Puretec Z18 Kitchen Dedicated Outlet Single Filter System Supplied & Installed

Puretec Z18 Kitchen Dedicated Outlet Single Filter System Supplied & Installed

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Brand - Puretec
Model Number - Z18
Litres Per Minute - 4
Microns - mm
Minimum/Maximum - 172/520kPa
Manufacturered In -
Warranty - 10 Years

Enhance Your Water Quality with the Puretec Z18 Undersink Filter System

Looking for a dependable solution to purify your water? The Puretec Z18 undersink filter is a practical choice with its ability to filter out contaminants down to 0.1 micron, effectively improving both taste and safety. Ideal for those seeking peace of mind about their water quality, the Z18 stands out with its simplicity in installation and maintenance, alongside robust filtration performance. Let’s explore how it might fit into your daily life and the specific advantages it offers.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puretec Z18 undersink filter system employs sophisticated Ultra Z Filtration Technology to effectively remove impurities down to 0.1 micron, including chlorine, pesticides, and harmful cysts, ensuring high-quality and tasty drinking water.

  • Designed for easy installation and integration, the Puretec Z18 includes a high loop designer faucet, versatile for both home and commercial use, and is compatible with inline drinking water kits for various appliances with low maintenance requirements.

  • The Puretec Z18 emphasizes long-term reliability, featuring a 10-year warranty, convenient maintenance with Quick Twist Cartridge Replacement, LED faucet indicators for filter replacement reminders, and pressure reduction benefiting plumbing systems.

Experience the Benefits of Ultra Z Filtration Technology

Water filtration system with premium grade carbon filtration

A premium filter system delivering exceptionally clean water has become a necessity, not a luxury. The Puretec Z18 filter system utilises Ultra Z Filtration Technology, a sophisticated three-stage filtration process that enhances water quality by removing various impurities. This technology finely filters water down to 0.1 micron, ensuring superior water quality and taste.

Think about the peace of mind you’ll have, knowing your water filter system effortlessly eliminates harmful substances, rendering your water safer and healthier for consumption. Ultra Z Filtration Technology paves the way to such tranquility, providing a level of filtration and protection that redefines the standards in water filtration.

Premium Grade Carbon Filtration

A key component of the Puretec Z18’s advanced three-stage process is the premium grade carbon filtration. In this stage, the water filtration process effectively eliminates:

  • chlorine

  • pesticides

  • bad taste

  • odours

  • organic chemicals

  • dirt

  • rust

  • 99.9% of Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts

This reduction of sediment and chlorine improves water taste and eliminates odors, making it more pleasant for consumption.

Envision savoring the refreshing taste of water, devoid of any unpleasant chemical aftertaste. Specifically targeting the reduction of chlorine and chloramine, the Puretec Z18 offers the following benefits:

  • Tackles the chemical culprits of bad taste and odors in the water

  • Particularly suitable for enhancing the quality of municipal town water supplies

  • Provides beautiful tasting water

Protection Against Cysts and Bacteria

The Puretec Z18 offers the following benefits:

  • Improved taste and elimination of odour

  • Protection against harmful cysts and bacteria such as E. coli through Ultra Z Filtration

  • Removal of the smallest particles from water, enhancing safety and hygiene

Visualize a water filter that not only ameliorates the taste but also vigilantly safeguards your health by finely filter water, sieving out harmful cysts and bacteria. The Puretec Z18 filter system is your shield against the invisible threats in your water.

Easy Installation and Integration with Your Kitchen

The Puretec Z18 undersink water filter system is specifically designed to fit conveniently under any existing kitchen bench, offering a quick and easy installation process. So, say goodbye to complicated installations and cumbersome setups. The Z18 system comes with versatile mounting options, capable of both horizontal and vertical installation to accommodate different under-bench spaces without requiring shelf cutouts.

Moreover, all the necessary plumbing fittings for a typical installation process are provided with the Puretec Z18, facilitating a straightforward and hassle-free setup. Picture owning a top-notch water filtration system that blends effortlessly with your kitchen, boosting not only the water quality but also the overall aesthetic of your space.

High Loop Designer Faucet

The Puretec Z18 system includes a premium ceramic high loop faucet, designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, thereby complementing modern kitchen designs. The specific model of the faucet included with the Puretec Z18 is the DFU180.

What makes this high loop designer faucet stand out is its incorporation of a multifunction control valve for pressure reduction. This feature helps prevent water hammer and protects plumbing fittings. Although the LED filter change reminder light feature has been disabled or removed in compliance with new Australian Safety Standards, this does not compromise the functionality of the Z18 Kitchen Mixer Tap.

Inline Drinking Water Kits

The Puretec Z18 is designed to improve water quality for a variety of appliances including:

  • Ice machines

  • Water coolers

  • Refrigerators with ice makers

  • Coffee/vending machines

It is compatible with inline drinking water kits to enhance the performance of these devices. These kits are designed to be compact, facilitating installation in confined spaces and diverse applications.

Moreover, inline filters are capable of lasting up to a year for a typical family of four, minimizing the need for frequent cartridge replacements. Consider owning a filtration system that not just supplies high-quality water but also demands minimal upkeep.

