Discover the Best Zip Water Filter Options for Pure Hydration at Home

What sets Zip water filters apart in delivering pure and pleasant-tasting water? It’s their Micropurity technology that filters out over 99% of contaminants like cysts and lead. This article covers how Zip water filters achieve this performance, the importance of using genuine products, and what to consider when buying a zip water filter. We’ll give you the insights you need, straight to the point, to help you make an informed decision about your water quality needs at home or for your business with a zip water filter.

Key Takeaways

  • Zip water filters boast advanced technology to remove over 99.9% of harmful cysts and 98.9% of lead, while improving taste and ensuring water safety with 0.2-micron filtration and adherence to NSF standards 42 and 53.

  • Genuine Zip filter cartridges are specifically designed for compatibility with Zip water systems, offering superior filtration, guaranteed performance, and longevity compared to non-genuine options.

  • The advanced Micropurity filtration technology is central to Zip’s system, effectively removing impurities, achieving high-certification standards, and maintaining beneficial minerals in the water, with varying models for residential and commercial use.

The Essence of Zip Water Filters

Zip water filter cartridge and glass of pure tasting water

Zip water filters serve a broader purpose than just providing clean water; they enrich your life with each sip. Rising to meet the challenges of our world’s water quality, these filters employ advanced technology to improve the taste and aesthetic qualities of water. Imagine not only avoiding contaminants but also boosting the health benefits of your tap water. With Zip water filters, you can look forward to more than 99.9% reduction of harmful cysts and a whopping 98.9% lead reduction.

Rather than focusing solely on what they eliminate, it’s equally important to consider what they contribute. The quest for pure hydration is a battle on two fronts, and Zip water filters excel in both. By reducing contaminants, they make water safer. By improving taste, they make hydration a pleasure, not just a necessity.

Contaminant Removal Capabilities

The effectiveness of Zip water filters is attributed to their excellent ability to remove contaminants. Equipped with a 0.2 micron rating, these filters are champions at reducing common water contaminants such as:

  • chlorine

  • taste

  • odor

  • sediment

  • limescale

Ever wondered why your tap water tastes so fresh and clean? It’s all thanks to this remarkable feature that ensures pure tasting water.

However, the role of Zip water filters extends beyond enhancing the taste of water; they also prioritize safety. Achieving a 99.9% reduction of cysts and a 98.9% reduction of lead, these filters ensure the water you drink is free from harmful substances. So, when you sip from a tap equipped with a Zip water filter, you’re not just quenching your thirst; you’re taking a stand for health.

Antimicrobial Properties

While removing contaminants is a key aspect of water filtration, preventing bacteria growth within the filter itself is equally crucial. This is where Zip water filters shine with their naturally occurring antimicrobial agents. These agents work tirelessly to prevent bacteria growth inside the filter, ensuring every drop that reaches your glass is as clean as it can be.

This feature does more than guarantee safe water; it also ensures adherence to health regulations. So, when you choose Zip water filters, you’re not just choosing clean water; you’re choosing peace of mind.

Health and Aesthetic Effects

The benefits of Zip water filters extend beyond just safety. With their commitment to health and aesthetic standards, these filters promise to transform your tap water into a refreshing experience. They achieve this by adhering to NSF Standard 53 and 42, ensuring the reduction of health-compromising contaminants and an improved taste and clarity of water.

However, maintaining optimal water quality isn’t solely the filter’s job; it’s also your responsibility. For optimum health and aesthetic benefits, using genuine Zip filters and scheduling regular filter changes with certified technicians are crucial. So, remember, your journey to pure hydration is a partnership with Zip water filters.

Genuine vs Non-Genuine Zip Filter Cartridges

In your quest for pure hydration, you’ll come across a critical decision: choosing between genuine and non-genuine Zip filter cartridges. Genuine Zip water filters are specifically designed for optimal performance and compatibility with Zip water systems. They promise to deliver the superior water filtration experience that Zip is known for.

