Envirosun TSP+170/20 Solar Water System Installed

Envirosun TSP+170/20 Solar Water System Installed

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Maximize Efficiency with the Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System

Are you considering the Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System for your energy needs? This system is engineered for the sun-drenched Australian climate, promising substantial energy savings and a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This guide unpacks features, installation considerations, and the long-term benefits, giving you the critical information needed to make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • The Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L solar hot water system integrates cutting-edge technology for energy efficiency and reducing emissions, with over 90% of an average household’s hot water needs supplied sustainably.

  • Competitively priced with supportive rebates, the system boasts high-quality stainless steel materials for longevity, and rigorous quality control processes ensure that the products meet stringent Australian safety and performance standards.

  • Envirosun offers robust warranties and specialist support for their systems, reflecting their confidence in product quality and commitment to customer satisfaction post-installation.

Features of the Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System

Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System

When it comes to selecting a solar hot water system, the Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L stands out with its blend of advanced technology, energy efficiency, and a serious commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This system is not just a product; it’s a testament to the envirosun hot water brand’s dedication to integrating real-world experience and knowledge for optimal performance.

Key features of the Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L include:

  • Advanced technology for maximum energy efficiency

  • A commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

  • Designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the modern Australian household

Whether you’re upgrading from an electric hot water system or considering a shift from heat pump water heaters, the TSPlus model is a top choice for reliable and eco-friendly hp hot water systems.

The sleek stainless steel materials not only ensure the system’s robustness but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal, seamlessly blending with various home designs. Now, we’ll examine the unique aspects that make this system an ideal option for homeowners considering a solar hot water investment.

Advanced Technology

Harnessing the sun’s power, the Envirosun TSPlus system embodies advanced water heater technology with its state-of-the-art components. The solar panels are engineered with aluminium frames and full copper absorption plates, ensuring efficient heat transfer and durability. Not to mention the spectrally selective surface achieved through a two-stage electroplating process, which captures solar radiation more effectively and minimizes heat loss.

Solid brass fittings and stainless steel tie-downs are a testament to the system’s robust construction, designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions. With every update, Envirosun integrates the absolute best European control and technology advancements into its systems, ensuring that each TSPlus model is at the forefront of energy-efficient solar heating.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency of Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System

Not only does the TSPlus solar hot water system incorporate advanced technology, but it’s also a beacon of energy efficiency. With the capability to supply over 90% of an average household’s hot water needs, the system taps into the massive energy savings compared to conventional water heating methods. Imagine the relief on your energy bills as this solar hot water heater significantly reduces your reliance on grid-supplied electricity. Don’t miss the opportunity to date solar hot water technology and experience the benefits firsthand.

Thanks to the most effective polyurethane insulation, the system maintains the stored heat, contributing to lower operational costs. The distribution facilities supply these savings directly to you, the homeowner, balancing out the upfront cost with long-term financial gains. Envirosun solar hot water systems exemplify the company’s dedication to surpassing energy conservation standards, instead of merely meeting them.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction with Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System

Every Envirosun solar hot water system contributes to a brighter, greener future. The TSPlus 170 20 170L model, in particular, offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by harnessing solar energy, which is abundant in the Australian climate

  • Uses thermosiphon technology to operate in a continuous cycle, efficiently converting ambient heat into hot water

  • Aids in emissions reduction and promotes sustainability

The transition from traditional energy sources to an envirosun solar hot water system offers several benefits:

  • Diminishes your carbon footprint

  • Aligns your home with Australia’s sustainability goals

  • Contributes to a greener economy

  • Helps create a healthier planet

With the TSPlus 170 20 170L, your investment goes beyond a mere hot water solution.

Installation and Cost Considerations

Opting for a solar hot water system is a smart move, but what about the installation and associated costs? Envirosun distinguishes itself with very competitive installation costs, making the transition to solar hot water systems an even more attractive proposition. This affordability is further enhanced by various rebates available under schemes like STCs, ESCs, and PERCs, which can significantly reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

The company’s commitment to quality is not just about the final product; it’s about the entire process, from manufacturing to installation. Envirosun follows strict quality control processes to ensure the highest industry standards are met, and the durable stainless steel materials used in their systems enhance longevity and resistance to corrosion. We’ll now examine how these elements come together to make the installation of an Envirosun solar hot water system a wise investment.

