Puretec G7 Whole House UV Twin Filter System Supplied & Installed

Puretec G7 Whole House UV Twin Filter System Supplied & Installed

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Puretec G7: The Ultimate Solution for Pristine, Safe Whole House Water Filtration

Are you considering the Puretec G7 for your home’s water filtration needs? This advanced system promises not only to deliver 99.9% bacteria-free water using eco-friendly Radfire Ultraviolet Technology but also boasts a range of features designed for longevity, ease of use, and compatibility with various water sources, including rainwater. Discover how the Puretec Hybrid G7 could transform your water supply into a safe, tasty, and reliable asset for your household.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puretec Hybrid G7 utilizes Radfire Ultraviolet Technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in water, offering a chemical-free and eco-friendly purification process.

  • Designed with longevity in mind, the system features long-life filter cartridges that provide cost benefits through higher capacity, durability, and the integrated filtration of sediments, taste, odor, and chlorine.

  • The Puretec Hybrid G7 boasts user-friendly features including a childproof lockable lid, easy access hinged lid for maintenance, and a weather protection cover, enhancing safety and convenience for users.

Exploring the Puretec Hybrid G7

Advanced UV technology of Puretec Hybrid G7

The Puretec Hybrid G7 is powered by innovative technology at its core. The system employs Radfire Ultraviolet Technology, a natural purification process that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring safe and purified water.

The Puretec Hybrid G7 distinguishes itself from other water filtration systems with its eco-friendly and completely chemical-free method.

The Heart of Purification: Radfire Ultraviolet Technology

The Puretec Hybrid G7’s water purification process is primarily driven by Radfire Ultraviolet technology. This advanced UV technology eradicates bacteria and parasites in water without altering its taste, odor, or color, ensuring safe and purified water for consumption. As a chemical-free and environmentally friendly technology, it is especially beneficial when used in conjunction with rainwater tanks coarser filter systems.

Despite its limitations in addressing only bacteria and other microorganisms, and the challenges in implementing this technology, it remains a desirable option for many households due to its eco-friendly and chemical-free nature. The Puretec Hybrid G7 system incorporates this technology, alongside other technologies, to create a natural, eco-friendly, and chemical-free method for effectively eliminating bacteria and parasites from the water.

Ensuring Longevity: Longer Life Filter Cartridges

The Puretec Hybrid G7 system owes its longevity to its longer life filter cartridges. These cartridges are designed with:

  • Higher capacity

  • Prolonged durability

  • Sediment filtration

  • Taste, odor, and chlorine reduction in a single cartridge

This makes them suitable for medium to large households and enhances the overall robustness of the system.

The long-lasting characteristics of these cartridges also offer significant cost benefits. They streamline installation, efficiently reduce sediment and bad taste, and thoroughly eliminate bacteria, making the Puretec Hybrid G7 a sound long-term health investment. Regularly rinsing the sediment prefilter with a garden hose can also help extend the life of these filter cartridges.

Simplified Monitoring: Lamp Count Down Timer

The built-in lamp countdown timer simplifies the monitoring of your Puretec Hybrid G7 system. This feature serves to ensure the proper functioning of the UV lamp and offers an accurate indication of when the lamp requires replacement.

The lamp countdown timer offers several benefits:

  • It assists in prolonging the UV lamp’s lifespan by minimizing the frequency of on/off cycles, thus preventing premature lamp failure.

  • It contributes to mitigating the potential risk of using an expired lamp that could impact water quality.

  • It ensures efficient water purification.

Harnessing Rainwater: Integration with Rainwater Supply

In addition to the advanced filtration technology, the Puretec Hybrid G7 is designed to integrate seamlessly with rainwater supply, providing comprehensive filtration for the entire household from both mains water and rainwater sources.

This distinctive feature enables the system to utilize the natural water purification process, converting rainwater into clean, potable water.