Long-lasting Performance and Convenient Maintenance

The Z18 offers a 10-year warranty, highlighting its long-term reliability and customer support. The inline water filtration process can inhibit the buildup of limescale in water-using appliances, extending their lifespan and efficiency.

Additionally, the valve-in-head design shuts the water off automatically during cartridge replacement, promoting a hygienic and mess-free maintenance process. The pressure reduction feature of the Z18 filter system includes a dual check mechanism, promoting reliability and reducing the risk of leaks in the plumbing system.

Quick Twist Cartridge Replacement

The Puretec Z18 features a DIY quick-twist cartridge change system that simplifies the cartridge installation process, enabling users to change cartridges quickly and efficiently. This quick twist cartridge system includes a valve-in-head feature, which ensures a hygienic change by preventing contamination and reducing mess during the cartridge replacement.

When changing the all in one cartridge, the faucet’s design offers the following benefits:

  • Automatically halts the water supply, guaranteeing a clean exchange without water spills

  • Provides superior water quality

  • Ensures a seamless and clean maintenance procedure

Envision a system that not only provides superior water quality from your own water supply but also guarantees a seamless and clean maintenance procedure.

LED Faucet Indicator

The Puretec Z18 undersink filter system, which includes a filter kit, is equipped with a high loop LED faucet that visually signals maintenance requirements, shifting from blue to red to indicate when the filter needs replacement.

Picture a smart faucet interacting with you, offering timely reminders for filter replacements. This is just one of the many ways the Puretec Z18 goes above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience with your water filter system.

Versatile Applications for Home and Business Use

The Puretec Z18 filter system is versatile, being suitable for both residential and commercial settings, providing clean water solutions across various applications. In a home environment, the Z18 effectively supports the need for high-quality water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Commercial sectors, especially hospitality, benefit from the Z18 filter system for essential tasks such as food preparation and beverage creation. Due to its compact design, the Z18 can be installed seamlessly under the sinks of both home and business kitchens, optimizing space.

Town Water Supply Enhancement

The Puretec Z18 filter system is designed to enhance mains and town water supplies by filtering contaminants that are common in such water sources. It offers reliable protection against various contaminants, including organic chemicals and sediments, ensuring safer and cleaner water for town communities.

Visualize a town where every household relishes pure, clean, and safe water, devoid of common contaminants. The Puretec Z18 makes this vision a reality, transforming the way communities consume water.

Pressure Reduction for Plumbing Fittings

The Puretec Z18 includes a multifunction control valve designed for pressure reduction, ensuring durability and longevity. Reduced water pressure from the Puretec Z18 filter system protects plumbing appliances and fittings from potential damage due to excessive pressure.

The steady water pressure maintained by the Puretec Z18 alleviates stress on pipes and connections, lessening the risk of leaks and bursts. Consider having a smart water system that not just supplies exceptional water quality but also cares for your plumbing.

Genuine Puretec Replacement Cartridges

Genuine Puretec replacement cartridges for optimal performance

Using genuine Puretec replacement cartridges ensures optimal performance of the water filtration system. Using only genuine Puretec parts helps to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty and ensures coverage under warranty conditions.

Genuine Puretec cartridges have the following benefits:

  • Designed to match the exact specifications of the filter system, ensuring a perfect fit

  • Avoid issues such as water leakage or improper filtration that may occur with third-party alternatives

  • Using non-genuine cartridges can void the warranty of the Puretec filter system, leaving the user responsible for any repair or replacement costs arising from damage caused by incompatible parts.


The Puretec Z18 undersink filter system, with its Ultra Z Filtration Technology, is more than just a water filter. It is a promise of clean, safe, and tasty water for you and your family. It offers an easy installation process, a long-lasting performance with convenient maintenance, and versatile applications for home and business use. Investing in the Puretec Z18 is investing in a healthier, happier future. After all, isn’t that what we all strive for?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultra Z Filtration Technology?

Ultra Z Filtration Technology is a three-stage filtration process that improves water quality by removing impurities, used in the Puretec Z18 filter system.

How does the Puretec Z18 improve the taste and odour of water?

The Puretec Z18 improves the taste and odor of water by utilizing premium grade carbon filtration to reduce chlorine, pesticides, and other organic chemicals that cause bad taste and odors. This results in better-tasting and odor-free water.

How does the Puretec Z18 protect against harmful cysts and bacteria?

The Puretec Z18 protects against harmful cysts and bacteria through its Ultra Z Filtration, which filters down to 0.1 micron, creating a barrier against contaminants like E. coli.

How easy is it to install the Puretec Z18 system?

Installing the Puretec Z18 system is easy due to its design for installation under any existing kitchen bench, complete with plumbing fittings and versatile mounting options.

Why should I use genuine Puretec replacement cartridges?

Using genuine Puretec replacement cartridges ensures optimal performance of the water filtration system and maintains the manufacturer's warranty, while avoiding issues such as water leakage or improper filtration that may occur with third-party alternatives. It's the best way to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

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JR Gas and Water were fast, efficient and very reliable. They sent a quote quickly that was itemised and comprehensive. I was able to approve the quote online and they were out the next day to fit the new hot water system. As the family have a very ill family member we were all very grateful. We had tried another service just before this company and they were all over the show with lots of comments about "extras", after providing an initial quote. So glad we changed to JR Gas and Water!


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