Puretec IL-TM10 Under Bench Mains 1 Micron Filter System Supplied & Installed

Puretec IL-TM10 Under Bench Mains 1 Micron Filter System Supplied & Installed

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Top Puretec IL-TM10 Inline Undersink Water Filter System with 3-Way Mixer Tap

Need better drinking water? The Puretec IL-TM10 Inline Undersink Water Filter System offers effective filtration and easy installation. Read on to learn about its features, benefits, and performance.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puretec IL-TM10 Inline Undersink Water Filter System effectively reduces chlorine, sediment, odors, heavy metals, and retains essential minerals and fluoride, ensuring healthier drinking water.

  • The system is easy to install with its slimline design and included plumbing installation fittings, and features a DIY quick-twist cartridge change mechanism for simple maintenance.

  • The system uses premium-grade KDF media to inhibit bacterial growth and improve filtration efficiency, making it suitable for mains and town water supplies, and offers a substantial 9,500 litre capacity.

0 Introduction

The Puretec IL-TM10 Inline Undersink Water Filter System offers:

  • Comprehensive solution for water purification

  • Slimline design that fits neatly under existing kitchen benches

  • Suitable for both mains and town water supplies

Overview of the Puretec IL-TM10

The Puretec IL-TM10, colloquially known as il tm10, distinguishes itself from run-of-the-mill water filter systems. Designed to effectively reduce a wide array of contaminants, this compact system offers a simple, yet effective, method for achieving safer, healthier drinking water in your household.

Key Features

A defining feature of the Puretec IL-TM10 system is its capability to tackle the following effectively:

  • Chlorine

  • Sediment

  • Unpleasant tastes

  • Odours

  • Heavy metals

This is largely due to the inclusion of premium-grade KDF media, which ensures high levels of contaminant reduction down to 1 micron.

Another aspect that sets the IL-TM10 apart is its versatility. Whether your home is serviced by town or rural water supplies, this filter system with 3-way functionality can handle it all. Its slimline design also ensures that it easily fits under existing kitchen benches, providing benefits ideal for any home.


You’ll instantly notice a significant improvement in water taste as one of the prime benefits of the Puretec IL-TM10. By effectively reducing:

  • sediment

  • bad taste

  • heavy metals It also effectively reduces chlorine, which contributes to the enhanced taste of the water.

You’ll enjoy beautifully tasting drinking water every time.

The system’s design also enhances installation flexibility, offering easy installation on an existing kitchen bench. Its compact, slimline design not only conserves under-sink space but allows for both horizontal and vertical mounting, doing away with the necessity for shelf cutouts. In fact, it mounts horizontally with ease, making the IL-TM10 a beneficial addition to any household.

Installation Process

The Puretec IL-TM10 system, designed keeping the user’s convenience in focus, promotes a straightforward installation process to install filter system. From the inclusion of quick installation fitting kit to the provision of necessary plumbing fittings for a standard setup, this filter system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to install.

DIY Cartridge Replacement

Maintaining the Puretec IL-TM10 system is effortless, owing to its do-it-yourself cartridge replacement feature. This means that when it’s time for a cartridge change, you won’t need to call in a professional or fumble with complex tools.

The system features a DIY quick-twist cartridge change mechanism, making cartridge replacement simple and straightforward. This ease of maintenance allows you to enjoy the benefits of clean, pure water without the hassle often associated with cartridge replacements.

Plumbing Installation Fittings Included

One of the key advantages of the Puretec IL-TM10 system is that it comes with all necessary plumbing installation fittings. This means you won’t have to worry about sourcing extra parts or dealing with incompatible components. Everything you need for a standard installation is included in the package, providing an all-in-one solution for clean and healthy water.

The system incorporates a 3-way mixer tap and employs a 1/4” Quick Connect for connections. With these inclusive plumbing fittings, installation becomes a breeze, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of beautiful tasting drinking water in no time.

