Aquamax SQUAT 160L Electric Hot Water System $2049 Installed

Aquamax SQUAT 160L (9W1160G4) Electric Hot Water System Installed - JR Gas and Water

Aquamax SQUAT 160L Electric Hot Water System $2049 Installed

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Brand - Aquamax
Model Number - 9W1160G4
Volume - 160L
Width - 640mm
Height - 965mm
Manufacturered In - Australia
Cylinder/ Heat Exchange Material - Steel enamel
Cylinder/Heat-Exchange Warranty - 10 Years
Noise Level - NAdBa
Dry Weight - 63kg
Energy Source - Electric
Wifi Controller Built in or Compatible - No
Built In Timer - No
LED/LCD Status Indicator - No

Discover the Best Fit for Small Spaces: Aquamax 9W1160G4 Squat 160L Electric Hot Water System Review

Need a hot water system for a space-challenged area? The Aquamax 9W1160G4 Squat 160L Electric Hot Water System caters to tight corners with its compact design, while still supplying ample water for a household of up to five. Dive into the details with our review covering its features, ease of installation, and upkeep - key info that will help you decide if it’s the right fit for your home.

Key Takeaways

  • The Aquamax 9W1160G4 is specifically engineered for areas with height restrictions and offers a significant 160L capacity suitable for up to five people, complete with dual inlets and outlets for versatile installation.

  • Featuring advanced technology for efficient performance, the 9W1160G4 includes smart thermostats, user-adjustable temperature controls, efficient insulation, and a protective enamel lining with a sacrificial anode to enhance its durability and longevity.

  • Installation and maintenance of the 9W1160G4 are streamlined for user convenience, with professional services available for proper setup, routine checks and balances essential for efficiency, and professional help recommended for serious maintenance issues.

Unpacking the Aquamax 9W1160G4 Squat 160L Electric Hot Water System

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 is uniquely designed for spaces with height restrictions, making it the ideal hot water system solution for awkward indoor spaces. The system’s versatility is evident with its dual inlets and outlets, allowing for flexible installation options inside or outside your home.

The Aquamax 160L 9W1160G4 brings larger capacity, boasting a larger capacity 160L tank, capable of servicing households of up to five people under typical Australian living conditions.

Key Features at a Glance

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 is built to last. The system features a quality enamel coating that provides a smooth, durable surface, which aids in preventing the build-up of bacteria and impurities. This robust coating ensures the longevity of your hot water system.

Further enhancing its durability is the inclusion of a sacrificial anode. This component plays a vital role in protecting the tank from corrosion. Additionally, the system’s fully welded tank ensures strong structural integrity, promoting longevity and reliability.

Designed for Convenience

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 features:

  • Compact design

  • 160L capacity

  • Meets the daily hot water demands of a typical family

  • Suitable for households of up to 3 people

The system’s dual inlets and outlets offer multiple options for installation. Whether you have a confined indoor space or an open outdoor area, the Aquamax 9W1160G4 ensures convenience with its flexible installation options.

Advanced Technology for Efficient Performance

Advanced Technology for Efficient Performance

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 is more than just a pretty face. It’s packed with the latest technology that ensures quick heating and consistent water temperature, enhancing overall efficiency. The system utilizes self-modulating energy systems that heat water rapidly when demand arises.

The system includes:

  • Smart thermostats that continuously monitor water temperature and make adjustments as necessary to maintain consistent warmth

  • User-adjustable temperature controllers that offer precision, allowing you to set your desired hot water temperature

  • Thick polyurethane foam insulation that helps reduce heat loss, ensuring that the water stays hot longer and conserves energy.

Enamel Lining for Durability

One of the standout features of the Aquamax 9W1160G4 is its enamel lining. This coating serves as a protective barrier that prevents corrosion and rust, helping extend the life of the tank. Crafted from a mixture of powdered glass, the enamel lining is applied to the tank’s metal surface and fired at high temperatures, resulting in a robust and durable coating.

