Aquamax 250L Electric Hot Water System $1699 Installed

Aquamax 250L (991250) Electric Hot Water System Installed - JR Gas and Water

Aquamax 250L Electric Hot Water System $1699 Installed

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Brand - Aquamax
Model Number - 991250
Volume - 250L
Width - 640mm
Height - 1395mm
Manufacturered In - Australia
Cylinder/ Heat Exchange Material - Steel enamel
Cylinder/Heat-Exchange Warranty - 10 Years
Noise Level - NAdBa
Dry Weight - 76kg
Energy Source - Electric
Wifi Controller Built in or Compatible - No
Built In Timer - No
LED/LCD Status Indicator - No

Maximize Comfort with the Reliable Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System

When it comes to hot water systems, capacity and energy efficiency top the list of homeowner concerns. The Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System addresses both, coupling a sizable 250-liter tank with substantial energy savings. In this article, we’ll dissect the Aquamax 991250’s suitability for typical Australian homes, exploring features like its maintenance-friendly design, energy performance, and generous warranty—all essential to a cost-effective choice. Get ready to find out how it can streamline daily life, enhancing both comfort and savings.

Key Takeaways

  • The Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System offers a blend of durability, energy efficiency, and thoughtful design, with a 10-year cylinder warranty, a 5-star energy rating, and convenient size for any household.

  • Installation of the Aquamax 991250 is adaptable and user-friendly, supporting various plumbing configurations and electricity tariffs, ensuring easy integration with existing systems and potential energy cost savings.

  • With rapid delivery services, robust customer and after-sales support, the Aquamax 991250 ensures both peace of mind in operation and security in addressing service issues or maintenance needs.

Exploring the Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System

Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System

Dive into the world of Aquamax electric water heaters, where the Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System shines as a beacon of innovation and dependability. Crafted to thrive in both metro and regional areas across Australia, this hot water system boasts a robust design featuring:

  • Vitreous enamel electric storage, ensuring it stands the test of time against corrosion and daily wear.

  • A generous 250-litre capacity, effortlessly meeting the hot water demands of various family sizes.

  • The latest technology for peak performance, ensuring reliable hot water delivery.

  • Commendable energy efficiency, helping to reduce energy consumption and costs.

  • User-friendly connections for seamless upkeep and maintenance.

With its outstanding features and performance, the Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System is an excellent choice for any home.

The compact dimensions of the Aquamax 991250, sitting at 640mm wide and 1395mm tall, make it a practical contender in the space race of home appliances. Whether you’re renovating, building new, or simply replacing an outdated hot water system, the Aquamax 250l electric model ensures that you won’t have to compromise on space to enjoy the luxury of steady, steaming hot water. It’s a testament to how a well-thought-out design can integrate seamlessly into your life, providing the comfort and convenience you deserve every day.

Built to Last: 10-Year Cylinder Warranty

Endurance and reliability are the hallmarks of the Aquamax 991250, underscored by its impressive features:

  • 10-year cylinder warranty

  • Cylinder encased in steel and coated with vitreous enamel

  • Robust steel casing that can withstand the rigors of daily use

  • 5-star energy rating

Aquamax’s pioneering spirit is evident in their industry-leading approach, being the first Australian company to pair a 5-star energy rating with such an extensive warranty, setting them apart in the electric hot water market.

The decade-long warranty commitment from Aquamax delivers significant peace of mind to homeowners. It assures that the investment in their hot water system is protected against defects and performance issues, ensuring that the flow of reliable hot water remains uninterrupted year after year.

When you choose the Aquamax 991250, you’re not just choosing a hot water heater; you’re choosing a decade of worry-free mornings and cozy evenings.

Energy Efficiency: Savings on Your Energy Bills

In the current climate of rising energy costs, the Aquamax 991250 stands out as an oasis of efficiency. Surpassing government energy efficiency standards by a remarkable 27%, the system proudly bears a 5-star energy rating, offering more than just hot water—it offers savings on your energy bills. This electric hot water system is designed with the future in mind, complying with minimum energy performance standards and providing the opportunity to capitalize on off-peak tariffs for even greater efficiency. By heating water during off-peak hours with the twin element option, homeowners can significantly reduce their energy consumption and enjoy lower bills without compromising on their access to steaming hot water.

