Puretec Filter Wall F5 - Prestige Colours (Sweet Apricot, Cherry Blossom, Open Skies, Lime Sherbet, Wisteria) Supplied & Installed

Puretec Filter Wall F5 - Prestige Colours (Sweet Apricot, Cherry Blossom, Open Skies, Lime Sherbet, Wisteria) Supplied & Installed

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Experience Crystal-Clear Water with the Puretec FilterWall F5 Whole House Filtration System

Is the Puretec FilterWall F5 the right fit for your household? Offering a 55 liters per minute flow rate and significant reduction in water chlorination, it’s built for performance and longevity. This piece dives deep into its filtration stages, installation process, and ecological advantages, equipping you with everything needed to optimize your home’s water purity.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puretec FilterWall F5 offers a comprehensive 3-stage filtration system for whole-house water purity, featuring pre-filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV treatment, effectively reducing chlorine and sediment for improved water taste and quality.

  • Beyond superior water quality, the FilterWall F5 system focuses on health and environmental benefits by retaining essential minerals, reducing bottled water usage, and supporting better skin and hair health through its advanced filtration processes.

  • Designed with convenience in mind, the FilterWall F5 is tailored for large homes and is built to last with easy maintenance, offering customizable aesthetics and sizes to perfectly integrate with any home’s design and water usage needs.

Unveiling the Puretec FilterWall F5

Puretec’s commitment to delivering superior water quality is embodied in the FilterWall F5. It is a robust house water filter system that is equipped to cater to large houses, delivering an impressive flow rate of 55 litres per minute.

With this filtration system, every drop of water flowing through your pipes is purified and filtered, ridding it of unpleasant odors and providing an exceptional water taste, free from chlorine.

Key Features of the FilterWall F5

What sets the FilterWall F5 apart is its sophisticated 3-stage filtration system. This system goes to great lengths to significantly reduce chlorine and sediment in water, ensuring heightened water purity for the entire household. It includes pre-filtration for larger particulates, a fine-scale reverse osmosis membrane, and UV treatment to combat microscopic contaminants and microbial threats. This comprehensive approach results in a consistent supply of clean and delicious water for the whole house.

Beyond performance, the FilterWall F5’s design also emphasizes durability. Crafted with a robust aluminium construction and including a protective cover, it is engineered to endure harsh weather conditions complete with a unit’s stands made from marine grade powder-coated aluminium, adaptable for both semi-recessed or freestanding configurations. This blend of form and function ensures that the FilterWall F5 remains a reliable part of your home for years to come.

Installation and Design

The Puretec FilterWall F5 is not just a filtration system; it’s a part of your home. It enhances home aesthetics with a choice of multiple colour options designed to accommodate personal preferences. For larger units, the system offers additional custom colour options, ensuring that the system can be tailored to blend seamlessly with the unique style of any home.

Optimizing Your Home's Water Quality with FilterWall F5

Illustration of the optimized water quality with FilterWall F5

The FilterWall F5 offers more than merely clean, tasty water. It contributes to the overall wellness of your household. The system helps improve skin and hair health by reducing the sediment and chlorine content in water, which can potentially alleviate skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Furthermore, with up to a 98% reduction in chlorine levels, the FilterWall F5 ensures cleaner water for all household uses, including watering plants, leading to healthier home ecosystems.

The Science of Filtration

Health considerations underpin the filtration process of the FilterWall F5. It ensures the retention of beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium that are essential for health. Furthermore, equipped with ScaleGuard technology, the system effectively reduces sediment and mitigates scale deposits. This is particularly important for maintaining water quality in areas of medium to high water hardness.

The FilterWall F5 is designed to reduce chlorine levels in water by up to 98%, decreasing the potential harm caused by this chemical. By installing the FilterWall F5 as a whole house filtration system, you’re contributing to an overall enhancement in your household’s well-being by reducing the presence of heavy metals and bacteria from tap water.

Environmental Impact

The FilterWall F5 offers the following benefits:

  • Promotes increased water consumption from the tap, reducing the need for bottled water

  • Contributes to a reduction in plastic bottle waste, helping the environment

  • Helps you maintain a more environmentally friendly household

The system also improves environmental sustainability by filtering and repurposing reject water from the reverse osmosis process, leading to more efficient water use. And when you use this filtered water for gardening and outdoor activities, you further decrease your environmental footprint. The FilterWall F5 thereby ensures that your commitment to health and wellness extends to the world outside your front door.

Maintaining Your FilterWall F5

Maintenance of the FilterWall F5 is effortless. The system is designed for convenience, with filter replacement being a quick process that can be done in just a few minutes. It’s as straightforward as replacing a light bulb!

Moreover, the inclusion of a washable first-stage cartridge extends the overall life of the filtration system, simplifying the maintenance process.

When to Replace Filters

The FilterWall F5 uses cartridges with a precise micron rating of 5 microns to ensure clear water by trapping small particles. However, over time, these cartridges may need to be replaced. A noticeable reduction in the system’s flow rate from its standard 55 liters per minute may signal that it’s time to change the filter cartridge.

