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Emerald Planet 320L E-Heater Heat Pump from $2499 Installed

Emerald Planet 320L E-Heater Heat Pump from $2499 Installed - JR Gas and Water

Emerald Planet 320L E-Heater Heat Pump from $2499 Installed


BASE RATE - Perfect for those who wish to install the exact make and model as their current system. NOTE the existing system must be compliant with current standards for this package to apply with tempering valve installed, appropriate support base and drains run to compliant discharge point.

plus SILVER INCLUSIONS - Designed for those switching from a similar electric system and wanting to upgrade the valve and pipework so its all new, complaint and working effectively. NOTE reusing old valves can effect your product warranty. The existing installation must have compliant drains and appropriate support base for this package to apply.

plus GOLD INCLUSIONS - Our most popular package for the do it right the first time person. Strip it all down and redo all the pipework, valves, fit a new support base, run drains to a compliant discharge point then dispose of the old unit.

plus PLATINUM INCLUSIONS - Designed for those wanting to replace and relocate their existing system to a new location or convert from a different system type.

STEP 1. - Select Post Rebate External Installation Package (STC Rebates signed over to JR Gas & Water on install)
STEP 2. - Select Preferred Installation Day
STEP 3. - Select Installation Area
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All online packages are for a like for like, EXTERNAL (outside building lines) replacement of existing installation only and installation fees do not cover relocating the system, upgrades to current standards, electrical supply alterations outside of a standard disconnect/reconnect, upgrades due to insufficient gas, water or power supplies or repairs of any kind outside of the hot water system UNLESS they are included the purchased package.

For all internal installations please complete our quote request form.

All electrical hot water systems must be perpendicular to the wall with the electrical connection at the front and centre facing forward. unless a relocation package has been purchased.


Two man install will be required where access issues noted below are applicable and installation is not safe to be completed by a single person will be an additional $200. Access for installation is to be free of stairs, steep driveways, through homes, over retaining walls, in ceilings. Unit must be able to be maneuverer by hand trolley from vehicle to installation position without being carried. Confirmation from JR in writing of access suitability where any of the above conditions apply. For restricted access installations we recommend completing our quote request form and sending photos prior.

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Upgrade Your Home's Efficiency: The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump with E Heater Review

Ready for a water heating upgrade? The Emeral Planet 320L heat pump with E Heater offers quiet operation, smart controls, and impressive energy savings. In this write-up, we’ll explore the finer points of investing in this heat pump system to help guide your decision-making process.

Key Takeaways

  • The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump is a high-efficiency, quiet system equipped with DC inverter technology and an optional electric heater for increased demand scenarios, offering an eco-friendly and sleek design suitable for modern homes.

  • Smart control capabilities via Wi-Fi and the Emerald app allow users to adjust temperature, monitor energy usage, and schedule heating cycles remotely, adding to the user comfort and convenience of the heat pump.

  • The Emeral Planet 320L stands out due to its low maintenance, comprehensive 5-year warranty for both tank and pump unit along with a 2-year labor warranty, signifying the manufacturer’s assurance of product longevity and reliability.

Unveiling the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump with E Heater

The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump revolutionizes hot water systems with its stylish and compact design. It’s a beautiful blend of aesthetics and functionality, integrating seamlessly into any home environment. This is not your typical bulky appliance, but a sleek and modern system that enhances your home’s decor while serving a critical function.

The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump boasts a standout feature - the DC inverter technology. Its high-efficiency mechanism guarantees quiet operation, reducing household noise disruptions. No more startling sounds disrupting your peaceful home environment. Instead, it delivers a consistently high performance, meeting your hot water needs effectively while staying nearly silent.

On days when an additional heat boost is required, you can rely on the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump. It’s equipped with an optional built-in electric heater, offering additional heating capability when necessary. So whether you’re hosting a big family gathering or just need a long, relaxing bath, you can trust that the Emeral Planet 320L will deliver the hot water you need, when you need it.

Efficient Performance

The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump offers unrivaled performance, with features including:

  • High-efficiency DC inverter technology, ensuring consistent and reliable hot water supply

  • Ability to meet high hot water demand effectively

  • Never running out of hot water, even during peak usage times

The heat pump is efficient and incredibly quiet. The use of DC inverter technology reduces noise during operation, enhancing user comfort. Gone are the days of noisy water heaters disrupting your peace. With the Emeral Planet 320L, you’ll hardly notice it’s there, except for the comforting presence of hot water whenever you need it.

