Dux 315L (315T1) Electric Hot Water System Installed

Dux 315L (315T1) Electric Hot Water System Installed - JR Gas and Water

Dux 315L (315T1) Electric Hot Water System Installed

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Brand - Dux
Model Number - 315T1
Volume - 315L
Width - 620mm
Height - 1765mm
Manufacturered In - Australia
Cylinder/ Heat Exchange Material - Steel Enamel
Cylinder/Heat-Exchange Warranty - 10 Years
Noise Level - NAdBa
Dry Weight - 93kg
Energy Source - Electric
Wifi Controller Built in or Compatible - No
Built In Timer - No
LED/LCD Status Indicator - No

Maximize Comfort with the Efficient Dux 315L 315T1 Electric Hot Water System

Looking for a dependable and efficient hot water solution? The Dux 315L 315T1 electric hot water system is tailored for medium to large households committed to reducing energy costs without sacrificing performance. Explore how this system meets the demands of strong, consistent hot water supply and learn about features designed for longevity and savings.

Key Takeaways

  • The Dux 315L 315T1 Electric Hot Water System is optimized for medium to large families, offering a 315-liter capacity, compatibility with off-peak power tariffs, dense foam insulation for minimal heat loss, and full mains pressure to support multiple taps simultaneously.

  • Dux’s 315L 315T1 model features installation flexibility, a range of tank size variations for different household needs, and quality Y class commercial grade enamel for enhanced durability and longevity, with a robust design geared towards low maintenance over time.

  • The Dux Proflo water heater range, including the 315L 315T1, provides seamless integration with existing systems, easy replacement, and transition support services, backed by a comprehensive Marathon Warranty for prolonged customer assurance.

Exploring the Dux 315L 315T1 Electric Hot Water System

Illustration of the Dux 315L 315T1 Electric Hot Water System

Medium to large families will find the Dux 315L 315T1 Electric Hot Water System to be a game-changer. With a generous 315-liter capacity, this hot water system is designed to serve households without compromising on performance. Imagine the convenience of having strong water flow to multiple taps at the same time, even with everyone at home using hot water! That’s precisely what this system delivers with its full mains pressure design.

But what about efficiency? The Dux 315L 315T1 is no slouch in this department either. It offers:

  • Compatibility with off-peak power tariffs, allowing you to curtail electricity costs by heating water during off-peak hours.

  • Dense 50mm foam insulation, minimizing heat loss and reducing reheating for lower running costs.

  • Some of the best energy efficiency ratings in its class, contributing to environmental sustainability.

With these features, you not only get consistent hot water delivery but also save on energy costs and help the environment.

Key Features and Benefits

The 315L 315T1 system’s design clearly showcases Dux’s commitment to energy efficiency. The dense foam insulation minimizes heat loss, leading to less frequent reheating and, consequently, lower running costs. This feature, combined with its compatibility with off-peak power tariffs, ensures you can enjoy warm baths without worrying about astronomical electricity bills.

Moreover, the 315L 315T1 system is designed to cater to the demands of 6 to 8 people, making it a perfect fit for medium to large households. It ensures consistent hot water delivery with full mains pressure, so whether you’re running the dishwasher, doing the laundry, or taking a shower, you can trust this system to keep up with your needs.

Installation and Maintenance

The Dux 315L 315T1 system simplifies the installation process with its user-friendly design. It includes flexible water connections on either side of the tank, allowing for versatile installation. However, the system requires a space that accommodates its dimensions of 1765mm in height and 620mm in width. The system is adaptable for both installed indoors and outdoor installation, offering greater flexibility to suit various home layouts.

While the system is engineered for a long service life, regular maintenance such as anode inspection and tank flushing is essential to ensure long-lasting performance and efficiency. With a tank low maintenance approach, you can still achieve the desired results.

Optimizing Tank Performance

Photo of the Robust Polymer Base of Dux 315L 315T1 System

Apart from delivering hot water, the Dux 315L 315T1 system also optimizes tank performance. It comes with a larger anode specifically designed to increase the tank’s lifespan. Its robust polymer base resists damage and moisture, further contributing to the tank’s longevity.

