Aquamax 160L (991160) Electric Hot Water System Installed

Aquamax 160L (991160) Electric Hot Water System Installed - JR Gas and Water

Aquamax 160L (991160) Electric Hot Water System Installed

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Brand - Aquamax
Model Number - 991160
Volume - 160L
Width - 480mm
Height - 1610mm
Manufacturered In - Australia
Cylinder/ Heat Exchange Material - Steel Enamel
Cylinder/Heat-Exchange Warranty - 10 Years
Noise Level - NAdBa
Dry Weight - 46kg
Energy Source - Electric
Wifi Controller Built in or Compatible - No
Built In Timer - No
LED/LCD Status Indicator - No

Efficient Heating Uncovered: The Aquamax 991160 160L Electric Hot Water System Review

When it comes to selecting a hot water system, you need one that’s efficient, cost-effective, and right for your home’s size. The Aquamax 991160 160l electric hot water system offers a robust solution with its vitreous enamel tank and suitability for small to medium-sized households. Our review will cover everything from performance to longevity and pricing, helping you make an informed decision without wading through unnecessary details.

Key Takeaways

  • The Aquamax 991160 160L Electric Hot Water System is a durable, efficient and user-friendly solution designed for Australian variable climates, suitable for small to medium-sized households.

  • With a capacity to meet the needs of 1-4 person households and the capability to support multiple bathrooms, the Aquamax 991160 also promises a 10-year warranty, implying long-term reliability and peace of mind for consumers.

  • The Aquamax 991160 can be enhanced with optional accessories for improved efficiency and ease of use, while maintenance accessories are available to extend its longevity, with proper installation and disposal services crucial for a seamless transition.

Exploring the Aquamax 991160 160L Electric Hot Water System

Aquamax 991160 160L Electric Hot Water System

The Australian-made Aquamax 991160 electric hot water system exemplifies the country’s dedication to high-quality local products. It features:

  • Designed to withstand variable climate conditions

  • Reliable solution for your hot water needs

  • Durability with its vitreous enamel tank, ensuring consistent performance over time.

Does it offer user-friendly features? Indeed, it does! The system is accessible and safe for use by individuals over 8 years of age, including those with disabilities, given they have proper supervision or instruction. It’s important to note that the system is designed with user-friendliness in mind.

Key Features at a Glance

The Aquamax 991160 garners praise for its remarkable features. With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 1, it showcases optimal operational efficiency in electric hot water provision. The system leverages electricity as its energy source, ensuring a consistent and dependable hot water supply.

The model’s durability is further enhanced by its vitreous enamel lining, engineered to resist corrosion and extend the system’s lifespan. And did you know it offers a first-hour capacity of 160 litres? This means you can fulfill your immediate hot water needs effectively. With a low rated heat loss of 2.22 kWh/24hr, it’s a notable contender in energy efficiency.

Installation Insights

The Aquamax 991160 provides installation versatility, as it can be installed indoors or externally. Designed for both internal and external setup, it adapts to various environments. Its dual inlets and outlets make the installation process easier, accommodating different plumbing connections.

However, installation requires specific components such as a 15mm non-return isolating valve, cold water expansion valve, tempering valve, pressure limiting valve, and appropriate lagging to meet operational requirements. Other extras may include safetrays, a Mildred valve, relocation, pipework and valves, extra drain line, circuit upgrades, or the installation of a rubble pit.

Capacity and Sizing: Is It Right for Your Home?

Assessing the Capacity and Sizing of the Aquamax 991160

When selecting a hot water system, its capacity is a crucial consideration. The Aquamax 991160 boasts a capacity of 160 litres, making it a considerable choice for different household sizes. Specifically, the Aquamax 160L hot water system is tailored for smaller households or settings where the demand for hot water is limited, ensuring sufficient daily hot water.

Cylinder Height and Space Considerations

Before investing, it’s important to evaluate the space requirements. The Aquamax 991160 measures 1610mm in height and 480mm in diameter. It’s crucial to ensure you have adequate vertical space for the 1610mm cylinder height of the Aquamax 991160.