Competitive Installation Costs

Affordability is key, and Envirosun’s competitive installation costs ensure that you don’t break the bank while going green. The company’s solar hot water systems are designed for easy retrofitting, featuring elements like left-hand inlets and outlets, which can lower the costs involved in switching from other hot water brands.

Moreover, Envirosun’s extensive dealer network within Australia contributes not only to the local economy but also to maintaining competitive installation costs through localized expertise. This means you get the benefit of expert installation without the hefty price tag, making the shift to solar hot water a smart and accessible choice for homeowners.

Quality Control Processes

With Envirosun, quality isn’t sacrificed at the altar of cost. The company leads the hot water industry with its rigorous quality control processes, ensuring each solar hot water system meets the highest standards. From manufacturing to assembly, every step is scrutinized to meet stringent Australian Standards for quality and safety.

The materials used in constructing the system, like the high-grade coated aluminium frames and the strong, translucent solar glass, are carefully selected and tested to ensure durability and performance. Their commitment to quality is further highlighted by the use of high-grade products from around the world, assembled under stringent quality control measures.

Stainless Steel Materials

The longevity and performance of the TSPlus solar hot water system are greatly attributed to its use of high-quality stainless steel materials. The type 444 ferritic stainless steel used in TSPlus tanks is renowned for its:

  • Superior performance under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions

  • Durability and resistance to corrosion

  • Long lifespan

  • Ability to withstand harsh weather conditions

These qualities set it apart from commonly used materials and ensure the reliability and efficiency of the TSPlus system.

This durable stainless steel design is particularly suited for the varying Australian weather conditions, ensuring a reliable hot water solution over time. The stainless steel imported from Holland exemplifies Envirosun’s dedication to using premium materials in their solar hot water systems, which are then assembled in Australia to guarantee quality and durability.

Warranty and Support

One of the most significant aspects of investing in a solar hot water system is the assurance of support and warranty. Envirosun stands behind their products with generous and extensive warranties, designed to give you peace of mind for your investment. The TS Plus series, in particular, offers homeowners up to a 10-year warranty on tanks and a 7-year warranty on solar panels, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

But what happens after installation? Envirosun has a network of hot water specialists ready to address your needs and ensure your envirosun heat pump system remains in peak condition. From professional inspections to routine maintenance, Envirosun’s support extends well beyond the warranty period, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Generous Warranties

Envirosun’s confidence in their solar hot water systems is backed by substantial warranties that are truly generous. For instance, the Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L single panel solar hot water system is accompanied by a 7-year warranty on both the tank and solar panels in Queensland and New South Wales. The Envirosun TS Plus 300/60 model even extends this to a 10-year warranty on the tank and 7 years on the solar panels.

These warranties reflect not just a promise but an assurance of the longevity and performance of their products. It’s a declaration of the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the quality of their offerings.

Hot Water Specialists

When you choose Envirosun, you’re not just buying a solar hot water system; you’re gaining access to a team of hot water specialists. These certified installers are integral to the Envirosun experience, ensuring that all installations are up to code and that the system’s warranty is safeguarded. They offer:

  • Tailored system customizations

  • Efficiency enhancements

  • Catering to your home’s specific hot water needs

  • Providing up to 90% of a home’s hot water requirements.

The company’s extensive dealer network ensures that expert knowledge and support are readily available, alongside competitive installation costs. To maintain the system’s top efficiency, Envirosun recommends professional inspections and maintenance every 3-5 years, ensuring your investment continues to deliver optimal performance.

Australian-Owned and Operated

Supporting local industry and economy takes on a whole new meaning when you choose Envirosun. Here’s why:

  • Envirosun is an Australian-owned and operated company

  • They have a deep-seated commitment to the nation’s manufacturing sector

  • They have been a part of the Energie Group since the 1990s

  • They demonstrate a sustained commitment to the Australian solar hot water industry and manufacturing

By choosing Envirosun, customers are not just investing in an efficient hot water system; they are supporting a company that genuinely cares about local manufacturing and the Australian economy. We’ll now examine how Envirosun’s practices enhance the nation’s industrial landscape.

Supporting Australian Manufacturing

Envirosun’s approach to manufacturing is a blend of global and local. While they source components from international markets, the assembly of their solar hot water systems is conducted right here in Australia. This not only supports Australian manufacturing but also ensures that the finished products are suited to the specific environmental conditions of the country.