Moreover, the water heater employs sturdy Y-class commercial-grade enamel, superior to the standard domestic grade. This coating offers a tougher and more resistant layer, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Tank Size Variations

Recognizing that every household has unique hot water needs, Dux offers a range of options. Therefore, the Proflo range provides a selection of tank sizes, including the 315L capacity. This delivers full mains pressure for various household requirements, whether you’re a small family of four or a larger family of eight.

The versatility of the Dux hot water systems is evident in the variety of sizes available, including:

  • Compact 25 litres

  • Standard 50 litres

  • Medium 80 litres

  • Large 125 litres

  • Extra Large 160 litres

  • Substantial 250 litres

  • Massive 400 litres

This caters to different hot water usage needs, accommodating both small and large homes with a reliable hot water heater.

Ensuring Quality with Y Class Commercial Grade Enamel

The 315L 315T1 system, like all Dux products, holds quality as its top priority. It incorporates Y class commercial grade enamel, enhancing its longevity and reliability. This superior enamel is a result of innovative research and development, which have been pivotal in enhancing water heater longevity and reliability.

This feature ensures that your system, with its moisture features durable design, is not only efficient but it’s also built to last. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re investing in a product that values durability as much as performance.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Those considering replacing their water heater will find the seamless integration with existing systems a critical factor. The Dux Proflo 315L water heater shines in this aspect. It includes a larger anode to increase tank life, which could be an advantage when integrating with systems in areas with water quality that affects tank durability.

Moreover, it features a hard-wearing, tough polymer base that resists damage and moisture, suggesting suitability for a variety of installation environments and compatibility with different system requirements. Full flow pressure to all outlets is maintained with the Dux Proflo 315L, so you can be assured that the integration does not compromise water pressure in existing systems.

Compatibility and Replacement

Replacement of existing electric storage water heaters is made easy with the design of the Dux 315L Proflo water heater. Its installation is facilitated by water connections on both sides of the tank, enabling flexible integration with existing plumbing systems. Moreover, the system offers the versatility of being installed either indoors or outdoors, conforming to different home structures.

Available in single element (315T1) and twin element (315T2) models, the Dux 315L system addresses different usage demands and energy consumption patterns of households. Furthermore, a dedicated hard water option ensures compatibility with areas affected by hard water supply, expanding the suitability of the water heater.

With its long service life and low maintenance design, the Dux 315T1 Proflo 315Litre Electric Storage system is a straightforward replacement choice. It features durable Y class commercial grade enamel, which ensures the water heater is robust and can be integrated with existing systems without longevity concerns.

Transition Made Easy

While transitioning to a new hot water system can be stressful, Dux has simplified this process. The company provides comprehensive customer service, including phone support and onsite technical assistance, to facilitate a smooth transition when integrating or replacing hot water systems.

The Dux 315L hot water system includes installation services that ensure the system is fitted in the same position as the old one, with connections to existing plumbing. Plus, removal and disposal of the old water heater are typically included in the installation package, further simplifying the transition for the customer.

Despite its design for easy installation, some customers may experience challenges with waterborne contaminants or issues with the gas and water supply. Hence, it’s essential to follow Dux’s guidelines for a successful switchover.

The Marathon® Warranty Advantage

Photo of the Marathon® Warranty Advantage for Dux 315L 315T1 System

Choosing the Dux 315L 315T1 model comes with many advantages, including the Marathon Warranty. This comprehensive warranty includes a 10-year tank warranty and a 1-year parts and labor warranty, providing protection and peace of mind for customers.

The warranty coverage begins from the date of installation or, if that is not available, from the date of manufacture as noted on the appliance’s compliance plate. This assurance from Dux demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and offers additional rights and remedies under Australian Consumer Law.

Peace of Mind Investment

The Marathon Warranty from Dux provides assurance of the investment’s longevity and reliability, demonstrating their confidence in the water heaters’ durability and performance. The warranty includes coverage for repair or replacement of the water heater, refunds, or compensation for reduced value in case of any breach of the Australian Consumer Law guarantees.

Filing a warranty claim is streamlined by contacting Dux with the water heater’s serial and model number, as well as proof of installation date, to ensure the warranty period starts accordingly. This peace of mind commitment underscores Dux’s confidence in the high quality and customer satisfaction of their product.