Performance and Specifications

Premium Grade KDF Media in Puretec IL-TM10 System

The Puretec IL-TM10 system showcases remarkable performance, with a tap flow rate of 7.0 Lpm and filter flow rates of 1.9 Lpm, 2.5 Lpm, and a maximum of 2.8 litres per minute. Furthermore, it has a substantial capacity of 9,500 litres, ensuring it can serve your household for a considerable period before needing a cartridge replacement.

Designed to operate within a temperature range of 0 - 38°C, the IL-TM10 system is a robust choice for diverse climate conditions.

Premium Grade KDF Media

The efficacy of the Puretec IL-TM10 system stems from its utilization of premium-grade KDF media. This high-grade filtering media is effective in reducing a wide range of chemicals and impurities, including:

  • chlorine

  • lead

  • heavy metals

  • herbicides

  • pesticides

  • insecticides

One of the unique aspects of the KDF media is that it:

  • Doesn’t remove essential minerals or fluoride from the water, ensuring you still benefit from these crucial elements

  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria, providing an added layer of protection

  • Works well in conjunction with activated carbon to enhance filtration efficiency.

Pressure Limiting Valve

The Puretec IL-TM10 water filter system incorporates a pressure limiting valve. This essential component ensures the system performs at its best by maintaining optimal pressure and preventing potential damage from pressure fluctuations.

The pressure limiting valve also ensures consistent water flow, managing pressure fluctuations and maintaining a steady supply of filtered water. This attention to detail in the design of the IL-TM10 system goes a long way in ensuring its reliability and longevity.

Availability and Pricing

The Puretec IL-TM10 Inline Undersink Water Filter System can easily be purchased online. Moreover, most areas are eligible for free shipping on orders over $300.

In addition to its competitive pricing, the system comes with a 1-year warranty, covering parts and labour, providing extra peace of mind for your investment.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Users of the Puretec IL-TM10 system have readily expressed their satisfaction. Many reviews highlight the system’s effectiveness in improving the quality of water and the ease of installation, which makes the system a worthwhile investment.

Furthermore, the reliability of the Puretec IL-TM10 is a common theme among users. Many have praised its consistent performance and durability over time, affirming that the system is not just effective but built to last, offering real value for money.

Comparisons with Other Models

The Puretec IL-TM10 holds its ground against other market models with its unique ability to retain essential minerals and fluoride in the water. While many water filtration systems strip water of these crucial elements during the filtration process, the IL-TM10 ensures they remain intact.

This thoughtful design not only ensures safer and cleaner water but also healthier water. This vital difference places the Puretec IL-TM10 system ahead of many other models, making it a top choice for households seeking a balance between safety and health in their drinking water.


To sum up, the Puretec IL-TM10 Inline Undersink Water Filter System is a versatile, efficient, and reliable solution for homes seeking safe and healthy drinking water. Its unique features, including premium-grade KDF media, DIY cartridge replacement, and preservation of essential minerals, set it apart from other models in the market.

Whether you’re seeking to improve the taste of your water, reduce harmful contaminants, or simply wish for a user-friendly water filtration system, the Puretec IL-TM10 is an investment well worth considering. Experience the difference with Puretec IL-TM10 and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having clean, quality water at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What contaminants does the Puretec IL-TM10 system reduce?

The Puretec IL-TM10 system effectively reduces chlorine, sediment, bad taste, odors, and heavy metals to provide cleaner and better-tasting water.

Can the Puretec IL-TM10 system be installed in any home?

Yes, the Puretec IL-TM10 system can be installed in any home, as it is suitable for both town and rural water supplies and can be installed under existing kitchen benches.

How easy is it to replace the cartridge in the Puretec IL-TM10 system?

It is very easy to replace the cartridge in the Puretec IL-TM10 system, thanks to its DIY quick-twist cartridge change mechanism.

What is the capacity of the Puretec IL-TM10 system?

The Puretec IL-TM10 system has a substantial capacity of 9,500 litres, making it suitable for long-term use.

Does the Puretec IL-TM10 system remove essential minerals or fluoride from the water?

No, the Puretec IL-TM10 system does not remove essential minerals or fluoride from the water.

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