Contrarily, non-genuine filters, despite their lower cost, could potentially jeopardize the functioning and health advantages of your water systems. For guaranteed product conformance to industry standards and optimal filter performance, choosing genuine Zip filters is crucial.

Required Compliance and Certification

Compliance and certification in water filtration aren’t mere technicalities; they are fundamental requirements. In Australia, the WaterMark certification scheme validates that a product is suitable for use, ensuring consumer safety and meeting legal installation standards. To carry this certification, products must bear the WaterMark logo and license number, and be registered in the official WaterMark product database.

Zip filter replacement cartridges proudly carry the following certifications:

  • WaterMark certification, confirming their usage in Australia and New Zealand

  • NSF 42 certification for aesthetic effects

  • NSF 53 certification for health effects

These certifications ensure that the cartridges are capable of reducing contaminants such as bacteria, sediment, and odors.

Performance and Longevity

The efficiency and lifespan of your water filter are as vital as the quality of the water it purifies. Genuine Zip filters offer:

  • Strict manufacturing standards for consistent performance and longevity

  • Design that can handle the wear and tear of daily use

  • Superior filtration capabilities

These filters are specifically designed to ensure the highest quality water for your needs.

Non-genuine filters, on the other hand, may not meet these strict standards, leading to reduced effectiveness and a shorter lifespan. So, when it comes to performance and longevity, choosing genuine Zip filters isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity.

The Zip Micropurity Filtration Technology

Zip Micropurity filtration technology

Now, let’s venture into the heart of Zip water filters: the advanced Micropurity filtration technology. This technology is designed for filtering water directly from the mains supply, providing clean and purified water before it reaches the tap. The Micropurity filtration system incorporates a 0.2-micron filter, making it suitable for Residential HydroTaps manufactured after February 2017.

The Micropurity filtration system does more than just filtering; it purifies the water. It:

  • Eliminates up to 99.9% of cysts

  • Achieves a 98.9% reduction in lead to NSF 53 standards, while maintaining beneficial fluoride

  • Features LED UV-C disinfection, a process utilizing ultraviolet light to inhibit the presence of bacteria and viruses without relying on chemicals.

Sediment and Carbon Filters

Sediment and carbon filter comparison

Diving deeper into the Micropurity system, we find the sediment and carbon filters. These filters are the workhorses of the system, providing exceptional sediment removal and helping to reduce dirt for the healthiest filtered tap water. They trap sediment particles as tiny as 1/250th of a strand of hair, ensuring that nothing unwanted makes its way to your glass.

Moreover, Zip MicroPurity carbon filters used in commercial settings are certified to filter out impurities larger than 0.2 microns, enhancing the filtration system’s effectiveness. So, whether it’s a tiny sediment particle or a larger impurity, nothing gets past these vigilant filters.

Flow Rate and Filter Maintenance

To maintain the ideal flow rate of your Zip water filtration system, regular filter replacements are essential. It’s not just for continuous water flow but also to uphold its purity. The Zip HydroTap system even comes equipped with an indicator light that alerts users when it’s time for a filter replacement.

The frequency of replacements depends on your usage and water quality. Residential Zip water filters typically need to be replaced annually, while commercial filters may require replacement roughly every 4-6 months. Signing up for Zip’s HydroCare Preventative Maintenance program can help ensure your HydroTap receives regular inspection and servicing, enhancing performance and longevity.

How to Shop Online for Zip Water Filters

Shopping online for Zip water filters

Now that you’re familiar with the benefits and features of Zip water filters, you might be wondering where to buy them. Shopping online for Zip water filters offers the convenience of free shipping on orders over $300, allowing you to enjoy pure hydration without leaving your home.

Whether you’re a residential customer looking to enhance your home’s water quality or a business owner in need of a commercial-grade filtration solution, the online shopping experience caters to all your needs. All it takes is a few clicks, and your Zip water filter will be on its way to your doorstep.