Why Choose Dux Proflo Water Heaters

Illustration of Dux Proflo Water Heaters

With a trusted reputation in the Australian hot water market for over 100 years, Dux has built trust with more than a million customers. The company’s Proflo water heaters are highly regarded for:

  • their quality construction

  • efficient performance

  • consistent hot water delivery

  • pleasing aesthetic design

In addition to quality and performance, Dux offers a diverse product portfolio for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re looking for storage tanks or continuous flow water heaters for a new hot water setup, Dux has you covered with a wide array of options tailored to specific requirements.

Australian Owned, Australian Hot Water

Reflecting the company’s commitment to local manufacturing, the Dux 315L 315T1 Electric Hot Water System is proudly made in Australia. Manufacturing the Dux Proflo electric range within Australia ensures local support and highlights the reliability of the product’s warranty.

Being Australian-made, Dux’s hot water systems, including the 315L 315T1 model, reinforce the brand’s commitment to contributing to the Australian economy and industry. This commitment to the Australian market not only assures high-quality products but also supports the local economy.

Customer-Centric Approach

Through services like same-day servicing for maintenance and installations, Dux ensures excellent customer service and satisfaction, receiving positive feedback on installer interactions. Trusted by Australian consumers for over a century, Dux is an established brand with solid roots in the local market.

To cater to a variety of consumers’ needs, Dux offers an extensive product line that includes:

  • Electric storage water heaters

  • Gas water heaters

  • Continuous flow systems

  • Heat pumps

Furthermore, through partnership with Noritz, a renowned Japanese manufacturer, Dux is able to enhance the technical prowess of their water heaters, serving Australian customers with more advanced solutions.


As we’ve explored throughout this article, the Dux 315L 315T1 Electric Hot Water System offers considerable advantages for medium to large households. Its blend of full mains pressure, energy efficiency, and adaptable installation and maintenance options make it a standout choice in the hot water system market. Furthermore, the added benefits of the Marathon Warranty and Dux’s customer-centric approach ensure you’re investing in a product with reliable backup support.

Choosing a hot water system is a significant decision that impacts your household’s comfort and energy costs. With Dux, you are not only choosing an efficient and reliable hot water system but also supporting an Australian-owned company that is committed to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my electric hot water system water not hot?

Your electric hot water system may not be heating properly due to issues like a tripped circuit breaker, malfunctioning thermostat, or a broken heating element in the water storage tank. These can cause the water to not reach the desired temperature.

Where are Dux hot water systems made?

Dux hot water systems are made in a state-of-the-art facility in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, which ensures the highest quality standards and specific needs for Australian households. This allows Dux to maintain absolute control over product quality.

How long does it take to heat a 250 Litre electric hot water system?

It generally takes around 2.5 hours to heat a 250 Litre hot water system. If it isn't hot by then, it's recommended to contact a professional for assistance.

What makes the Dux 315L 315T1 system suitable for medium to large households?

The Dux 315L 315T1 system is suitable for medium to large households due to its 315-liter capacity and full mains pressure, providing strong water flow to multiple taps simultaneously without performance loss.

Can the Dux 315L 315T1 system be installed indoors and outdoors?

Yes, the Dux 315L 315T1 system can be installed both indoors and outdoors, providing flexibility for different home layouts.

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Great service. We were about to move into a house without hot water! Were able to get to us urgently and have us up and running. Professional, friendly service! Reasonable pricing too.


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I recently contacted JR Gas & Water as I needed a new electric hot water system suppled and installed. Their website is informative and easy to navigate and the quote and booking process very straight-forward. The service I experienced from my initial phone enquiry with Jay all the way through to the punctual and professional installation by Sean was absolutely amazing! The service provided far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend JR Gas & Water.


Accurate on time and easy to read quotes. They arrived on schedule and we’re in and out with hot water going again in no time. There was no mess left behind it was easy and hassle free


Very informative in helping me choose a hot water system that suited my needs. Competitive prices. Quick and reliable service.Happy with my product and highly recommend this company for your hot water needs


JR Gas and Water were fast, efficient and very reliable. They sent a quote quickly that was itemised and comprehensive. I was able to approve the quote online and they were out the next day to fit the new hot water system. As the family have a very ill family member we were all very grateful. We had tried another service just before this company and they were all over the show with lots of comments about "extras", after providing an initial quote. So glad we changed to JR Gas and Water!


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