Aquamax 125L Electric Hot Water System $1449 Installed

Aquamax 125L (991125) Electric Hot Water System Installed - JR Gas and Water

Aquamax 125L Electric Hot Water System $1449 Installed

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Brand - Aquamax
Model Number - 981125
Volume - 125L
Width - 480mm
Height - 1242mm
Manufacturered In - Australia
Cylinder/ Heat Exchange Material - Steel Enamel
Cylinder/Heat-Exchange Warranty - 10 Years
Noise Level - NAdBa
Dry Weight - 49kg
Energy Source - electric
Wifi Controller Built in or Compatible - No
Built In Timer - No
LED/LCD Status Indicator - No

Efficient Heating with Aquamax 991125 125L Electric Hot Water System: A Reliable Solution

Is the Aquamax 991125 125L electric hot water system the right choice for your day-to-day life? Catering to small and medium households, this model is designed to provide consistent hot water when you need it. Our review focuses on what truly matters: the system’s performance, installation process, energy efficiency, and cost, all presented in a concise, straight-to-the-point manner. Continue reading to determine if the Aquamax 991125 fits your home’s hot water needs, without getting lost in technical jargon.

Key Takeaways

  • The Aquamax 991125 electric hot water system is efficient and reliable, with a 125L stainless steel tank designed to prevent corrosion and ensure consistent hot water for an average family.

  • Energy efficiency is a standout feature of the Aquamax 991125, with a 1.0 out of 6 energy rating that indicates potential savings on electricity bills while being eco-friendly.

  • Installation of the Aquamax 991125 must be conducted by a professional due to safety regulations, and additional costs beyond the purchase price, like delivery and installation fees, should be considered in the budget.

Exploring the Aquamax 991125: A Closer Look

Aquamax 125L electric hot water system

The Aquamax 991125 is more than just an electric hot water system. It’s an innovative solution combining design, functionality, and efficiency. With a 125 litre stainless steel tank, this unit is ready to meet the hot water demands of an average family. But here’s the best part: it does so without significant temperature fluctuations, ensuring a continuous supply of hot water. So, whether you’re filling up the bathtub or running the dishwasher, the Aquamax 991125 has got you covered.

Built to withstand the test of time, the Aquamax 991125 model boasts the following features:

  • Sturdy stainless steel design, combating corrosion and ensuring longevity

  • User-friendly interface

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • High-efficiency heating element for rapid heat-up times

  • Inbuilt safety mechanisms like a pressure and temperature relief valve

The Aquamax 991125’s reliability and efficient performance make it a popular choice for household hot water needs. But before you rush to make a purchase, let’s dive deeper into the specifics of its design, performance, and energy efficiency.

Design and Build Quality

Aquamax takes pride in its hot water systems, equipping them with a durable stainless steel cylinder designed for longevity. The Aquamax 991125 is no exception. With a 10-year warranty on the cylinder component, this hot water system stands testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability. This lengthy warranty period ensures you of the unit’s reliability over time, a reassurance that’s always appreciated when investing in household appliances.

Designed for outdoor installation, the Aquamax 991125 features:

  • Compact yet sturdy structure

  • Robust build quality that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics

  • Sleek and modern look that seamlessly blends into your home’s exterior

  • Value-adding addition to your home, whether you’re revamping or replacing an old water heater.

Hot Water Delivery Performance

A hot water system is only as good as its delivery performance. Thankfully, the Aquamax 991125 shines in this aspect. Equipped with a 3.6kW single element, it ensures effective hot water delivery for daily use. But how do you ensure that the system meets your household needs?

Here’s where the first-hour rating comes into play. This value should align with your household’s highest hot water usage within any hour. In simpler terms, if your family tends to use multiple hot water fixtures simultaneously, you’d want a system with a high first-hour rating. With a 125L tank capacity, the Aquamax 991125 is designed to meet the hot water demands of an average family, preventing you from running out of hot water in the middle of a soothing bath.

Energy Efficiency and Ratings

While hot water is a necessity, it shouldn’t come at the expense of high electricity bills. That’s where energy efficiency comes into play. The Aquamax 991125 boasts an energy rating of 1.0 out of 6, indicating its energy efficiency in comparison to other models.

