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What's the best type of hot water system for my home?
Every situation is different, and the answer will depend on a number of factors inc. the number of people in the house, the time you plan on spending at the property, availability to gas and sunlight. Head to our hot water help page to get information on system costs, running costs and rebates.
How much does a hot water system cost?
Just like the previous question, this depends on a number of factors. A standard 250L electric system can be delivered to your property for only $745 or $848 for a 135L gas water heater. Head to our hot water help page, find the system that suits your needs best then go to our Hot Water section to find a price that works best.
How much does a hot water heater cost to install?
We can arrange to install any of the systems we sell from only $199inc GST for a scheduled gas hot water installation or $249 for same day installation.
Do you sell Saxon Water Heaters
Saxon Hot Water Units went out of business a number of years ago. We have a number of options perfect for replacing your Saxon water heater with a modern more efficient unit.
What size do you recommend to replace my 140L Saxon water heater?
For a Saxon 140L Hot water heater, we recommend replacing with any of our 250L mains pressure range.
Why do the new systems have so many valves? My Saxon hot water heater didn’t have any of those
Old Saxon hot water heaters were similar to mains pressure units and also very different. The Saxons or Copperflow units were similar in principle to a kettle with a hose running through it where the heat transferred from the boiling water in the kettle to the water running through the hose. Mains pressure units are like a sealed kettle with the hose water also filling the kettle itself. This system while a lot more efficient needs a number of controls to make sure an explosion is not possible.
How does an electric hot water heater work?
The tank holds a volume of water with a resistance element down the bottom of the tank. When the thermostat senses the water is below the set temperature it sends power to the element to heat the water. The heated water moves to the top of the tank and the colder water to the bottom until the water at the base of the tank reaches the set temperature on the thermostat.
How does a heat pump water heater work?
A heat pump hot water heater is basically an electric heater with a airconditioner strapped to the unit. Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. Therefore, they can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters. To move the heat, heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse.
How does an instantaneous/ continuous flow hot water heater work?
A. Continuous flow hot water systems work by pushing cold water through copper piping and applying heat directly to these pipes. When a hot tap is turned on, a flow sensor triggers and starts the heating. In a continuous flow gas system it triggers a burner and in an electric system, it triggers a heating element.
How does a storage gas hot water heater work?
A storage gas hot water system is very similar to an electric system but with a gas burner at the base of the water heater instead. The hot gases from the burner flow through a flue up the middle of the water jacket transferring the heat to the water.
Is it easy to install a hot water heater myself?
Yes for a plumber. No for someone that is untrained. A plumber knows how to install the system safely and efficiently with the correct sequence of valves and how to make the system meet manufacturers warranty requirements and relevant Australian Standards. Shoot over to our gallery and compare one of our systems with your existing one.
Is solar hot water worth the extra cost?
Again situation dependent but generally yes. Over a 10 year period with rebates taken into account could save you up to $8000 over a ten year period compared to a standard electric system on full-time tariff. Head to our help page to compare.
What brand of hot water system is best?
Everyone has their own opinion and most systems are very good. Some just seem to last a longer with fewer issues. Generally, we find the more expensive systems do get you a better bang for your buck even tho they might look identical on paper.
Rheem vs Vulcan vs Everhot
All three systems are made by Rheem. Rheems generally have the longest warranty period followed by Everhot then Vulcan. Rheems and Everhot are generally identical and made in the same factory in Australia while some Vulcan units are made overseas and have fewer features.
What do I do if water is leaking out of my water heater?
Give us a call and we will get you sorted. Water heaters can leak for a number of reasons from a faulty valve to split fitting that just needs replacing or the tank has rusted through, which in this case would need replacing.
My hot water is cold. Do I call a plumber or electrician?
My hot water is cold. Do I call a plumber or electrician?
Why has my hot water gone cold?
There are generally 4 main causes of not hot water. Faulty thermostat or element, blocked or faulty tempering valve or no power or gas supply to your heater. In any case, give us a call.
I found a cheaper price, can you match it?
We don't match a competitor's prices, we beat them. If somehow you have found a better price on the same water heater, valve set and installation just send us the quote or link to the webpage and we will beat it.
Where do I find gas hot water prices?
Right here at JR, we have the most competitive gas hot water prices in SEQ
Rheem stellar reviews, where do I find them?
You can head to sites product review section, but in our opinion, the reviews don't tell the full story. How many people review a product they thought would be good and ends us being exactly what they paid for. From what we have seen from existing installations and the ones we do, they are generally superior to all comparable units on the market.
Gas hot water Brisbane, who has the best service?
Obviously, we believe we do, but don't just take our word for it, check out some of our recent reviews. People dont generally review great service but our customers do.
Gas hot water repairs, where do I go?
Come straight to us, we are experienced and qualified to cover all your domestic and commercial gas hot water repairs.
Bosch Optiflow, are they all they are hyped up to be?
Time will tell, from what we have seen they are a well-made unit with some quality features and options.
Rinnai hot water system supply only, can JR help?
Head to our online store and arrange supply or supply and install at the same time.
What prices do I expect for gas installation, Brisbane?
Every installation or repair is different. Some we can quote over the phone such as stove replacements for $260inc GST and some need an onsite quote. Head to our gas page to see a list of fixed priced jobs?
Gas plumbers Gold Coast, do you service this area?
We service Gold Coast, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Redland Bay, Scenic Rim, and Moreton Bay.
What's the difference between a gas plumber and a gas fitter?
They are the same thing, different states and countries use different terminology.

