Puretec Filter Wall F3 - Base Colours (Charcoal, Mineral Grey, Midnight Black, Stone White) Supplied & Installed

Puretec Filter Wall F3 - Base Colours (Charcoal, Mineral Grey, Midnight Black, Stone White) Supplied & Installed

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Experience Crystal Clear Water with the Puretec Filterwall F3: The Ultimate 3-Stage Whole House Solution

If you need clear, quality water in your home, the Puretec Filterwall F3 may be the answer. Designed for small to medium homes, its 3-stage filtration efficiently purifies water while maintaining a high flow rate. Learn the essentials of this whole house filtration system, its maintenance simplicity, and the advantages it provides to your household.

Key Takeaways

  • The Puretec FilterWall F3 is a whole house water filter system designed for small to medium-sized homes, featuring a 3-stage filtration process and a flow rate of 30 liters per minute to reduce sediment and chlorine levels.

  • Installation and maintenance of the FilterWall F3 are user-friendly, made easier with features like an integrated bypass valve for swift filter changes, and the product includes a reassuring 10-year warranty.

  • Environmentally conscious, the FilterWall F3 reduces the need for bottled water by providing clean tap water, enhancing domestic water quality and contributing positively to household appliances’ longevity and overall efficiency.

Discover the Puretec FilterWall F3

Imagine coming home to crystal clear, great tasting water from every tap. The Puretec FilterWall F3 materializes this vision. Connected to the mains water inlet, this freestanding house water filter system provides the entire home with filtered water. Its impressive flow rate of 30 litres per minute ideally suits small to medium-sized homes with high water demand.

But what makes the FilterWall F3 truly stand out is its 3-stage filtration process, ensuring superior water quality throughout your home.

The Heart of Home Water Filtration

By significantly reducing sediment and chlorine content, the Puretec FilterWall F3 ensures every tap in your home delivers the purest water. Beyond functional superiority, this whole house water filter system offers aesthetic pleasingness with its durable aluminium design that contributes to longevity and seamlessly complements your home aesthetics.

The FilterWall F3 CC, a complete home filtration solution, is tailored to meet the needs of those living in small to medium houses.

Why FilterWall F3 Stands Out

With its remarkable ability to reduce chlorine levels by up to 98%, the FilterWall F3 ensures water tastes better and is healthier. What’s more, it provides a high flow rate of 30 liters per minute, perfectly accommodating your household water usage without any compromise.

This robust aluminium design makes it a reliable choice for small to medium homes, ensuring that the FilterWall F3 house water filter stands out in the crowd of water filter systems.

Enhancing Your Home's Water Quality

Illustration of Water Quality Improvement with FilterWall F3

The Puretec FilterWall F3 simplifies the enhancement of your home’s water quality to a mere tap turn. Every outlet in your home, including those for the garden, delivers water free from sediment and chlorine content, thanks to this whole house filtration system.

The benefits of the FilterWall F3 system include:

  • Reducing sediment and preventing blockage of irrigation systems in gardens

  • Avoiding the deposit of pollutants in the soil

  • Ensuring a clean water supply for gardening.

Skin and Hair Benefits

The FilterWall F3 offers benefits beyond merely providing great tasting water. By reducing the chlorine content, it contributes to softer skin and helps in preserving natural hair color, promoting overall hair health.

The installation of the Puretec FilterWall F3 promotes overall healthier skin and hair, enhancing your drinking water quality and protecting your appliances.

Appliance Longevity and Efficiency

Taking a step further, the FilterWall F3 ensures your appliances’ longevity and efficiency, as well as prolonged appliance life. Sediment in water can cause wear and damage to washing machines and other water-using appliances, leading to decreased efficiency and higher operational costs. The FilterWall F3 offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces sediment build-up in appliances

  • Prolongs appliance life

  • Improves efficiency

  • Lowers utility costs

Installation and Maintenance Simplified

Illustration of Filter Replacement Process

Installing or maintaining the FilterWall F3 doesn’t require plumbing expertise. The design of this whole house filtration system facilitates straightforward and hassle-free maintenance. Whether you’re replacing the filter cartridge or simply checking the system, you’ll find the process as easy as changing a light bulb.