Not only do we commend the quiet operation of the Emeral Planet 320L heat pump, but customers also affirm this. Many users have specifically highlighted the whisper-quiet operation as one of their favorite features. It’s the kind of attention to detail that sets the Emeral Planet 320L apart from the crowd.

Smart Control and Wi-Fi Connectivity

In today’s interconnected world, mobile control of appliances has become a norm. The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump is no exception. It’s equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing it to interface seamlessly with the Emerald app. Now, you can:

  • Control your hot water system from your phone

  • Adjust temperature settings remotely

  • Monitor energy usage

  • Schedule heating cycles

All from the convenience of your phone, wherever you are, you can find the perfect suit.

Serving more than just as a control panel, the Emerald app acts as a smart control system, enhancing comfort and convenience. From adjusting temperature settings to scheduling operations, you can do it all directly from your mobile phone. With smart control at your fingertips, managing your hot water system has never been easier.

And users agree. Many have highlighted the convenience of controlling the heat pump via the mobile app. Adjustments and monitoring on-the-go have enhanced the user experience, making the Emeral Planet 320L a favorite among tech-savvy homeowners. And even if technology isn’t your forte, the user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate.

Low Maintenance and Longevity

The Emeral Planet 320L heat pump symbiotically combines durability and customer satisfaction. The product comes with a comprehensive warranty that speaks volumes about its longevity. It offers a sense of security to customers, assuring them of the product’s durability and the manufacturer’s commitment to quality.

The heat pump’s warranty spans 5 years for both the tank and the pump unit. This warranty period is a testament to the manufacturer’s confidence in its product’s longevity. And it doesn’t stop there. There’s also a 2-year labor warranty included, ensuring customers receive support for any initial maintenance needs.

The comprehensive warranty coverage, including parts and labor, contributes significantly to customer satisfaction. The Emeral Planet 320L heat pump isn’t just a product; it’s a long-term investment in quality, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Comparing Models: How the Emeral Planet 320L Stands Out

When compared with other brands, the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump stands out for its sleek design, quiet operation, and extensive warranty. Unlike some bulkier models from other brands, the Emeral Planet 320L integrates seamlessly into a home environment. Its compact and stylish design is a refreshing take on the typically cumbersome hot water systems found on the market.

Noise level is a significant concern for most homeowners when choosing a hot water system. The Emeral Planet 320L addresses this concern head-on with its high-efficiency DC inverter technology. This feature ensures the heat pump operates more quietly than many competitive models, making it an ideal choice for residential settings.

When it comes to warranty coverage, the Emeral Planet 320L outdoes its competitors. With a 5-year warranty on the tank and pump unit, plus a 2-year labor warranty, it provides consumers with greater assurance and reliability. This extensive warranty coverage surpasses the standard warranties found in the market, further solidifying the Emeral Planet 320L’s place as a top contender in the industry.

Energy Efficiency

The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump offers the following benefits:

  • Energy efficiency: It takes energy efficiency to a new level, providing significant cost savings for hot water needs.

  • Cost savings: Compared to traditional systems, it reduces energy consumption, resulting in lower utility bills.

  • Environmental sustainability: By reducing energy consumption, it contributes to environmental sustainability.

One of the key features contributing to the heat pump’s energy efficiency is the high-efficiency DC inverter technology. This system ensures reduced noise and increased energy savings, providing a win-win situation for both comfort and cost-effectiveness.

And for those days when you need an extra boost of heat, the Emeral Planet 320L has you covered. The optional built-in electric heater offers a backup heating solution while maintaining overall energy efficiency. So even when it’s working extra hard, it’s still saving you money.

Tank Capacity and Suitability

The Emeral Planet 320L heat pump’s tank capacity is suitable for various home sizes. But how do you determine if it’s the right fit for your home? Understanding the correlation between tank size and home square footage is crucial. The correct size ensures optimal performance and energy efficiency.

As a rule of thumb, a home requires one ton of air conditioning capacity from a heat pump for every 500 square feet. This guideline is a helpful starting point in assessing if the Emeral Planet 320L is appropriate for your needs. But remember, individual hot water consumption habits can also influence the required capacity.

