Hotwater Help Guide - Electric Storage Systems

Need help selecting your new system?


There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a new system including running costs, installation costs, environmental costs, number of people in your house and energy source whether it be solar, gas or electric. So here are a few figures to help you work out exactly what you need.


What is the minimum size system i should get?


1 PERSON - 50L Electric, 80L Electric (OFF PEAK)

2 PERSON - 80L Electric, 125L Electric (OFF PEAK)

3 PERSON - 125L Electric, 160L Electric (OFF PEAK)

4 PERSON - 160L Electric, 250L Electric (OFF PEAK)

5 PERSON - 250L Electric, 315L Electric (OFF PEAK)

6 PERSON - 315L Electric, 400L Electric (OFF PEAK)


How much will my new system cost to run?


The below figures are estimates based on AS4552 for an average of 200L litres per day and 19 tap turns for a 12 month period based on energy rates as of April 2017




What are the differences in system efficiencies for standard electric systems?


All units for sale in Australia need to meet regulated standards on heat loss, known as their MEPS rating. The higher the number above minimum MEPS rating the more efficient the system is.

Here is a breakdown of heatloss in kW and $ per year. The higher the value the more energy the system has lost and more money spent (25c/kw used for comparison). We have used 250L as a comparison and any brands with no information regarding % above MEPS rating are taken as 0% increase.


VULCAN   912kW   $228

THERMANN   912kW   $228

RHEEM/ AQUAMAX/ EVERHOT   894kW   $223 ($50 10year saving compared to Vulcan/Thermann)

RINNAI   793kW   $198 ($300 10year saving compared to Vulcan/Thermann)

RHEEM STELLAR   739kW   $184 ($440 10year saving compared to Vulcan/Thermann)