Finding the Right Filter for Your Needs

Selecting the appropriate Zip water filter entails more than a simple ‘add to cart’ click. It requires guaranteeing compatibility with your current system. The correct Zip water filter cartridge can be identified using your Zip system’s serial number, often including the year of manufacture as the starting 4 digits.

Selection should also be tailored to the environment of use, with distinct cartridges for residential versus commercial applications. For Zip HydroTap systems that feature sparkling water, the CO2 cartridges will typically require replacement every two to three months for frequent use or two to three times yearly for standard residential use.

In commercial settings, customers expect specific Zip water filters designed to handle higher usage demands.

Ensuring Authenticity and Best Pricing

While shopping online for Zip water filters, it’s vital to confirm authenticity and evaluate pricing. Zip Water recommends purchasing filters directly from their official website or authorized retailers to ensure authenticity and adherence to NSF certifications.

Aftermarket filters could be an option for Zip water systems, but it’s critical to verify their specifications for compatibility and effectiveness prior to purchase. Experts like The Water People are valuable resources for confirming the right filter choice and advising on whether aftermarket options are appropriate for Zip water systems.

Zip Water Filters for Commercial Use

Commercial-grade Zip water filters

For businesses with high water demands, Zip offers commercial-grade water filters. These filters are designed to meet the high demand and usage typical of business environments. Whether you run a bustling café, a large office, or a healthcare facility, Zip has a water filter to meet your needs.

From hospitality to healthcare, education to office environments, Zip’s commercial water filters provide solutions for a variety of business types. So, no matter the size or type of your business, Zip has a water filtration solution tailored to your needs.

High Capacity and Efficiency

Commercial settings require water filters designed for high usage. Zip filters excel in this aspect with their high-capacity and efficient performance. With different micron ratings designed to capture and remove particles of varying sizes, these filters are prepared to handle even the most challenging water conditions.

For areas where water quality is poor or sediment levels are high, commercial Zip filters with a 3 or 5 micron rating are recommended. So, when it comes to high capacity and efficiency, Zip filters are undeniably a top choice for businesses.

Compliance with Regulations

Adherence to health and safety regulations is mandatory for businesses. Zip commercial filters carry a WaterMark certification which signifies compliance with the Plumbing Code of Australia and New Zealand. They also meet the AS/NZS 3497:1998 standard for water filter system performance. Non-compliance with these certifications can lead to product failure, damage to property, costly replacements, and voided insurance policies.

But with Zip, businesses can rest assured of the quality and safety of their commercial water filters. After all, Zip’s adherence to health and safety regulations and commercial independently tested products offer businesses a resolute assurance of the quality and safety of their commercial water filters.


In this journey through the world of Zip water filters, we’ve seen how these filters revolutionize our quest for pure hydration. From their superior contaminant removal capabilities to their antimicrobial properties and aesthetic effects, Zip water filters promise to transform your tap water into a refreshing and health-boosting experience. They offer solutions for both residential and commercial settings, adhering to strict compliance standards and offering high performance and longevity. So, when it comes to choosing a water filter, the choice is clear: go for Zip, and embrace the pure hydration experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do zip water filters last?

A Zip water filter typically lasts between 6 and 12 months, but its lifespan can be affected by the frequency of use. Heavy usage may shorten the filter's lifespan.

Is Zip water worth it?

Yes, the taste of Zip water is noticeably better than unfiltered water, without any bitterness or aftertaste.

What does Zip tap filter out?

The Zip tap is certified to filter out bacteria, sediment, and odors to NSF 42 and NSF 53 standards.

Which is better Zip or billi?

Zip is the better choice, as it can withstand heavy use and produce sparkling water with a refillable 2.6kg CO2 bottle, compared to Billi's standard 1kg CO2 bottle.

What is a zip filter?

A zip filter is a type of filtration technology designed to provide clean and pure-tasting water while reducing contaminants such as chlorine, odors, sediment, and limescale. It is certified to meet certain safety and quality standards.