With the Aquamax 991250, energy efficiency goes hand-in-hand with practicality. The system’s features include:

  • Capacity to work harmoniously with both off-peak and continuous tariffs

  • Tailored approach to managing energy bills

  • Capturing savings during low-demand hours

  • Ensuring a constant, reliable hot water supply

  • Adapting to your lifestyle and your wallet

Design That Fits Your Home

The Aquamax 991250 is not just a functional appliance; it’s a stylish addition to your home with its sleek steel casing and safety-conscious rounded edges. Its design transcends mere functionality, offering an aesthetically pleasing look that complements any space. Whether installed indoors or out, the system blends into your home’s design, providing hot water without becoming an eyesore. The consideration for safety and style extends to every aspect of the unit, ensuring it is as much a visual asset as it is a practical one.

Choosing the right hot water system can be a balancing act between form and function, but with the Aquamax 991250, you’ll find it’s a model that suits most applications. Its design reflects a deep understanding of homeowners’ needs, ensuring that regardless of where it’s placed, it will serve your family’s hot water needs while enhancing the environment it occupies. It’s a testament to Aquamax’s commitment to creating products that not only perform but also fit seamlessly into the fabric of your daily life.

Installation and Compatibility

When it comes to installation, the Aquamax 991250 exemplifies versatility and ease. Designed with dual inlets and outlets, this hot water system is engineered for hassle-free installation across a variety of plumbing configurations. The availability of a twin element model further enhances its adaptability, offering faster hot water recovery for homes with higher usage during peak times. This makes it an ideal replacement or upgrade that fits effortlessly into your existing system, without the need for extensive modifications.

The system’s compatibility extends to its operation with different electricity tariffs. For households utilizing off-peak tariffs, the larger tank size of the Aquamax 991250 is a boon, ensuring an ample supply of hot water throughout the day. On the other hand, continuous tariffs allow for smaller tanks and uninterrupted access to hot water, with the system’s top element providing quick recovery when the demand spikes.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing System

Transitioning to a new hot water system can often be a daunting prospect, but with the Aquamax 991250, it’s a smooth sail. This system is designed to work in harmony with all types of existing hot water units, ensuring a seamless integration that keeps your daily routines uninterrupted. It’s the perfect fit for those looking to replace an old unit or those in the process of constructing a new abode. The system’s versatility means it can adapt to most applications with ease, making it a practical choice for any home.

Before making the switch, it’s wise to consult with a reputable hot water system supplier or installer. They can provide expert advice on whether an off-peak or continuous tariff will best suit your household’s needs, helping you navigate the path to potential energy bill savings. With such guidance, you can rest assured that your new system will not only provide steaming hot water but also contribute to a more energy-efficient home.

Expertise and Service You Can Trust

Trust and reliability are key when installing a new system in your home. With the Aquamax 991250, installation is entrusted to licensed plumbers who bring a wealth of expertise and professionalism to the job. This ensures that the water system is set up correctly and efficiently, adhering to the highest standards of workmanship. Customers can take comfort in the workmanship guarantee that accompanies the installation service, a testament to the reliable and professional service provided by the Aquamax team.

Choosing the right team for the installation is as crucial as selecting the hot water system itself. With Aquamax, you’re not just investing in a product but also in a service that values your satisfaction and safety. It’s a partnership that begins the moment you decide to bring an Aquamax unit into your home and continues long after the installation is complete.

Operational Excellence and Safety Features

Operational Excellence and Safety Features

The Aquamax 991250 is engineered for operational excellence, featuring:

  • A sacrificial anode that combats the corrosive nature of water, significantly extending the lifespan of the hot water system

  • Attention to detail that ensures the system operates efficiently, even under challenging water conditions

  • Built to withstand varying water pressures, with a maximum inlet pressure of up to 1120kPA without an Expansion Control Valve (ECV) and 960kPA with an ECV

This showcases the Aquamax 991250’s capability to deliver consistent performance in diverse environments.

These features exemplify the system’s adherence to exacting standards, ensuring that the delivery of hot water is not only consistent but also safe. The robust construction and thoughtful engineering of the Aquamax 991250 mean homeowners can rely on a steady supply of hot water, tailored to their specific pressure needs, without the worry of operational hiccups.