A higher energy efficiency rating can lead to long-term savings on electricity bills, making the upfront investment worthwhile. Moreover, by exceeding Minimum Energy Performance Standards, the Aquamax 991125 offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly hot water supply, letting you enjoy your hot showers without any guilt.

Installation Essentials: Getting Your Aquamax 991125 Up and Running

Now that you’re acquainted with the Aquamax 991125’s features and benefits, it’s time to discuss installation. As with any appliance, correct installation is key to optimal performance. But where should you install your Aquamax 991125? How can you ensure it’s set up correctly? Let’s break it down.

Choosing the Right Location

Finding the perfect spot for your Aquamax 991125 is the first step towards efficient operation. The unit requires a cleared, level installation area, devoid of obstructions, and must be located in a well-ventilated spot to avoid heat and condensation build-up.

Australian standards mandate specific clearances from combustible materials and access doors or windows. For instance, there should be a minimum clearance of 500mm from combustible materials and 600mm from any access door or window. Apart from these, the water heater should be easily accessible for maintenance and inspection, and should be compatible with your existing plumbing setup.

Professional Installation Services

Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, it’s time for professional installation. In Australia, electric hot water heaters, including the Aquamax 991125, must be professionally installed by a licensed plumber or specialist to comply with safety regulations.

Installing the Aquamax 991125 professionally is critical to avoid serious issues such as gas leaks, electrical hazards, or improper venting that can compromise safety. From safely connecting electrical wiring to adhering to setup instructions, professional installation prevents costly errors and dangers.

Plus, customers should request a detailed installation quote for full cost transparency, including removal and disposal of the old system.

Connection and Setup

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into the actual connection and setup process. The Aquamax 991125 electric hot water system requires a 240 Vac single-phase electrical connection, which must be performed by a licensed electrician.

The installation involves:

  • Attaching the hot and cold water supply pipes

  • Setting up a pressure relief valve with a discharge pipe

  • Installing a water shut-off valve on the cold water inlet

  • Filling the system with water

  • Inspecting for leaks

  • Testing the hot water operation at various outlets.

All set for a warm shower yet? Don’t forget to grab your suit!

Pricing and Purchasing Options

So you’re convinced that the Aquamax 991125 is the perfect fit for your hot water needs. But where can you buy it, and how much will it cost? Let’s walk through the pricing and purchasing options.

Understanding SKU and Pricing

Before we dive into the cost, let’s understand the SKU and its relation to quantity. An SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, is a unique code that identifies each product stocked by a retailer or manufacturer. The SKU for the Aquamax 991125 helps retailers manage inventory, quantity, and pricing information effectively.

By referencing its SKU, customers can easily determine the price and availability of the Aquamax 991125 when contacting suppliers or checking online retail platforms. So, next time you’re shopping for the Aquamax 991125, remember to have its SKU at your fingertips!

Additional Costs to Consider

When budgeting for the Aquamax 991125, it’s important to account for additional costs beyond the purchase price. These can include delivery fees, installation labor charges, and any extra parts required for the installation process. Don’t forget to pay attention to these additional expenses.

Remember, the installation price covers the removal and disposal of the old water heater but does not include potential expenses such as concrete slabs, leveling materials, and the extra labor required for lifting the unit into position or making any necessary carpentry or building alterations. Therefore, when budgeting for your new hot water system, consider these additional costs to avoid any surprises later.

Where to Order

Ready to make the purchase? The Aquamax 991125 can be purchased from a range of suppliers, including JR Gas & Water, offering a range of products and services for home comfort. You can also check local availability through Aquamax’s official website using their store locator tool, which requires entering a suburb or postcode.

For those who prefer shopping online, the Aquamax 991125 is also available for purchase on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. Major home improvement and appliance stores with online shopping options also stock the Aquamax 991125. To assist in tracking the product for inventory purposes, remember to look for the SKU number 991125.

Maintenance and Longevity

Just like any investment, your Aquamax 991125 needs regular maintenance to ensure it lasts for the long haul. So, how should you go about it? Let’s discuss the maintenance requirements and expected lifespan of the Aquamax 991125.

Regular Service Checks

Routine checks and servicing by a professional are recommended to keep your Aquamax hot water system in optimal condition. Key maintenance tasks include inspecting the anode rod, draining the tank, and checking the pressure relief valve. And to prevent bacterial growth, the stored water temperature must be kept at least 60°C, necessitating a tempering valve for safe tap water use.