The 480mm diameter determines the unit’s footprint and spatial clearance, essential for a proper fit and servicing access. As a homeowner, understanding these dimensions and required space will help you assess the compatibility of the Aquamax 991160 hot water system with your available installation area.

Matching Your Household Needs

How well does the Aquamax 991160 fulfill your household’s hot water needs? Well, it’s designed for household sizes ranging from 1 to 4 people, making it an efficient choice for small to medium-sized homes.

Specifically, it meets the demands of 2-4 person households, ensuring a consistent supply of hot water. And if your home has multiple bathrooms, the Aquamax 991160 is ideal. Its capacity to support multiple bathrooms makes it a fitting choice for homes with 2 or more bathrooms.

Longevity and Warranty: Peace of Mind for Years to Come

Longevity and Warranty of the Aquamax 991160

Let’s shift our attention to longevity and warranty details. The Aquamax 991160 hot water system promises peace of mind with a 10-year cylinder warranty. This generous warranty period underscores the system’s longevity and the manufacturer’s confidence in the durability and quality of the stainless steel cylinder.

Understanding the Warranty Terms

What do the warranty terms entail? The Aquamax 991160 comes with a 12-month warranty covering both parts and labour. Aquamax provides these warranty conditions to enhance consumers’ statutory rights, with warranties being additional to all other rights and benefits under Trade Practices and other laws.

The Importance of Meeting Exacting Standards

In this industry, adherence to current standards is paramount, and the Aquamax 991160 meets this expectation. With a Watermark Licence and AGA Approval, the system demonstrates compliance with industry standards and regulations for safety and quality.

In Australia, it’s a regulatory requirement to have a tempering valve installed in hot water systems to meet the Plumbing Code. This valve ensures a minimum tank temperature of 60 degrees Celsius to prevent bacterial growth, and a maximum tap water temperature of 50 degrees Celsius for safety. The Pressure & Temperature Relief Valve on Aquamax systems has a 1400 kPa/99°C setting, ensuring the unit’s operation within safe parameters.

Additionally, the pressure and temperature relief valve (PTR valve) included in the servicing kit safeguards the water heater against excessive pressure and temperature buildup, automatically releasing excess pressure to prevent potential damage and ensure safety.

Pricing and Value: What to Expect When You Invest

You might be curious about the pricing at this juncture. The Aquamax 991160 160L Electric Hot Water System has a price range of $1,232.95 – $1,582.95. This pricing includes:

  • 15mm non-return isolating valve

  • Approved base

  • Safety valves

  • Up to 3m of drain line to a permitted point of discharge & QBCC form 4.

To have the Aquamax 991160 fully supplied and installed, the cost comes to $1,547.89.

Upfront Costs vs. Long-Term Savings

Despite the seemingly high initial expenses, it’s worth considering the prospective long-term savings. The Aquamax 991160 can utilize lower-cost off-peak tariffs and continuous tariff to provide energy savings. By leveraging these off-peak tariffs, you can enjoy a reduction in your energy bills.

Moreover, the upfront costs can be alleviated by selling metal or parts from the disassembly of an old water heater.

Enhancements and Accessories: Customizing Your Hot Water Experience

Customizing Your Hot Water Experience with Enhancements and Accessories

The Aquamax 991160 transcends being a mere hot water system; it offers a customizable hot water experience. With optional enhancements and accessories, you can tailor your hot water use to your specific needs. Temperature control valves offer a more precise water heating experience, while the SmartTemp system allows for easy adjustment of water temperature without the need for a plumber.

You can achieve enhanced energy efficiency with the following enhancements and accessories for the Aquamax 991160:

  • User-installed timer: helps to regulate heating periods and minimize electricity usage

  • In-line water filtration system: ensures cleaner water and reduces sediment build-up

  • Scale protection system: prevents scale deposits

All enhancements and accessories comply with Australian Standards, maintaining the necessary safety and quality benchmarks for the Aquamax 991160.

Optional Upgrades

Apart from the system, a number of optional enhancements can improve your safety and convenience. Hot water tempering valves are highly recommended as they prevent scalding by ensuring that the water dispensed from taps and showerheads is at a safe temperature. Installing a pressure relief valve on the hot water outlet can protect the system and users by preventing excessive pressure buildup.