Another way to determine the right heat pump size is by correlating the home’s square footage with the required BTU. This approximation aids in ensuring the Emeral Planet 320L heat pump meets the specific demands of your property. With the right size, you can enjoy optimal hot water supply without wasting energy.

Installation Process

The installation process of the Emeral Planet 320L heat pump is straightforward, but it must adhere to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500.4 for heated water services. Compliance with this standard ensures safety and efficiency, providing peace of mind to homeowners.

Unless you have experience with complex plumbing, electrical, or gas connections, professional installation is recommended. It may require the assistance of qualified professionals, such as builders, designers, or engineers. While this may add to the initial cost, it ensures proper installation, optimal performance, and longevity of your system.

Remember, correct installation is not just about setting up the system; it’s about integrating it into your home environment. So why not leave it to the professionals? Rest assured, your new Emeral Planet 320L will be up and running smoothly, providing hot water for your home in no time.

Making the Switch: Replacing Your Old Hot Water System

The decision to replace an old hot water system with a new one is substantial. Before making the switch to the Emeral Planet 320L heat pump, it’s essential to understand the size and type of the existing unit. This information ensures compatibility and a smooth transition.

The replacement process includes the following steps:

  1. Safely turn off the water and fuel source.

  2. Drain the existing hot water system.

  3. Properly disconnect the water lines.

  4. Install the new system.

These steps ensure a smooth and successful replacement process.

When installing the new Emeral Planet 320L heat pump, ensuring proper connections and venting is crucial. These ensure efficient operation and longevity of the system. So, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a professional, adhere to these steps for a successful installation.

Evaluating Your Current System

It’s vital to assess the efficiency of your existing hot water system before replacing it. High energy bills and frequent need for repairs can indicate inefficiency. An inefficient system not only costs more to operate but also fails to provide adequate hot water supply.

A detailed review of your past energy bills can provide valuable insights. Look for increases over time, which could indicate that your current system is using more energy than it should. Comparing this to newer, more efficient models like the Emeral Planet 320L can help you decide if it’s time for a replacement.

Age is another crucial factor to consider. Systems that are over ten years old are likely less efficient than newer models and may be due for a replacement. Frequent repairs or components that are no longer functioning optimally are also good indicators. Remember, a timely replacement can save you from unexpected breakdowns and high repair costs.

Choosing the Right Unit

Selecting the appropriate unit is a vital step in the process of replacing your hot water system. The correct size of a heat pump avoids inefficiency and additional costs. An undersized heat pump has to work harder, leading to higher utility and maintenance expenses, whereas an oversized unit generates excess energy, reducing efficiency.

When selecting a new water heater, consider the size of the hot water system required based on the number of people in the home and their hot water consumption habits. The Emeral Planet 320L is available in several capacities, providing options that cater to different household needs.

It’s also essential to consider the following factors when installing a new unit:

  • The alignment of existing connections

  • Whether additional fittings, valves, or vent pipe adjustments are needed

  • Any necessary adjustments to accommodate the new unit

Ensuring these factors are in order can prevent future operational issues and ensure optimal performance.

Finding a Trusted Installer

For those unfamiliar with complex plumbing, electrical, or gas connections, professional installation of a water heater is advised. It ensures that the installation is done correctly and safely, saving you potential headaches down the line.

When seeking an installer, vet them for:

  • their experience with specific hot water systems

  • licensing

  • warranty support

  • manufacturer history

A trusted installer should be well-versed with the product, able to provide warranty support, and have a legitimate work history.

Avoid impulsive decisions or agreements with door-to-door salespeople. Ensure the installer has a track record of legitimate work to avoid scams.

Remember, a professional installer is not just about getting the job done; it’s about ensuring your new Emeral Planet 320L heat pump works efficiently for years to come.

Real-Life Experiences: Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Real-life experiences resonate more powerfully than anything else. Customer reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the performance and reliability of the Emeral Planet 320L heat pump. Numerous customers have reported high satisfaction with the system, citing improvements in home efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Numerous users have lauded the Emeral Planet 320L as a worthwhile upgrade from conventional water heating methods. It’s not just about the hot water supply; it’s about the overall experience — the ease of use, the smart features, the quiet operation, and, of course, the significant reduction in energy bills.

Even with the minor challenges faced by some customers, the overall feedback has been positive. The reliable performance, consistent delivery of hot water, and the ease of maintenance have won over users.