Peace of Mind with Safety Certifications

Safety is paramount when it comes to household appliances, and the Aquamax 991250 is a model citizen in this regard. It meets the rigorous safety standards required in Australia, providing homeowners with the assurance they need to use their hot water system with confidence. The system holds the prestigious Watermark Licence No. WMKA00153, indicating that it meets the Australian standards for plumbing and drainage products. Furthermore, the Electrical Safety Approval No. 22405 ensures that the product has been thoroughly tested and verified for its electrical safety compliance.

These certifications are more than just numbers and letters; they represent a commitment to quality and safety that Aquamax stands by. When you choose the Aquamax 991250, you’re not just choosing a reliable source of hot water, but you’re also choosing a system that prioritizes the well-being of your family. It’s a level of care and attention that goes beyond the call of duty, ensuring that every drop of hot water from your taps is delivered safely and responsibly.

Cost-Effective Hot Water Solutions

Finding a balance between cost and quality is crucial when selecting a hot water system. The Aquamax 991250 offers:

  • Exceptional performance

  • A cost-effective solution for your home’s hot water needs

  • Potential for energy savings, especially when paired with an off-peak electricity tariff

It’s important to note that annual supply charges and cylinder rental fees are not typically included in energy tariff comparisons, which means these additional costs should be considered when calculating the overall expenses of running an electric storage system.

However, the initial investment in an electric hot water system like the Aquamax 991250 can be offset by the savings accumulated over time. Thanks to its energy-efficient design, homeowners can enjoy lower running costs in the long run, making the upfront cost a worthwhile investment for the comfort and reliability it offers.

Transparent Pricing and Payment Options

When investing in a new hot water system, transparency in pricing and payment options is crucial. The Aquamax 991250 offers:

  • Clear price range: between $1,256.52 – $1,606.52, including the tank and standard installation labor

  • Additional plumbing work may incur extra costs

  • Various financing options typically offered by retailers to accommodate different financial situations

This makes it easier for homeowners to plan their budgets accordingly and choose the best payment option for their needs.

Knowing exactly what you’re paying for—and having the flexibility to pay in a way that suits you—takes the stress out of the purchase process. With the Aquamax 991250, the focus is on offering a high-quality hot water system with transparent and adaptable payment options, ensuring that comfort and convenience are within reach for a wide range of households.

Delivery and Customer Care

Aquamax not only provides a superior hot water system but also ensures that the delivery and customer care experience match the quality of their products. Once an order for the Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System is placed, it is processed swiftly within 1 to 2 business days, with the exception of weekends and public holidays which may introduce additional delays. This fast service reflects Aquamax’s commitment to customer satisfaction, as they understand the importance of timely delivery in enhancing the overall buying experience.

To supplement the delivery process, Aquamax offers comprehensive customer support. Should you need advice or help with your system, reaching out to the Aquamax support team is as simple as a phone call, email, or SMS. This level of dedicated customer care ensures that any questions or concerns are addressed promptly, making the journey from purchase to the enjoyment of your new hot water system a seamless and positive one.

Fast Delivery Across Australia

Aquamax understands the urgency of needing a reliable hot water system, which is why they strive to deliver fast service across Australia. For residents within New South Wales and the ACT, the delivery timeframe for the Aquamax hot water systems ranges from 3 to 10 business days, ensuring that the transition to comfort is as quick as possible. This efficiency in delivery is part of Aquamax’s commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience from the moment of purchase.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, it is essential for customers to provide an accurate and accessible delivery address. In the event that you need to make changes to the delivery address, communicating promptly with the customer support team will help avoid any unnecessary delays. Moreover, if any issues arise with a damaged or lost shipment, contacting the provider immediately allows for a timely resolution and investigation into the matter. If a delivery attempt is made to an unattended address, the courier may leave a calling card and, in some cases, require a signature to confirm delivery, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind for customers.

Dedicated After-Sales Support

Post-purchase support is a cornerstone of the Aquamax experience. The dedicated service and warranty line is available for customers to address any issues they might encounter with their hot water system. Operating Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, the hotline ensures that you receive fast service and support when you need it. The option to select for service or warranty issues allows for a directed and efficient response, ensuring your concerns are handled with expertise and care.

For added convenience, customers can also submit a service request form online, which is promptly addressed by the Aquamax team. Regular servicing, as recommended by AquaMAX certified service agents, is crucial for maintaining the system’s performance and longevity. By making regular bookings through the service and warranty line, homeowners can prevent potential issues and enjoy an uninterrupted supply of hot water.

