Envirosun AS250/40 Solar Water System Installed

Envirosun AS250/40 Solar Water System Installed - JR Gas and Water

Envirosun AS250/40 Solar Water System Installed

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Maximize Efficiency with the Envirosun AS250 40 250L Twin Panel Solar Hot Water System

Need a reliable, cost-effective solar hot water solution? The Envirosun AS250 40 250L Twin Panel Solar Hot Water System might be what you’re looking for. With a 250L tank and twin solar panels, this system is engineered for medium-sized homes, aiming to cut your energy bills and environmental impact. In this article, we detail the system’s efficiencies, installation requirements, and potential savings, helping you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • The Envirosun AS250 40 250L solar hot water system is designed for medium-sized households, offering up to 90% of their hot water needs using durable materials and advanced European control and pumping systems for enhanced efficiency.

  • Envirosun provides tailor-made solutions for hot water needs, with professional installation services being paramount for the system’s performance, warranty validity, and safety, including site assessment and installation by licensed professionals.

  • Investing in the Envirosun AS250 40 250L system yields financial benefits through significant utility bill savings, payback periods typically under five years, and potential rebates and incentives, while also contributing environmentally by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing home value.

Discover the Envirosun AS250 40 250L Twin Panel System

Twin panel solar hot water system

The Envirosun AS250 40 250L system, a leading-edge solar hot water setup, has been tailored to meet the demands of medium-sized households. This system, which includes solar collectors and a storage cylinder linked by a pump, utilizes solar power efficiently to heat water. The solar panels feature durable materials including aluminium, copper, brass, and stainless steel, ensuring longevity and continued performance.

Envirosun hot water systems, including the AS250 40 250L model, are known for their quality and reliability. Offering competitive pricing, special deals, and both supply-only or supply and installation services through the trusted partner, Hot Water Shop, Envirosun makes it easy for customers to switch to a new hot water system that’s both eco-friendly and economical.

Key Features of the AS250 40 250L Model

The AS250 40 250L model is replete with sophisticated features aimed at maximizing energy efficiency. Its dual-panel configuration improves the system’s energy-saving potential by enabling it to absorb more sunlight and transform it into usable energy. This efficiency is further boosted by the inclusion of advanced European control and pumping systems in the Envirosun AS Active Split systems.

Made from durable vitreous enamel, the solar hot water storage tank resists abrasion and corrosion, ensuring that the system remains in top condition for a long time. The model includes a 250-liter capacity tank, sufficient to cater to the hot water needs of different household sizes.

When optimized, it can supply up to 90% of a household’s hot water requirements, influenced by local conditions and user patterns.

How the Twin Panel Design Enhances Solar Gain

The dual-panel layout of the Envirosun AS250 40 250L system significantly contributes to the enhancement of solar gain, a crucial factor for efficient solar hot water heating. By providing a greater surface area to capture sunlight, the twin panel configuration leads to more effective energy collection.

Maximized exposure to the sun ensures efficient operation even when solar conditions are less than ideal. This design feature allows the system to maintain a consistent supply of hot water even on cloudy days, a testament to its enhanced solar gain characteristic.

Tailoring Your Hot Water Needs with Envirosun

Envirosun is dedicated to customizing hot water systems in line with each household’s distinct requirements. For instance, the AS250 40 250L system, with its 250L capacity, is particularly apt for medium-sized households. By harnessing solar energy, the system can meet up to 90% of a household’s hot water requirements. This helps cut down on both greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs..

Whether you’re a small family practicing water-efficient habits or a larger household with greater hot water demands, Envirosun’s range of solar hot water systems can adapt to your needs. With the right system, you can enjoy reliable hot water supply while contributing to a greener environment.

Sizing It Right: Is the 250L Capacity Ideal for You?

When deciding on the suitable capacity for your solar hot water system, a common benchmark to consider is 75 liters per person for a household that uses water efficiently. Thus, a typical 4-person family would usually be looking for a system with a capacity around 300 liters.

However, if your household adopts very water-efficient habits, a smaller capacity, such as the 250-liter offered by the AS250 40 250L model, could be well-suited for moderate use. By investing in water-saving fixtures and appliances, you can decrease your hot water consumption and make a 250-liter system sufficient even for larger households.

Complementary Products for the AS250 40 250L System

The AS250 40 250L system can be paired with electric or gas booster units as backup systems, ensuring a consistent hot water supply regardless of weather conditions. Additionally, European control and pumping systems that integrate with the Envirosun AS250 40 250L can enhance system performance and user experience.

Regular maintenance for heat pumps, including inspections and repairs for parts like pump bulbs or impellers, is vital for the longevity of the heat pump systems. Ensuring that these additional components are in good working condition can help maintain the system’s overall efficiency and reliability.

Installation Insights: Setting Up Your Envirosun System

Professional installation of Envirosun system

Installing a solar hot water system isn’t a DIY project. The task necessitates a licensed professional, ensuring the system’s optimal performance and safety. The Envirosun AS250 40 250L system, like any other solar hot water system, needs to be installed correctly for it to function at its best.

Choosing a reputable installer not only guarantees proper set-up of your reliable hot water system but also ensures that the system’s warranty remains valid. Following proper installation protocols will ensure that you get the most out of your investment and enjoy uninterrupted hot water supply for years to come.

Preparing for Installation

Before the installation process, there are a few key steps to prepare for a smooth and efficient setup. Consulting with a structural engineer is crucial to ensure that your roof can support the weight of the Envirosun AS250 40 250L system.

The system should be oriented towards the north in the Southern Hemisphere with an optimal tilt angle, typically the location’s latitude plus or minus 15 degrees, for maximal performance. It’s also important to clear the installation site area, providing easy access for installers.