The Emeral Planet 320L is more than just a hot water system; it’s a solution that transforms homes and lives.

Positive Feedback

The high-efficiency DC inverter technology of the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump has received rave reviews. Customers appreciate the minimized noise levels and emphasis on efficiency. It’s the kind of performance that makes a difference in everyday living.

The smart control features of the heat pump also received commendations. Users find the convenience and user-friendly interface of the Emerald app a significant upgrade from traditional controls. Some of the key features of the app include:

  • Being able to control and monitor the system from their mobile phones

  • Setting temperature schedules and timers

  • Adjusting fan speed and airflow direction

  • Monitoring energy usage and efficiency

These features have enhanced the user experience significantly.

The reliability of the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump has also garnered commendations. Customers appreciate its consistent performance and durability, giving them peace of mind and comfort that lasts.

Constructive Criticism

As with any product, the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump has received its fair share of constructive feedback. Some customers reported minor inconsistencies in heating performance under extreme weather conditions. This feedback has been taken into account, with ongoing efforts to optimize performance across diverse climates.

A few users expressed difficulties in understanding the read-outs on the digital display in bright sunlight. This feedback is valuable, as it allows for continuous improvement and enhancement of the product’s design and usability.

Despite these minor issues, customers appreciate the prompt and professional customer service provided. This shows that while no product is perfect, reliable support can address technical concerns effectively and ensure customer satisfaction.

Overall Satisfaction

The Emeral Planet 320L heat pump with E Heater has proven to be a value-for-money investment. Customers have reported significant savings on electricity bills, which adds to the product’s appeal.

The system’s high energy efficiency and low global warming potential are major draws for eco-conscious homeowners. By reducing energy consumption, it contributes positively to environmental sustainability, making it an appealing choice for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

User-friendly design, Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and monitoring, reliable performance, and dependable hot water supply - these are just a few reasons why customers have high satisfaction with the Emeral Planet 320L. It’s a hot water solution that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations.


From its stylish and compact design to its high-efficiency performance, smart control features, and extensive warranty, the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump is a standout product. It’s a valuable upgrade from traditional hot water systems, offering significant savings, enhanced user experience, and a positive impact on the environment. Whether you’re replacing an old system or installing a new one, the Emeral Planet 320L is a choice you won’t regret.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump unique?

The Emeral Planet 320L Heat Pump stands out for its compact design, quiet operation, and comprehensive warranty coverage. These features make it a unique choice for a hot water system.

How does the Emeral Planet 320L compare to other brands?

The Emeral Planet 320L stands out for its sleek design, quiet operation, and extensive warranty coverage compared to other brands. It offers a superior experience overall.

How do I determine if the Emeral Planet 320L is suitable for my home?

To determine if the Emeral Planet 320L is suitable for your home, consider the size of your home and your hot water consumption habits. A rule of thumb is one ton of air conditioning capacity for every 500 square feet of your home.

How do I replace my existing hot water system with the Emeral Planet 320L?

To replace your existing hot water system with the Emeral Planet 320L, you'll need to evaluate your current system, select the appropriate unit, and engage a reputable installer. Ensuring proper connections and venting during installation is also crucial.

What is the feedback from customers who have used the Emeral Planet 320L?

The feedback from customers who have used the Emeral Planet 320L is overwhelmingly positive, with reported improvements in home efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the convenience of smart control features.

Brand - Emerald Planet
Model Number - EE-WHS-A1-320E
Volume - 320L
Width - 600mm
Height - 2050mm
Manufacturered In - China
Cylinder/ Heat Exchange Material - Steel
Cylinder/Heat-Exchange Warranty - 5 Years
Noise Level - 45dBa
Avoid Install Next to Sleeping Areas - No
Weight - 146kg
Energy Source - Solar
Wifi Controller Built in or Compatible - Yes
Built In Timer - Yes
LED/LCD Status Indicator - Yes
Coefficient of Performance (COP) - 4.5

If you're in Queensland and considering a heat pump hot water system, look no further than JR Gas & Water. Here's why:

Experience and Expertise: JR Gas & Water has over 10 years of experience in the gas and plumbing industry. Their team of licensed and insured professionals is highly skilled and knowledgeable about all aspects of heat pump installation, maintenance, and repair. They can provide expert advice on the best system for your needs and ensure a smooth installation process.