From Sky to Tap: Natural Water Purification Process

The Puretec Hybrid G7 transforms rainwater into safe, delicious drinking water through a three-stage filtration process. This process includes:

  1. Sediment filtration to remove larger particles and debris

  2. Carbon filtration to remove chemicals, odors, and tastes

  3. Ultrafiltration to remove bacteria and parasites

Coupled with the Radfire ultraviolet technology, this system eliminates 99% of bacteria and parasites, delivering purified water at every tap.

The Puretec Hybrid G7 eliminates all contaminants in rainwater, including bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, with a 99.99% success rate, guaranteeing safe drinking water.

Compatibility with Harsh Climates

The Puretec Hybrid G7 is not just a high-performance water filtration system; it’s also built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The system performs reliably in environments with a maximum temperature of 52°C, showcasing its robustness in various temperature extremes.

The Puretec Hybrid G7 is not only built to endure challenging climates, it also features protective elements such as a lamp countdown timer, childproof lockable lid, and anti-corrosion construction for increased durability and safety.

User-Friendly Features of the Puretec Hybrid G7

Alongside performance and durability, the Puretec Hybrid G7 also prioritizes convenience and user-friendliness. The system boasts a range of user-friendly features that make it extremely easy to operate, maintain, and even install.

Child Safety First: Childproof Lockable Lid

When it comes to safety, especially for households with children, the Puretec Hybrid G7 leaves no stone unturned. The system features a childproof lockable lid, which prevents tampering and ensures the safety of children, while still allowing for easy access for lamp change.

Apart from bolstering child safety, this feature also improves the system’s reliability by preventing unauthorized access. This, along with its weather-resistant cover, makes the Puretec Hybrid G7 suitable for safe outdoor installation.

Effortless Maintenance: Easy Access Hinged Lid

Maintenance is a breeze with the Puretec Hybrid G7, thanks to its easy access hinged lid. This feature facilitates lamp changes, making maintenance tasks easier and more convenient.

As per the guidelines in the Puretec Hybrid Series User Guide, the easy access hinged lid should be cleaned regularly and the UV lamp should be replaced yearly. This aspect of the system further demonstrates the thought that has gone into making the Puretec Hybrid G7 as user-friendly as possible.

Peace of Mind: Weather Protection Cover

In addition to the childproof lockable lid and the easy access hinged lid, the Puretec Hybrid G7 also comes with a weather protection cover. This cover is specifically designed to offer protection for outdoor installations, ensuring that your system remains safe and functional even in various environmental conditions.

By reducing exposure to outdoor elements like rain, sunlight, and dust in harsh climate, the weather protection cover enhances the system’s lifespan and prevents possible damage and corrosion. This feature not only gives you peace of mind but also ensures that your investment in the Puretec Hybrid G7 continues to pay off for many years to come.

Enhancing Your Home: Benefits of a Whole House Water Filter System

Benefits of whole house water filter system

We’ve established that the Puretec Hybrid G7 comes packed with a host of features and benefits. But how does this comprehensive home water filtration system elevate your living experience? Let’s delve into the advantages of installing this system in your home.

Taste the Difference: Eliminating Bad Taste

A significant advantage of the Puretec Hybrid G7 is its capability to enhance your water’s taste. By eliminating potential contaminants such as:

  • Algae

  • Organic matter

  • Minerals like iron and manganese

  • Natural inorganic and organic chemical contaminants

The system ensures that every drop of water you consume is not only safe but also tastes great.

The system employs a dual-stage filtration process with extra sediment capacity. The initial stage involves a 5-micron pleated sediment filter, followed by a 10-micron carbon filter, both specifically engineered to eliminate taste-altering contaminants. This benefit alone can significantly enhance your home’s overall water consumption experience.

High Performance: Higher Capacity for Large Homes

The Puretec Hybrid G7, with its greater capacity than the Hybrid G6 system, is more than just a water filtration system for small homes. It’s equally effective in medium to large households. Its higher capacity and longer life filter cartridges make it an ideal choice for homes in need of a robust filtration system.

