumbing configurations.

Keeping Your System in Top Shape

Keeping your Puretec Hybrid P3 in top shape is easy with its built-in maintenance features. The system features a lamp count-down timer and an alarm for maintenance alerts, easing the monitoring and maintenance process for users.

The lamp countdown timer serves as a reminder for when the UV sterilisation lamp needs to be replaced, ensuring the system maintains optimal water purity. Accompanying this is an alarm system, providing clear and timely notifications for any required maintenance activities.

Optimising Your Experience with the Hybrid P3

The Hybrid P3, which incorporates adjustable feet, is designed with user experience in mind. Its adjustable feet ensure a precise and neat installation process. The high quality system ensures the system’s unique connection system allows for the water connection to be easily adapted from either side of the unit, ensuring a clean appearance.

To top it all, the integrated concealed ventilation in the Hybrid P3 ensures optimal airflow and heat dissipation, helping to maintain the appropriate water temperature range.

The Eco-Friendly Choice: Puretec Hybrid P3's Green Credentials

The Puretec Hybrid P3 is not just about delivering clean water; it’s also about doing it sustainably. The system demonstrates its green credentials through the efficient use of natural resources, reducing dependency on municipal water systems.

Its process of converting rainwater to potable water ensures water quality through a completely eco friendly and environmentally sustainable solution, harnessing a natural process to reduce environmental impact while providing access to clean water.

Real-Life Applications: Who Can Benefit from the Hybrid P3?

The Hybrid P3 is not just for households. It’s a versatile system that caters to various sectors. Families benefit immensely from the system, providing their homes with safe and superior tasting water, eliminating the need to buy bottled water. Businesses in the hospitality industry utilize the Hybrid P3 to ensure that the water they serve meets health and safety standards while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Beverage manufacturers also find great value in the Hybrid P3, refining the taste of their products by removing unwanted impurities that affect the flavor of beverages. Moreover, schools and rural community centers can significantly improve public health by using the Hybrid P3 system, ensuring their water supplies are free from contaminants and pathogens.


In conclusion, the Puretec Hybrid P3 is more than just a water filtration system. It’s a solution that caters to the need for clean, safe, and tasty water while considering environmental sustainability and user experience. Its advanced filtration technology, UV sterilisation process, and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for households, businesses, and community centers.

With the Hybrid P3, you’re not just investing in a product; you’re investing in a lifestyle. A lifestyle that prioritizes health, sustainability, and quality. So why settle for less when you can experience the purity and freshness of water with the Puretec Hybrid P3?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Puretec Hybrid P3?

The Puretec Hybrid P3 is an innovative water filtration system designed to effectively reduce sediment, chemicals, unpleasant tastes, and odors from both mains and rainwater supply, while also eliminating bacteria and parasites.

What is the role of the 0.5kw pump in the Hybrid P3?

The 0.5kw pump in the Hybrid P3 ensures efficient water flow throughout the filtration process, optimizing operation to make it smooth and efficient.

How does the UV sterilisation process work in the Hybrid P3?

The UV sterilisation process in the Hybrid P3 works by employing Radfire ultraviolet technology to eliminate 99% of harmful microorganisms, such as E. Coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium cysts, without the use of chemicals. This is achieved through the exposure of water to UV light.

How does the Hybrid P3 contribute to environmental sustainability?

The Hybrid P3 contributes to environmental sustainability by efficiently using natural resources and reducing dependency on municipal water systems through the conversion of rainwater to potable water. This supports overall efforts to conserve resources and minimize environmental impact.

Who can benefit from the Hybrid P3?

Families, businesses, particularly those in the hospitality industry, beverage manufacturers, schools, and rural community centers can benefit immensely from the Hybrid P3 system, offering a wide range of benefits across various sectors.

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