Best Terrible Plumbing Jokes

Why did the undersized gas pipe get rejected at the plumber's talent show Because it couldn't handle the pressure of the performance!

Why did the short plumber always carry a step ladder with him? Because he knew that every inch counts in the pipe dream business!

Why did the plumber break up with his girlfriend? She had too many drain-ing issues!

What do you call a plumber who moonlights as a DJ? A pipe dropper!

Why are plumbers always great at poker? They know exactly when to flush and when to hold.

What's a plumber's favorite type of music? Pipe and bass!

Why did the plumber take up meditation? To find his inner peace and unclog his mind!

Why do plumbers make terrible comedians? Their jokes always go down the drain!

Why was the plumber always calm under pressure? He knew how to go with the flow!

Why did the plumber become an artist? He had a flair for pipe-sculpting!

What do you call a plumber who's also a magician? Houdini with a wrench!

What's a plumber's favorite vegetable? A leek!

Why did the plumber become a gardener? He wanted to plant more pipe dreams!

What did the plumber say to the broken faucet? "Water you waiting for? Let's fix you up!"

Why do plumbers make excellent detectives? They're great at uncovering leaks!

What's a plumber's favorite type of shoe? Clogs!

How does a plumber stay in shape? By doing pipe curls!

Why did the plumber refuse to play cards? He was tired of dealing with flushes!

What do you call a plumber's autobiography? "Life Through the Pipes"!

What's a plumber's favorite dance move? The pipe-slide!

Why did the plumber go to therapy? He had too many pipe dreams!

What did the plumber say to the leaky pipe? "You're just venting steam!"

How do plumbers greet each other? "Sewer you doing today?"

What's a plumber's favorite movie genre? Pipe-thrillers!

What do plumbers wear to formal events? Pipe ties!

Why did the plumber become an astronaut? To fix the plumbing on the space station!

How do plumbers stay cool in the summer? They just tap into their chill side!

Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill? To get to the bottom!

Why was the toilet always so good at math? It knew how to work out the number two!

What's a plumber's favorite dance? The sewage slide!

Why did the scarecrow become a plumber? To help unclog the field drains!

What did the sink say to the toilet? "You always get to deal with the number ones and twos!"

Why did the plumber get a promotion? He wiped out all the competition!

What do you call a superhero plumber? Captain Plunger!

What did the toilet say to the plunger? "You complete me!"

Why did the plumber become a baker? He had a talent for piping hot treats!

What do you call a toilet that likes to play soccer? A GOALden flush!

Why did the plumber join the orchestra? To become an expert in pipe organs!

What do you call a plumber who can play the piano? A maestro of the sewer keys!

Why did the plumber become a politician? He was great at fixing leaky situations!

What's a plumber's favorite type of sandwich? A sub with extra plumbing sauce!

What did the plumber say after unclogging the drain? "Well, that's a load off!"

What's a plumber's favorite animal? The majestic plunger-oo!

Why did the plumber love to play golf? He was a pro at the hole-in-one!

What do you call a plumber who can fix anything? A pipe dream come true!

What's a plumber's favorite kind of joke? A potty pun!

Why did the plumber always bring an extra wrench? Just in case things didn't go as "planned"!

Pipe down! The plumber's trying to concentrate on the job.

I've got this plumbing issue under control, seweriously!

When it comes to plumbing, you need to faucet your fears.

That plumber's jokes are always drain-ing my energy.

Plunging into the weekend like a superhero plumber.

Plumbers always know how to get to the root of the problem.

Wrenching my way through life, one pipe at a time.

It's always sink or swim in the plumbing business.

Plumbers always go with the flow.

I'm flush with success after fixing that toilet.

Pipe dreams do come true if you have the right plumber.

Don't faucet, just let your plumbing problems flow away.

When it comes to plumbing, there's no time to stall.

Plumb-thing tells me you need my help.

That plumber really knows how to tap into his potential.

Plumbers: Providing pipe-tastic solutions every day.

I'd be lost without my trusty pipe wrench.

When you're a plumber, it's all about connecting the right pipes.

Plumbing: A career that's always in high demand.

Sewer you going to call when your pipes are clogged? A plumber, of course!