The dedication to after-sales support exemplifies Aquamax’s commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction long after the installation is complete.

Why Choose Aquamax for Your Family?

Reliable Choice for Families: Aquamax Hot Water Systems

Aquamax stands out in the market for its high-quality and reliable hot water systems, making it a trusted choice for families across Australia. The Aquamax 991250, in particular, is engineered to withstand the unique Australian weather and environmental conditions, ensuring durability and consistent performance. This adaptability means that whether you live in a bustling city or a tranquil regional area, the system will deliver the reliable hot water your family needs.

The flexibility of the Aquamax 991250 to cater to a range of household sizes further solidifies its reputation as a family-friendly option. With a focus on meeting the varying hot water needs of Australian families, Aquamax ensures that every household can find a hot water solution that fits their lifestyle. This customization is what makes Aquamax not just a product but a long-term investment in your family’s comfort and well-being.

Versatility for Various Household Needs

The versatility of the Aquamax 991250 is one of its most appealing features. With a first-hour capacity of 250L, it has the power to meet the hot water demands of a typical household, accommodating anywhere from one to five people. This capacity ensures that everyone in your home can enjoy a hot shower or bath without worrying about running out of hot water, even during the busier times of the day. The system’s available range of sizes, including the 250L model, provides options to suit most applications, making it a flexible choice for different family and household needs.

Whether your family is growing or you’re simply seeking a more energy-efficient solution, the Aquamax 991250 offers the following benefits:

  • It adjusts to your evolving requirements

  • It is designed to operate effectively both indoors and outdoors

  • It ensures that no matter the setting, your family’s hot water needs are always met

  • It is versatile and dependable, making it a great choice for households across the country

Maximizing Efficiency with Smart Usage

Maximizing the efficiency of your hot water system is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your wallet. Smart usage of the Aquamax 991250 involves setting it to heat water during off-peak hours, capitalizing on lower electricity tariffs and resulting in considerable energy savings. This strategic approach to energy usage is an effective way to reduce energy bills while still enjoying the convenience of ready access to hot water.

Apart from smart timing, regular servicing by a licensed tradesperson is essential for maintaining the system’s optimal performance and efficiency. Homeowners can also adopt conservation efforts such as installing low-flow showerheads, taking shorter showers, washing clothes in cold water, and fixing dripping hot water taps promptly. Additionally, maintaining the system effectively includes insulating hot water pipes, ensuring a proper cold water connection, and following the troubleshooting guide for common issues, which contributes to the system’s longevity and performance. These measures collectively enhance the efficiency of the Aquamax 991250, making it a smart choice for eco-conscious consumers.


As we reflect on the comprehensive exploration of the Aquamax 991250 250L Electric Hot Water System, it’s clear that this system stands as a testament to comfort, efficiency, and reliability. From its robust design, built to last a decade, to its energy-saving capabilities and seamless integration with existing setups, the Aquamax 991250 offers a hot water solution that caters to the nuanced needs of modern Australian households. The customer-centric approach, evident in the fast delivery, dedicated after-sales support, and versatile options for various household sizes, underscores Aquamax’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Choosing the Aquamax 991250 means investing in a quality hot water system that will serve your family’s needs for years to come. It’s a choice that promises not just a continuous supply of hot water but also peace of mind, knowing that your system is safe, efficient, and backed by a company that cares for its customers. With the insights shared in this blog post, you are now equipped to make an informed decision that will bring warmth and comfort into your home, every single day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to heat a 250 Litre electric hot water system?

It should take approximately 2.5 hours to heat a 250 Litre electric hot water system. If it's not hot within this time frame, consider contacting a professional service.

Is AquaMAX a good brand?

Yes, AquaMax is considered a top choice for electric hot water systems due to their superior energy efficiency, setting a benchmark in the industry.

Is AquaMAX owned by Rheem?

Yes, AquaMAX is owned by Rheem Australia Pty Ltd. The brand was acquired by Rheem in 2009 and has since expanded its reach and distribution.

What size is a 250 Litre hot water system?

A 250 litre hot water system is typically designed to accommodate the hot water needs of a larger household or commercial space.

What is the capacity of the Aquamax 991250, and how many people can it accommodate?

The Aquamax 991250 has a 250L capacity, making it suitable for households of 1-5 people, ensuring ample hot water for daily activities across multiple bathrooms.

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