The Professional Installation Advantage

Opting for professional installation has many advantages. It’s a key requirement for the warranty validity of the Envirosun AS250 40 250L system, providing security for your investment. Licensed professionals are equipped with the training to manage system components, guaranteeing efficient operation.

Moreover, the installation process involves handling potentially hazardous materials, such as refrigerant. Trained professionals can ensure that these materials are handled safely, preventing any potential leaks and ensuring optimal performance from the get-go.

Financial Benefits of Investing in Solar Hot Water

Financial benefits of solar hot water

Solar hot water systems, such as the Envirosun AS250 40 250L solar hot water heater, offer numerous financial advantages, including:

  • Drastically reducing water heating bills by 50% to 80%

  • Leading to a substantial decrease in utility costs

  • Translating to annual savings of approximately $970 compared to using an electric storage water tank.

Furthermore, areas with higher energy costs experience faster payback times for solar hot water systems due to more substantial savings offsetting expensive traditional energy usage. Regardless of the higher initial costs, solar water heating systems offer long-term cost savings, making them a sound investment.

Understanding the Payback Period

The payback period for a solar hot water system represents the point when the cost of the system is fully recouped through savings on energy bills. It is the initial cost divided by the annual savings, which can vary depending on local energy prices and usage.

For instance, the payback time for replacing an electric hot water system with a solar system is often five years or less. Furthermore, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs for residential solar hot water systems are minimal, amounting to about ½ of 1% of the initial cost, which should be considered when calculating financial benefits and payback periods.

Rebates and Incentives for Solar Hot Water Systems

Australian homeowners can benefit from various rebates and incentives for solar hot water systems. The Australian federal government provides Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for eligible solar hot water systems, helping offset installation costs.

Different states offer various rebates and incentives to support the adoption of solar hot water systems, further reducing the overall system cost. Additionally, the federal income tax deduction for mortgage interest can reduce the monthly cost of a solar water heater included in a new 30-year mortgage, making the investment more affordable.

Maintaining Your Solar Hot Water System for Longevity

Maintaining solar hot water system

Proper maintenance of your solar hot water system is crucial for its extended lifespan and efficiency. Regular professional inspections and routine upkeep can ensure your Envirosun AS250 40 250L system continues to function at its best, with exceptional customer service being an added benefit.

From checking for scaling and corrosion to maintaining the quality of the ‘Never Rust’ extruded aluminum in the solar collectors, each step plays an essential role in the longevity of the system. Remember, tasks that involve potential safety risks should always be carried out by qualified professionals.

Routine Maintenance Checklist

Following a routine maintenance checklist can help you keep your system in top condition. Regular checks include:

  • Inspecting solar collectors for new shading obstructions

  • Cleaning collectors when they are dusty or soiled

  • Checking the collector glazing for any cracks

  • Confirming that seals remain intact

Additionally, when inspecting your solar system, make sure to:

  • Check the plumbing, ductwork, and wiring for leaks and secure connections

  • Regularly tighten the nuts and bolts on the support structures and address any observed corrosion

  • Listen for the operation of pumps or blowers when the sun shines on the collectors, indicating proper functioning

These steps will help ensure that your solar system is in good working condition.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Troubleshooting common issues can help keep your solar hot water system running efficiently. Look out for a drop in pressure, which could indicate leaks or issues with valves, and address open or loose circuit connections to ensure proper electrical function.

Managing scaling in the system by using water softeners or by circulating a mild acidic solution periodically can also prolong the life of the system. If issues persist after troubleshooting or if the problems are complex, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance.

Environmental Impact: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The benefits of using the Envirosun AS250 40 250L system include:

  • Financial savings

  • Eco-friendly

  • Produces more energy per square meter compared to conventional solar panels

  • Significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions

By providing up to 90% of a household’s hot water needs through clean solar energy, the system helps reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener environment. It’s a win-win situation: you get to enjoy hot water all year round while doing your part to protect the environment.

Enhancing Home Value with Solar Hot Water

Installation of a solar hot water system can escalate your home’s worth. Aspects such as solar hot water systems are deemed crucial or a top priority by 48% of Australians during home purchases. Homes with solar water heaters are seen as ready for future challenges such as rising utility costs, which add to their market appeal.

With a 5-star energy efficiency rating, contributed to by solar hot water systems, properties could see a 3-5% increase in sale price. Solar water heaters increase a home’s sustainability and energy efficiency, attractive factors to modern homebuyers.


The Envirosun AS250 40 250L twin panel solar hot water system is a worthy investment for any household. It offers a multitude of benefits, from the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to significant savings on utility bills. With the right maintenance, it can provide reliable hot water for years while enhancing your home’s value. It’s time to step into a greener future with solar hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are solar hot water systems worth the money?

Investing in a solar hot water system can pay for itself over time through reduced energy bills, making it a smart and cost-effective decision for those looking to save money and reduce their environmental impact. For most homes, it will be significantly cheaper to run than a conventional electric or gas system.

Where are envirosun hot water systems made?

Envirorosun hot water systems are made in Australia, Europe, and America, offering a wide range of options for consumers worldwide.

What is the best hot water system to use with solar panels?

The best hot water system to use with solar panels in 2024 is the Envirosun TS+ 300L Twin Panel Close-Coupled System, the Rheem Loline 325L Twin Panel Split System, and the Rinnai Sunmaster 315L Twin Panel Split System, which all come with unique features and comprehensive warranties.

How much does Envirosun cost?

The Envirosun's Enviroheat 200L Heat Pump starts from $2049 installed.

How does the twin-panel design of the Envirosun AS250 40 250L system enhance solar gain?

The twin-panel design of the Envirosun AS250 40 250L system enhances solar gain by increasing the surface area for capturing sunlight, leading to more effective energy collection, ensuring efficient operation even in less than ideal solar conditions.

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