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After visiting a major hardware retailer, We decided to see if any of the 'smaller' suppliers could match their pricing.
After a quick google we found JR Gas & Water. Supply and installation prices were available on the website, something other installers don't like to do. We were able to decide what we wanted without any obligation or sales pressure. It was refreshing to see there were no hidden costs too! We got a much better overall deal with a much better hot water system. Called Friday morning and had a new hot water system by mid afternoon.
Jarred's workmanship was excellent and he cleaned up everything!
Noone likes having to purchase a new hot water system, but JR Gas & Water certainly made the experience a pleasant one.
Definitely recommend JR Gas & Water!


JR Gas and Water  installation. I was installed hot water system last week and I am very happy with  job, they give me same  day service also good price which is I cannot find somewhere as.  We are defiantly use their service in future.


JR Gas and Water installed gas line for our new kitchen oven. I was very happy with the job and very impressed with how tidy the job looks and how straight forward Jarred was with no hesitations on knowing what he was doing with the job. The job was very fast and the price was very good. I would DEFINETELY recomend him for any job and will be calling him back for future work. Thank you.


I just had Jarred install a Rheem electric HWS. I earlier had obtained a quote from a well known company and their price was ludicrous - nearly double. Jarred provides an upfront and detailed costing on his web page - easy to follow and understand. If you are looking for an honest professional install without the hype and BS from others he is the man. The job was clean and very neat Very happy with the result and price. Give the big guys a miss and do yourself a favour and use his services. Fully support all the other 5 star reviews.


Very impressed with JR Gas & Water. Jarred was on time, professional and the job was completed quickly, and our property left really tidy. Ruby handled all queries and any requests promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. We'd definitely use these guys again and would recommend them to anyone


I wasted hours at bunnings and online reviews about Dux systems (1.5 stars), so 5 mins searching on the net, and JR Gas and water webpage popped up. 5 Stars on webpage information and assistance. Not time wasting submiting email quotes as the norm, one simple phone call in this morning, answered all my questions subjectively. The 315Litre system was fully installed this afternoon. Jarred was very professional and helpful, his attention to detal with final installation was astounding. He even asked am I happy with the fitment, great service. Well used his services again. Please Dont WASTE your time with Bunnings, you will not be disappointed with Jarreds service. Thanks mate.


JR Gas & Water - offered an extremely professional yet very friendly approach to our hot water issue. We rang our usual plumber to replace and install a new hot water system on a Saturday morning but he couldn't help us. After a 'Google' search of our local area JR popped up with a 5 star rating. Upon speaking with Jarred, on the first phone call to him, getting an immediate quote, giving the go-ahead for the job, everything was completed within 3 hours. Jarred is a polite, extremely efficient and professional tradesman. As well as a kind person. Now that a week has passed, everything is working properly, and our new Rheem Hot Water System looks perfect and neat in it's new home. We also have a new Plumber. Thanks for your conscientious and prompt service.


Jarred is proffessional from giving Quote, Answering my doubts to do the job in a good manner. I needed to install a new LPG Gas Cooktop and he did the job without much hassles. Thanks


Quality work prompt service.  Recommend to anyone


Contacted to get a leak in the shower fixed thinking it would have damaged the plaster. He told me to turn the water off at the front of the house and was around within 45minutes on a Sunday afternoon to fix, luckily there was no plaster damage and he'd fixed the connection quickly. Cost about half what I've paid a plumber for a similar job in the past so pretty stoked about that. Definitely recommend.


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