A shut-off valve should also be installed on the cold water inlet to enable easy system maintenance or repairs. While the Aquamax 991160 does not come with a built-in Wi-Fi controller, timer, or LED/LCD status indicator, these features are available for upgrade and can enhance user convenience through better control and monitoring of the heating system.

Maintenance Accessories

Maintenance accessories are indispensable for extending the lifespan of your Aquamax 991160. AquaMAX offers a comprehensive 5-year servicing kit for the 160-litre electric hot water system, which includes a sacrificial anode that is crucial for protecting the tank from corrosion.

The pressure and temperature relief valve (PTR valve) and cold water expansion valve (CWE / EVC valve) in the maintenance kit help maintain balanced and consistent water pressure, enhancing efficiency and longevity. Regular maintenance activities such as checking the thermostat, cleaning the tank, and inspecting the heating element are also crucial. Additionally, insulating hot water pipes can further improve energy efficiency.

Making the Switch: Replacing Your Existing System

If the Aquamax 991160 is on your radar as a replacement for your current hot water system, you’ll appreciate that Hot Water Today provides installation services for this model among other products they offer. However, customers also retain the flexibility to purchase the Aquamax 991160 without installation services.

In transitioning to a new system, responsible disposal of your old units is an important aspect to contemplate. This is where advice on responsible disposal comes in handy. And don’t forget, before the new system installation, it’s crucial to prepare the site and ensure easy access for technicians.

Disposal of Old Units

Though it might seem challenging to dispose of your old unit, you have several viable options available. Recycling centers and scrapyards are viable solutions, and they might even offer compensation for recyclable materials like brass, copper, and steel. While there may be fees associated with the disposal of old water heaters, these are generally not prohibitively high, and landfills may include such items in their recycling efforts.

There are several options for disposing of old water heaters:

  1. Many plumbers offer removal and disposal services as part of the replacement job, ensuring responsible handling of the unit.

  2. Junk removal services can also be employed to collect and properly dispose of old water heaters.

  3. If you decide to dispose of the old unit yourself, ensure that the water heater is fully drained and brought to a local recycling center. Remember, it’s crucial to verify that the old unit will be recycled properly.

If you’re in an area without curbside recycling services, private rubbish services might take old water heaters, possibly for a fee. For further assistance or information on recycling options, your local government can be a helpful resource.

Preparing for the New System Installation

A few preparatory steps can be taken prior to the arrival of the new system. Choose a suitable location for the new hot water heater, preferably one that’s well-ventilated and close to existing plumbing and electrical connections to facilitate an efficient installation process.

Also, ensure that the installation area is clear of any obstructions, is level, and has sufficient space to accommodate the new system without any constraints. Once the installation is finalized, filling and testing the system is essential to detect any leaks and to verify that water arrives at the preset temperature at all outlets.


To sum it up, the Aquamax 991160 160L Electric Hot Water System is a reliable, efficient, and customizable solution for your hot water needs. With its impressive features, flexible installation, ample capacity, and long-term warranty, it provides excellent value for your investment. The optional enhancements and accessories offer a tailored hot water experience, while the comprehensive maintenance kit ensures the system’s longevity. So why wait? Let the Aquamax 991160 elevate your hot water experience today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Aquamax 991160 manufactured?

The Aquamax 991160 is manufactured in Australia, ensuring its suitability and reliability for local use.

What is the capacity of the Aquamax 991160?

The capacity of the Aquamax 991160 is 160 litres, which makes it suitable for smaller households or limited hot water demand situations.

What warranty does the Aquamax 991160 come with?

The Aquamax 991160 comes with a 10-year cylinder warranty, ensuring peace of mind for an extended period.

Are there any optional enhancements and accessories for the Aquamax 991160?

Yes, the Aquamax 991160 can be customized with optional enhancements and accessories, including temperature control valves, SmartTemp system, timers, water filtration systems, and scale protection systems.

What are the disposal options for my old water heater when replacing it with the Aquamax 991160?

You can dispose of your old water heater responsibly at recycling centers, scrapyards, or by using removal and disposal services provided by plumbers. Always ensure that your old unit will be recycled properly.

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