Aquamax’s customer service and support include providing access to local technicians for routine maintenance and repairs. So remember, like a car or any other machine, your Aquamax 991125 needs regular tune-ups to keep running smoothly.

Replacement Parts and Labour

While regular servicing can help maintain your Aquamax 991125, some parts may need to be replaced over time. For instance, the tempering valve, pressure limit valve, and non-return isolation valve may require replacement, with respective costs of approximately $185, $125, and $110.

Qualified Aquamax service experts are essential for performing these maintenance tasks. Regularly checking and potentially replacing the anode rod can prevent major issues and costly repairs while prolonging the system’s life.

Regular maintenance can also address common issues such as faulty valves, pilot lights, or pressure relief valves, preserving optimal performance.

Age and Replacement Indicators

Knowing when it’s time to repair or replace your Aquamax 991125 is crucial for maintaining optimal operation. Unusual sounds, smells, or malfunctions are indicators that the hot water system may require repair or replacement.

Physical signs such as corrosion, leaks, and a drop in water temperature could also indicate that the Aquamax hot water system is degrading and may need replacing. Being aware of these signs can help avoid unexpected failures and maintain efficiency.

Tailoring to Your Needs: Is the Aquamax 991125 Right for You?

While the Aquamax 991125 comes packed with features, it’s important to ensure it’s the right fit for your household’s hot water needs.

Let’s explore if this hot water system is a match for your home.

Evaluating Household Hot Water Usage

The Aquamax 991125 is designed to cater to the needs of small to medium households. The 125 liter capacity suits the hot water usage requirements for most day-to-day activities. For households with up to 2-3 people, the Aquamax 991125 is an efficient choice that can comfortably supply hot water for multiple outlets.

However, in homes with higher occupancy rates or multiple bathrooms, the Aquamax 991125 may not fully meet peak or simultaneous demand for hot water. Morning routines and evening activities often create peak water usage times, which the Aquamax 991125 can manage under typical circumstances for a small or medium household.

Comparing with Related Products

While the Aquamax 991125 is a great choice for many households, it’s always a good idea to compare it with other related products on the market. For instance, the Aquamax 250L electric hot water heater offers dual-handed design for flexible installation aspects.

Safety and convenience in operation are ensured by features like dual inlets, outlets, and a pressure temperature relief valve, similar to those offered by other models in the market. Both the Aquamax and other brands such as Rinnai and Rheem offer adjustable thermostats and inbuilt anode protection, aiming to extend the tank’s lifespan. And with both single and twin-element configurations, the Aquamax models provide users with versatile heating options.

Making an Informed Purchase Decision

Making a purchase decision involves more than just comparing features and prices. It’s important to research customer reviews and testimonials about the Aquamax 991125’s reliability and performance to gauge user satisfaction.

Read about experiences of other users, understand their pain points, and evaluate if the benefits outweigh the cons. By doing so, you’ll be making an informed decision based on not just the product specs, but real-life user experiences.


In conclusion, the Aquamax 991125 stands out as an efficient, reliable, and durable electric hot water system. With its robust design, user-friendly features, and energy-efficient performance, it is an excellent choice for small to medium households. While the initial investment may seem high, the long-term savings on electricity bills and the peace of mind from a reliable hot water supply make it a worthwhile purchase. However, finalizing your decision should be based on careful evaluation of your household’s hot water needs, regular maintenance costs, and user reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are AquaMAX water heaters made?

AquaMAX water heaters are now manufactured in Rheem's Sydney manufacturing plant at Rydalmere, after AquaMAX was brought out by Rheem Hot Water Australia.

Is AquaMAX made by Rheem?

Yes, AquaMAX is owned by Rheem Australia Pty Ltd, they acquired the brand in 2009.

Is AquaMAX a good brand?

Yes, AquaMax is a good brand, as industry experts have noted its superior energy efficiency and benchmark-setting performance in electric hot water systems.

How does the Aquamax 991125 ensure efficient hot water delivery?

The Aquamax 991125 ensures efficient hot water delivery through its 3.6kW single element and 125L tank capacity, making it suitable for daily use by an average family.

What are some of the additional costs to consider when purchasing the Aquamax 991125?

When purchasing the Aquamax 991125, consider additional costs such as delivery fees, installation labor charges, and extra parts for installation - including removal and disposal of the old water heater.

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