However, not all cartridges need frequent replacements. The inclusion of a washable first-stage cartridge allows for extended periods between filter changes. This design feature contributes to long-lasting performance in high sediment conditions, ensuring that your FilterWall F5 stays efficient for longer.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Routine maintenance of the Puretec FilterWall F5 is pivotal for maintaining its optimal flow rate and providing a consistent supply of clean water. Cartridge changes are user-friendly and contribute significantly to the longevity and efficiency of the system.

By staying on top of these routine tasks, you can ensure that your FilterWall F5 continues to provide high-quality filtered water for your household.

Benefits of a Complete Home Filtration System

Illustration of the benefits of a complete home filtration system

A complete home’s water filtration system like the FilterWall F5 offers advantages beyond merely supplying clean water. These systems also protect household appliances from damage caused by sediment and chemicals, ultimately extending their lifespan.

Moreover, the reduction in sediment and chlorine not only ensures the longevity of appliances but also contributes to softer hair and healthier skin due to less exposure to these substances in water. By minimizing sediment build-up, the FilterWall F5 system also protects the longevity of garden pipes and outdoor water-utilizing appliances.

Healthier Living

By removing chlorine from the water supply, whole house water filters like the Puretec FilterWall F5 can enhance skin and hair health. This can help alleviate skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis. The removal of toxins and heavy metals from the water by whole house filtration can lower the risk of liver and kidney diseases.

Beyond these physical health benefits, the reduction of harmful chemicals and contaminants in water through whole house filtration can enhance overall health, influencing factors such as metabolism and hydration. The FilterWall F5 thereby contributes to a comprehensive wellness regime, right from your tap.

Cost Savings Over Time

The FilterWall F5 provides both health benefits and financial savings. Here are some advantages of the FilterWall F5:

  • It is a whole house water filtration system, providing comprehensive filtration for your entire home.

  • It offers reduced expenses over time compared to point-of-use systems.

  • It helps diminish the ongoing costs associated with bottled water, resulting in considerable savings.

Moreover, the system offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces sediment build-up, which leads to lower utility costs by preserving the extended appliance lifespan of appliances and plumbing

  • Decreases the need to buy bottled water

  • Reduces the frequency of filter replacements

The upfront cost of installing a whole house water filtration system like the FilterWall F5 can be recouped with these savings.

Personalizing Your Filtration Experience

Illustration of personalizing the filtration experience with FilterWall F5

With the FilterWall F5 system, you can tailor your filtration experience to your liking. Selecting the appropriate BSP cartridge size is crucial for matching the water usage and flow requirements of a household.

Moreover, customers have the option to choose between standard colors like mineral grey and stone white, making this system a trusted and reliable choice that allows it to blend into your home’s outdoor space seamlessly.

Size Matters

Choosing an appropriately sized filtration system is key to its efficiency. The appropriate size for a whole house water filtration system often correlates with the number of bathrooms in the home. For instance, the FilterWall F5 system is designed for large houses with more than two bathrooms and has a flow rate of 55 liters per minute with a 20-inch cartridge size.

Moreover, home water filtration systems are offered in different sizes, such as ‘Jumbo Filter Size 4.5” x 20”‘, to accommodate varying numbers of bathrooms and household water usage. This means that regardless of the size of your house, there is a FilterWall F5 suited for your needs.

Style Meets Function

The FilterWall F5 excels in complementing home aesthetics. Puretec caters to different home designs by offering both semi-recessed solutions that integrate with the wall and freestanding models that can be placed independently. To further personalize the filtration system, Puretec provides a variety of color options that homeowners can choose from to match their home’s aesthetic.

The FilterWall F5 seamlessly combines style and function, ensuring that your filtration system is not only efficient but also visually pleasing.

Enhancing Garden and Outdoor Use

The FilterWall F5 also benefits your garden and outdoor space. The system contributes to a more environmentally friendly garden by reducing sediment and minimizing chemicals in irrigation water. This results in healthier, greener gardens and lawns, reflecting the benefits of cleaner water for gardening.

The filtered water from the FilterWall F5, with fewer chemicals, supports the growth of plants and grass, which is vital for an eco-conscious outdoor space.


The Puretec FilterWall F5 stands out as a robust and effective whole house filtration system, capable of transforming every drop of water in your home into pure, delicious liquid. Its advanced filtration technology, durability, and customizable features make it a worthy investment for any homeowner prioritizing health, wellness, and sustainability. By choosing the FilterWall F5, you’re choosing a future of cleaner water, healthier living, and an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flow rate of the FilterWall F5?

The flow rate of the FilterWall F5 is an impressive 55 liters per minute, making it suitable for the water needs of large houses.

What are the key features of the FilterWall F5?

The key features of the FilterWall F5 include a 3-stage filtration system, durable construction, and advanced filtration technology that can remove up to 99% of contaminants.

How does the FilterWall F5 improve water quality?

The FilterWall F5 improves water quality by reducing sediment and chlorine content, leading to better skin and hair health, improved taste of drinking water, and a healthier home ecosystem.

How often do I need to replace the filters of the FilterWall F5?

You'll need to replace the filters of the FilterWall F5 when you notice a significant reduction in the system's flow rate, but the washable first-stage cartridge lets you go longer between replacements. This can vary based on usage and environmental factors.

Can the FilterWall F5 be customized to match my home's aesthetic?

Yes, the FilterWall F5 can be customized with multiple color options and installation configurations to match your home's aesthetic.

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