The quality constitution of the enamel lining provides effective resistance to high temperatures and significantly minimizes the potential for tank leaks over time. This feature ensures that your hot water system remains in optimal condition for a longer period.

The Role of the Sacrificial Anode

The sacrificial anode plays a crucial role in the longevity of the Aquamax 9W1160G4. This metal rod, typically made from magnesium or aluminum, is placed in the water tank to corrode in place of the tank itself, protecting it from corrosion.

During water heating, the anode rod attracts particles of iron, limestone, or other minerals and undergoes corrosion through an electrochemical process, providing protection to the tank. Advanced water heater models, like the Aquamax 9W1160G4, may include an electronic anode system that uses electrical pulses to prevent corrosion without requiring replacement.

Installation Insights: Getting Your Aquamax 9W1160G4 Up and Running

Installing the Aquamax 9W1160G4 is as straightforward as it gets. The system requires a specific amount of space for installation to ensure safety and adherence to building codes. With its flexible installation options, the Aquamax 9W1160G4 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

An owner’s guide is provided to facilitate the installation process and ensure proper setup, with components installed inside as needed.

Choosing the Right Location

Finding the perfect spot for your Aquamax 9W1160G4 is crucial. The system is designed to comply with Australian and New Zealand standards, ensuring regulatory compliance and safety. Its flexibility allows for installation in various locations, including both indoors and outdoors, which is especially beneficial for areas with height restrictions.

When choosing the installation spot, consider the ease of access to electrical connections and the proximity to plumbing fixtures to ensure convenient usage. This way, you can enjoy your hot water system without any hassles.

Professional Installation Services

For safe and correct installation of the Aquamax 9W1160G4, choosing a qualified technician is essential. The Hot Water Shop provides licensed technicians and plumbers across Australia for the expert installation of the Aquamax 9W1160G4 squat model.

‘Installed Today’ also offers professionalism, expertise, and a commitment to excellence in hot water system installation services. With their help, you can rest assured that your Aquamax 9W1160G4 will be installed correctly and efficiently.

Pricing and Purchase Details

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 Squat Electric 160L Electric Hot Water System includes the following features:

  • Starting price of $865.00 for online purchases

  • Free delivery to most metropolitan areas in Australia

  • 10-year cylinder warranty on certain models manufactured after specified dates

Understanding the Cost

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 comes with a 10-year cylinder warranty for models, including the 981160 model manufactured on or after 10/4/2018. This warranty is a consideration in the overall cost. The warranty conditions, as well as details on the 10-year cylinder warranty and the 12-month parts and labor warranty, are available for customers to review on the Aquamax website.

Optional installation services can be availed through a network of trusted contractors. The installation fees are paid directly to the contractor, which adds to the cost of the Aquamax 9W1160G4. Understanding these costs, including the continuous tariff, can help you budget wisely for your new hot water system.

Making the Purchase

Purchasing your Aquamax 9W1160G4 is as simple as a few clicks. The system can be purchased online, providing convenience to customers who are ready to make a purchase. Moreover, customers making an online purchase of the Aquamax 9W1160G4 may benefit from exclusive online-only pricing.

This means that you can get your Aquamax 9W1160G4 at a more affordable price when you purchase online.

Customizing Your Hot Water Experience

Customizing Your Hot Water Experience

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 can be enhanced with a range of additional components, such as pumps and water filters, to improve its performance in small spaces. These add-on components can help ensure the water quality and increase the overall efficiency and longevity of the system. Plus, users can enjoy a customized experience by adjusting the easy-to-use control panel settings.

Indeed, the Aquamax 9W1160G4 allows for a perfect hot water experience tailored to individual needs.

Additional Components

Add-ons like pumps and water filters can be paired with the Aquamax 9W1160G4 electric hot water system to improve its performance. These additional components enhance the system’s functionality and make your hot water experience even better.

Temperature controllers are also available as optional add-ons for the Aquamax 9W1160G4. These controllers enable users to set different temperatures for various applications, tailoring the hot water system to meet specific needs. So whether you want a warm shower or a hot bath, the Aquamax 9W1160G4 can cater to your preferences.

