Image Property (AMY CLARKE)

Invoice JR2427 & JR2431

Refused to pay first invoices with free work carried out do to callback on toilet leak, video sent on first visit of non-leaking toilet. Free fluidmaster installed on second visit and no charge on visit. No payment at all for any attendance to property

Invoice JR2445

Advised to separate invoice due to key pickup/return and branch would pay for key pickup/delivery. Not paid. Amy called to advised it would not be paid. invoice separation in writing from  AMY


Josie Wang (13 Dolomite St, Runcorn)

Invoice JR2666

Requested visit to inspect suspected gas leak, gas system tested, no leak. Customer had raw sewerage under deck causing smell. Multiple texts, emails and calls, no response.


Sandra Saliba (RENTAL - Unit 23 40 Glenefer St, Runcorn)

Invoice 156

Quote accepted for water heater replacement, new support base required as per quote. Base never paid for. Multiple texts, emails and calls, no response.


Janeice Euston (RENTAL - 11 McKracken St, Wishart)

Invoice 188

Claimed same day discount 10 days past due after it was removed 7 days past due, advised she never read quote so it does not apply. Proceeded to write story on ProductReview.com.au


Billy Barrett (13 Mirambeema Dr, Pimpama)

Invoice 162

Requested extra required paperwork and submissions as requested by Billy from his builder. All required forms submitted and invoiced. Billys builder no longer required them after they were done so Billy thinks its not fair he needs to pay. Paperwork was never a legal requirement of complete original works.


Dean Tordoff & Jeff McNab (10 Brigadoon St, Mansfield)

Invoice JR2590

Quoted works advised suspect regulator would need replacing and price quoted, quote also stated it would be legal and non optional if required. Dean is the tenant who organised job and accepted quote on Jeffs behalf. Dozens on phone call to Dean and he advised Jeff would be paying. After 3 months and calling a phone Jeff did not know we had the number for advised "i thought you would have given up by now" and to call back later. Calling back next time he tought he had hung up and stated we were Idiots and Cunts.



Ngawai Brunton (BRUNTON ROOFING)

Job Address - 24 Fifth Ave, Marsden

Home Address - 14/17 Gibbs Street, Churchill

Invoice JR2524

Job accepted to replace water heater. Brunton roofing organised work while doing a roof replacement for their customer. Dozens of phone call, texts and email and Ngawai promised immediate payment, or it had been made, or tomorrow. Payment never came through. Advised after 90-days it will go to court if unpaid. She asked it that is a threat and has proceeded to no longer make payment. Followed up with QBCC and was advised she is unlicensed to carry out the work she does and does not pay any required insurances.