Quick Filter Change Process

An integrated bypass valve, designed to isolate the filtration system during maintenance, is one of the features of the FilterWall F3. This clever feature ensures a swift and dry filter replacement and cleaning process, making maintenance a breeze even without professional assistance.

Peace of Mind with a 10-Year Warranty

Choosing the FilterWall F3 means investing not only in a product but also in peace of mind. The FilterWall F3 includes a 10-year warranty, providing you with long-term reliability and confidence in your water filtration system.

Tailoring to Your Home Aesthetics

Illustration of Custom Color Choices for FilterWall F3

Not only does the FilterWall F3 perform well, but it also boasts a pleasing appearance. It offers four standard color options to choose from, ensuring it enhances rather than disrupts your home aesthetic.

The color choices, designed to integrate seamlessly with a variety of outdoor settings, range from modern minimalist to rustic countryside.

Matching Your Style

For larger units, the FilterWall F3 offers custom colors in addition to the standard options. Whether you prefer the crispness of stone white or the depth of midnight black, you can match the FilterWall F3 to your style and home aesthetics.

The Science Behind the Filtration

The Puretec FilterWall F3 combines style and convenience with advanced technology and a superior filtration process. The system is composed of a 3-stage process, which includes a sediment filter, a polyspun sediment filter, and a carbon filter, structured to progressively eliminate a wide range of contaminants from the water.

Equipped with premium 10-inch cartridges, the FilterWall F3 is designed to enhance the reduction of contaminants and to increase the filter’s operational lifespan.

Stage by Stage Breakdown

A comprehensive 3-stage filtration process is employed by the Puretec FilterWall F3 to enhance water quality. Each stage serves a specific purpose, working collectively to reduce sediment and chlorine levels in the water. This multi-stage approach ensures that a wide range of impurities are removed or significantly reduced, providing clear, safe water throughout the household.

Making the Right Choice: FilterWall F3 vs. Other Models

It’s vital to select the correct filtration system for your home. Optimized for small to medium houses, the FilterWall F3 offers uncompromised filtration with its flow rate of 30 liters per minute. If your home has more than two bathrooms, the F5 and F6 models, with their higher flow rate of 55 liters per minute, might be more suitable.

These models also feature ScaleGuard technology for areas with medium to high water hardness.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

In addition to clear benefits for your home and health, the Puretec FilterWall F3 contributes to environmental sustainability. By delivering clean, filtered tap water, it reduces reliance on bottled water, thus minimizing the associated plastic waste.

Moreover, the filtration of sediments and chlorine not only improves water quality for domestic use but also protects the soil’s hydrological balance, simultaneously reducing sediment and benefiting your home gardening and other outdoor uses.


The Puretec FilterWall F3 is a comprehensive whole house filtration system that redefines your water consumption experience. With its impressive features, such as the 3-stage filtration process, easy installation and maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and environmental benefits, it is an investment that pays off in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to maintain the Puretec FilterWall F3?

Maintaining the Puretec FilterWall F3 is easy due to its integrated bypass valve, which enables swift and dry filter replacement and cleaning.

What are the benefits of installing the Puretec FilterWall F3?

Installing the Puretec FilterWall F3 provides improved water quality for drinking and other uses, softer skin, preserved natural hair color, prolonged appliance life and efficiency, and reduced reliance on bottled water for environmental sustainability.

How does the Puretec FilterWall F3 compare to other models?

The Puretec FilterWall F3 is suitable for small to medium houses with a flow rate of 30 liters per minute, while the F5 and F6 models, with higher flow rates and ScaleGuard technology, are better for larger homes with more than two bathrooms.

What is the warranty period for the Puretec FilterWall F3?

The Puretec FilterWall F3 comes with a 10-year warranty, offering assurance and peace of mind for your water filtration system.

Can the Puretec FilterWall F3 match my home aesthetics?

Yes, the Puretec FilterWall F3 offers multiple color options, including custom colors, to match your home aesthetics.

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