This system effectively fulfills the water needs of multi-bathroom residences with its impressive high flow rate of up to 130 litres per minute, ensuring an abundant supply of water for larger households. This makes the Puretec Hybrid G7 a high-performance solution for larger homes.

Installation Simplified: Play Installation of the Puretec Hybrid G7

Adding to its list of benefits, the Puretec Hybrid G7 also offers a straightforward installation process. This makes it even more appealing for homeowners who may not have extensive DIY skills or the budget to hire professional installers.

All-in-One Unit: No Need for Complex Setups

Being an all-in-one unit, the Puretec Hybrid G7 offers a simplified setup process. This comprehensive filtration and ultraviolet unit eliminate the need for separate purification units, making it easier to install.

Moreover, the unified construction of the system caters to the entire home, making it a convenient solution for households of all sizes. This all-in-one design greatly streamlines the installation process and makes it less intricate compared to alternative filtration systems.

Step-by-Step Guide

The installation process of the Puretec Hybrid G7 is uncomplicated. All you need are a few tools and materials, and you can get your system up and running in no time.

In case you encounter any difficulties during installation, the manufacturer provides comprehensive installation guides that provide step-by-step instructions. These guides are designed to help you navigate the installation process easily, ensuring your Puretec Hybrid G7 is installed correctly and ready to provide clean, safe water to your entire household.

Maintaining Your System: Care and Replacement Cartridges

Maintaining your Puretec Hybrid G7 system is as straightforward as its installation once it’s set up. The system requires regular service every 2-4 years, depending on the water quality, such as sediment, dissolved minerals, and debris levels.

Keeping It Running: Regular Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of the Puretec Hybrid G7 involves:

  • Cleaning the quartz sleeve annually

  • Replacing the quartz sleeve every 2-3 years or when it becomes opaque

  • Replacing cartridges and other system components every 6-12 months, depending on usage.

In case of any issues, there are professional maintenance services available. These services provide maintenance kits containing replacements for:

  • filters

  • lamps

  • sleeves

  • o-rings

This ensures your system continues to function optimally.

When to Replace: Understanding Replacement Cartridges

Understanding the right time to replace your filter cartridge is vital for the upkeep of your Puretec Hybrid G7. The lifespan of a filter cartridge typically ranges from 6 to 12 months, depending on the accumulation of contaminants within the cartridge over time.

When it’s time to replace your cartridges, the process is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the old cartridge.

  2. Clean the housing bowl.

  3. Place the new cartridge.

  4. Screw the housing back on.

This easy process ensures your system reduces sediment and continues to produce clean, safe water consistently.


When it comes to ensuring the water in your home is safe and clean, the Puretec Hybrid G7 is a reliable solution. With its advanced features, user-friendly design, and easy installation and maintenance, this whole house water filtration system offers a comprehensive solution to water purification.

Whether you’re a small household or a large one, whether you’re dealing with rainwater or mains water, the Puretec Hybrid G7 can cater to your needs. It’s more than just a water filtration system; it’s an investment in your family’s health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Puretec Hybrid G7?

The Puretec Hybrid G7 is a whole house water filtration system that utilizes Radfire Ultraviolet Technology to provide safe and purified water for your household.

How does the Puretec Hybrid G7 purify water?

The Puretec Hybrid G7 purifies water using a dual-stage filtration process and Radfire UV technology, which eliminates 99% of bacteria and parasites.

How does the Puretec Hybrid G7 integrate with rainwater supply?

The Puretec Hybrid G7 is designed to seamlessly integrate with both mains water and rainwater supply, providing comprehensive filtration from both sources. This ensures high-quality filtered water regardless of the source.

What are some user-friendly features of the Puretec Hybrid G7?

The Puretec Hybrid G7 offers a childproof lockable lid, easy access hinged lid, and a weather protection cover, making it user-friendly and convenient for installation.

How often should the Puretec Hybrid G7 be serviced?

The Puretec Hybrid G7 should be serviced every 2-4 years, with the timing dependent on the water quality and levels of sediment, dissolved minerals, and debris. This helps ensure the system continues to operate effectively and efficiently.

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