Tailoring to Your Needs

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It offers flexible hot water delivery suitable for most applications, allowing homeowners to tailor the system to their specific needs. With the possibility of instant and on-demand hot water, you can reduce waiting times and energy consumption, key factors in customizing your home’s hot water system.

Moreover, some electric water heaters, such as the Aquamax 9W1160G4 Squat 160L, may feature smart connectivity for remote monitoring and control. This feature is beneficial for efficient energy management and consistent temperature maintenance in various Australian conditions, making it an ideal electric water heater choice.

Maintaining Your Aquamax Electric Hot Water System

Keeping your Aquamax 9W1160G4 in optimal condition is key to its longevity and efficient performance. Users are advised to verify the manufacturing date against warranty conditions to maintain eligibility for the 10-year cylinder warranty.

Regular service checks by Aquamax certified service agents can prevent costly breakdowns and ensure efficient operation. It’s also important to:

  • Inspect the hot water system regularly for signs of wear such as rust, corrosion, and leaks.

  • Drain the tank annually to prevent sediment buildup and extend the lifespan of the hot water system.

  • Clean the system as per the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain efficient operation.

For a worry-free maintenance experience, consider a professional maintenance plan offered by plumbing services for regular inspections and upkeep.

Routine Checks and Balances

Routine checks and balances are integral to maintaining the efficiency of your Aquamax 9W1160G4. The sacrificial anode should be inspected every one to three years and replaced if more than 50% consumed. This ensures that the anode continues to protect the tank from corrosion effectively.

It is also crucial to check the pressure relief valve annually to ensure it is correctly preventing excessive pressure buildup in the tank. By referring to the Aquamax Trouble Shooting Guide, you can gain guidance on common water heater issues and routine check procedures.

When to Call the Professionals

While regular maintenance can keep your Aquamax 9W1160G4 in good shape, there are instances when professional assistance is necessary. Signs such as:

  • water leakage

  • rumbling sounds

  • sediment in dispensed water

  • rust-colored water from the tap

  • unusual sounds or smells

  • inconsistent water temperature

  • changes in water pressure

Some situations warrant a call to a professional unit.

Seeking service assistance can be done efficiently by registering your Aquamax product warranty, utilizing the service request form, or calling the dedicated phone line for Service and Warranty enquiries. It is also advisable not to delay until a breakdown occurs but rather to schedule regular maintenance with certified service agents to ensure the longevity of the system.

Any issues related to the hot water system’s electricity supply or a damaged RCD (Residual Current Device) or fuse require immediate professional help. Lastly, remember that replacing the anode rod yourself may void the warranty. Before performing this maintenance task, consult the warranty terms or contact the supplier.


The Aquamax 9W1160G4 Squat 160L Electric Hot Water System is a compact, versatile, and efficient solution perfect for households of up to five people. Its advanced features, durable build, and customization options make it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable hot water system. With regular maintenance and professional assistance when necessary, you can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Aquamax 9W1160G4. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and tailored hot water experience with the Aquamax 9W1160G4.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AquaMAX a good brand?

Yes, AquaMax is a good brand and is known for setting the benchmark for electric hot water systems, offering superior energy efficiency compared to competitors. This makes them an ideal choice for those looking to reduce energy consumption.

Is AquaMAX owned by Rheem?

Yes, AquaMAX is owned by Rheem Australia Pty Ltd, which acquired the brand in 2009.

Where are AquaMAX water heaters made?

AquaMAX water heaters are now manufactured in Rheem's Sydney manufacturing plant at Rydalmere, New South Wales, after AquaMAX was acquired by Rheem Hot Water Australia.

What is the capacity of the Aquamax 9W1160G4?

The Aquamax 9W1160G4 has a capacity of 160 liters, making it suitable for households with up to five people.

What are the key features of the Aquamax 9W1160G4?

The key features of the Aquamax 9W1160G4 include a quality enamel coating, a sacrificial anode, and a fully welded tank, ensuring longevity and reliability.

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