The company’s investment in modern production techniques revitalizes the Australian manufacturing sector, injecting competitiveness and innovation into the industry. The benefits of this investment include:

  • Revitalizing the Australian manufacturing sector

  • Injecting competitiveness and innovation into the industry

  • Contributing to economic stability and growth through the circulation of proceeds from product sales within the local economy.

Profits Remain in Australia

As a 100% Australian-owned company, Envirosun stands out by ensuring that profits from their sales remain within the country, bolstering the national economy. Unlike multinational corporations, the company’s profits are not siphoned off overseas but are reinvested into the local hot water industry and broader Australian market.

The family-owned nature of the business, with a select group of Australian shareholders, solidifies Envirosun’s roots in the local community. The company’s unwavering commitment to Australian ownership not only amplifies its contribution to the economy but also fortifies the local manufacturing sector.

Adapting to the Australian Climate

Adapting to the Australian Climate with Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System

The Australian climate poses unique challenges for any technology, especially when it comes to efficient heating solutions. Envirosun rises to the occasion with a range of solar hot water systems, including envirosun heat pumps and the TSPlus, which is specifically tailored to meet the demands of the Australian environment. Through their partnership with European solar companies, Envirosun combines global expertise with a focus on local climate needs, ensuring optimal performance across the country.

The result is a dependable hot water supply system that also contributes to reducing household energy costs, all while being engineered to withstand the unique conditions found in Australia. Now, let’s observe how the TSPlus system leverages the climate to deliver energy-efficient hot water solutions for Australian homes.

Abundant Sunshine

Designed to make the most of Australia’s abundant sunshine, the Envirosun TSPlus solar hot water system offers the following benefits:

  • Efficiently converts solar energy into a steady supply of hot water for your home

  • Caters to a significant portion of your household’s hot water needs

  • Offers the potential for even greater energy savings depending on your location and water usage patterns.

By harnessing the free and abundant energy provided by the sun, homes equipped with the Envirosun TSPlus system can:

  • Significantly cut down on the use of non-renewable energy sources

  • Contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment

  • Cut their energy bills

  • Minimize their ecological impact

  • Reap the benefits of a dependable solar hot water system

The Envirosun TS Plus Solar system presents an intelligent option for those aiming to achieve these goals.

Varying Weather Conditions

The Envirosun TSPlus system offers the following features:

  • It is well-equipped to handle the varying weather conditions that are characteristic of the Australian climate.

  • It includes a backup electrical element that ensures a continuous hot water supply even on the cloudiest of days.

  • The system offers flexibility with connection options to an instant gas heater, catering to different user requirements and weather conditions.

Moreover, the use of marine-grade 316 stainless steel in some of Envirosun’s hot water tanks provides resistance to chlorides, which is especially beneficial for installations in coastal areas prone to variable weather exposure. Envirosun’s rigorous quality assurance program includes extensive testing of both solar collectors and storage tanks, guaranteeing robust performance in all kinds of weather conditions.


In summary, the Envirosun TSPlus 170 20 170L Single Panel Solar Hot Water System emerges as a superior choice for Australian homes, combining cutting-edge technology with exceptional energy efficiency and significant environmental benefits. With competitive installation costs, rigorous quality control, and generous warranties, it represents a long-term investment in both your home and the planet. The system’s adaptability to the Australian climate, backed by an Australian-owned company, further solidifies its position as a leading choice in the solar hot water market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size solar hot water system do I need?

The size of your solar hot water system depends on the number of people in your household and your hot water usage. Consider factors like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms when choosing the right size.

How long do solar hot water panels last?

Solar hot water panels can last well over 10 years, with some systems in operation for 20 years or more, depending on maintenance, installation, and usage. Regular servicing and proper usage can help extend their lifespan.

What is the warranty on Envirosun solar hot water systems?

Envirosun solar hot water systems come with a 10-year warranty for the tanks and a 7-year warranty for the solar panels, providing long-term assurance for your investment.

What is the best hot water system to use with solar panels?

The best hot water systems to use with solar panels in 2024 are the Envirosun TS+ 300L Twin Panel Close-Coupled System, the Rheem Loline 325L Twin Panel Split System, and the Rinnai Sunmaster 315L Twin Panel Split System, which offer unique features and extensive warranties.

How much can I save on my energy bills with the Envirosun TSPlus solar hot water system?

You can potentially save over 80% on your hot water energy usage and significantly reduce your energy bills by using the Envirosun TSPlus solar hot water system.

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