Quality Products: JR Gas & Water uses only high-quality products from trusted brands to ensure your heat pump hot water system is reliable and efficient. They also offer a range of options to suit different budgets and requirements.

Competitive Pricing: JR Gas & Water offers competitive pricing for their heat pump hot water systems, ensuring that you get a great value for your investment. They also provide a detailed quote upfront, so there are no surprises or hidden costs.

Customer Service: JR Gas & Water is committed to providing excellent customer service. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.

Local Business: JR Gas & Water is a locally owned and operated business in Queensland. By choosing them for your heat pump hot water installation, you are supporting a local business and contributing to the local economy.

Warranty and Guarantee: JR Gas & Water provides a warranty and guarantee on all their products and services, giving you peace of mind knowing that your system is covered in case of any issues.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: Heat pump hot water systems are a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for heating water. They use renewable energy sources, such as air or ground heat, to heat water, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduced energy bills. JR Gas & Water can help you make the switch to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for your hot water needs.

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A heat pump hot water system is an energy-efficient way to heat water for domestic use. It works by using a heat pump to extract heat from the air outside, then transferring it to the water in a storage tank.

The benefits of installing a heat pump hot water system include lower energy bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a longer lifespan than traditional hot water systems.

The cost of installing a heat pump hot water system in Australia can vary depending on factors such as the size of the system, the complexity of the installation, and the location of the property. On average, prices range from $2,500 to $5,000.

Yes, there are several government rebates and incentives available for installing a heat pump hot water system in Australia. These include the Small-Scale Technology Certificate (STC) scheme, which provides financial incentives for renewable energy systems, and the Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme, which aims to increase the use of renewable energy sources.

The installation time for a heat pump hot water system can vary depending on the complexity of the installation and the size of the system. On average, installation can take between 2-3 hours.

Yes, like all hot water systems, heat pump hot water systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are working efficiently and to prolong their lifespan. This includes checking the system's filters, cleaning the coils, and checking the refrigerant levels.

Heat pump hot water systems typically last between 10-15 years, although this can vary depending on the quality of the system, the frequency of maintenance, and the level of usage.

Yes, heat pump hot water systems can be installed in most types of properties, including residential homes, commercial buildings, and apartments.

Yes, installing a heat pump hot water system can have environmental benefits, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping to conserve natural resources. However, it's important to ensure that the system is installed correctly and that the property has adequate ventilation to avoid any negative environmental impacts.

Choosing the right size heat pump hot water system for your property will depend on several factors, including the number of people in the property, the level of hot water usage, and the climate in the area. A qualified installer can help you determine the right size system for your needs.

Reviews From Our Customers


Great service. We were about to move into a house without hot water! Were able to get to us urgently and have us up and running. Professional, friendly service! Reasonable pricing too.


The JR Gas and Water team was very professional and friendly. They arrived on time and exchanged my hot water system within 2 hours. Will definitely use them again in the future.


Not only is the service incredible, the quality of the work is too! The digital quotes are detailed, so you know exactly what you are paying for (and why). Jarred was prompt, efficient, and highly skilled.


I called JR Gas and Water at 9.30 Saturday morning and he arrived at appointment time 11.30 Saturday morning.
Job complete, waste and packaging removed.
Highly recommend this service.
Super Friendly, very efficient.


I recently contacted JR Gas & Water as I needed a new electric hot water system suppled and installed. Their website is informative and easy to navigate and the quote and booking process very straight-forward. The service I experienced from my initial phone enquiry with Jay all the way through to the punctual and professional installation by Sean was absolutely amazing! The service provided far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend JR Gas & Water.


Accurate on time and easy to read quotes. They arrived on schedule and we’re in and out with hot water going again in no time. There was no mess left behind it was easy and hassle free


Very informative in helping me choose a hot water system that suited my needs. Competitive prices. Quick and reliable service.Happy with my product and highly recommend this company for your hot water needs


JR Gas and Water were fast, efficient and very reliable. They sent a quote quickly that was itemised and comprehensive. I was able to approve the quote online and they were out the next day to fit the new hot water system. As the family have a very ill family member we were all very grateful. We had tried another service just before this company and they were all over the show with lots of comments about "extras", after providing an initial quote. So glad we changed to JR Gas and Water!


You wont see reviews this good anywhere else.

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