All You Need To Know About The New And Vastly Improved Rinnai 250L Electric Hot Water System.


Rinnai is one of the world's oldest and most well known hot water heater manufacturers. Based in Japan and with manufacturing plants across the world and in Australia they have been building high quality gas products since the 1920s. And in the last two years they have released their new version of the medium capacity hotflo electric systems.


The new Hotflo series and especially the 250L electric units have been gaining a lot of praise and market share recently and for plenty of reasons. Firstly and most importantly to a large number of our customers is Australian Made. The new hotflo series 250L storage system is designed in Australia for local conditions and made in a purpose built facility in Victoria, with warehouses across the country for quick resupply and spare parts availability, they comfortably service Australia wide.


Compared to the majority of other 250l electric systems on the market today the Rinnai has raised the bar with a few basic features that can save you thousands over the life of the system. Features such as a plastic top and bottom have been done before with poor success such as the Dux made units where the plastic top would shrink and pop off. The Rinnai hot water heater has subtle changes such as top and bottom panels lipping over the metal casing, and UV stabilised plastic meaning the top wont pop off or fade and keeping the inner insulation dry. Dry insulation means less heat loss and less chance of rust. A plastic base also has another huge benefit compared to Rheem electric hot water units, and this is the ability to place the unit directly on flat concrete without the need of an added support base.


One of our favourite features of the Rinnai 250L electric hot water system is the insulation rating. The have a MEPS or “minimum energy performance standards” of around 13%. This 13% is the percentage above zero that the system is insulated above minimum regulated standards. The current standard for a hot water system is for the unit to not lose more than 1kW of energy per 100L of water per day. This equates to around a $39 saving every year compared to a system such as the Vulcan electric storage unit built to minimum standards.


Other features included are Incoloy elements as standard for extended periods between replacement compared to the industry standard tin plated copper units. They also have a vitreous enamel lined steel tank for added durability and inbuilt anode protection extends the life of the tank. All of these features mean the average punter would expect to pay a premium over competitive units, but not in this case. On top of all of the above these units are also a lot cheaper than comparable units, making them not just perfect for large families and those wanting long term cost effective solutions but also rentals and those looking for a cheap turn around.


Capacity, volumes and ability to supply hot water are on par with every other main manufacturer on the market. Rinnai has units all the way from 25L to 400L with options such as twin element, Rinnai Hotflo has a size to fit every family, business and situation. 250L litres is a mainstay in Australian homes and the systems will comfortably service 3-4 people on an 8 hour off peak tariff. With the higher MEPS rating and greater ability to hold hot water with minimal heat loss through the day that extra few minutes of hot water at the end of a busy day or when family comes to stay can make all the difference.


The Rinnai 250L electric hot water system aesthetically has raised the bar. Gone are the days of machine grey or beige systems. The new Dune colour scheme across the medium and large capacity system range will keep your new Rinnai looking right at home. And when you pair your new system with our installation expertise, we guarantee to keep your installation looking like it belongs.


Installation for us has been made a breeze with multiple element options from 2.4kW all the way to 4.8kW in single and dual element options for those who want the efficiency of an off peak tariff combined with maximum output of a full time tariff. Dual inlets and outlets each side of the system also help to make installation in tight spots a breeze and when you combine it with one of the smallest footprints at 605mm wide it make upgrading your 160 litre electric internal unit a very viable option.


Rinnai has designed their range for maximum versatility and compatibility. All units come with two sacrificial anode options. Magnesium based for water with total dissolved solids under 600mg/L which is generally used for town water and rain water installations or aluminium based for systems exceeding 600mg/L of total dissolved solids, generally found in outback areas, areas with small dams in mineral rich areas and those using bore water.


Installation of any electric system throughout South East Queensland is very similar and Rinnai has helped streamline that with 850kPa expansion control valves and 1000kPa pressure temperature relief valves now standard across the range. reducing the need to carry various valves for installation and service work. The additional of 850kPa and 1000kPa control valves also takes excess strain off your plumbing system, reducing the change of blown hoses, pipework and premature wear of tapware.


Maintenance has also never been easier on the Rinnai 250L electric hot water system. With the use of industry standardised elements and thermostats being able to resolve any hot water issues is as hard as running down to your local merchant. No special orders needed. All Rinnai systems over 80L now come standard as 10yr and 5yr service intervals. Servicing is straightforward and quick but also very important. With a full service every 5 years all excessive wear, tear and strain are removed from the system. Theoretically with a correct maintenance schedule and removing the ability for rust to attack the tank your system will last decades. 


With all that in mind would we recommend a new Rinnai 250L electric hot water system? Definitely. Quality, reliability, cost and efficiency are all market leading. Since the release of their new systems they have gone from 10% to 70% of our 250L hot water installations and for good reason.


When your time comes for a new system come straight to us for all the best prices, advise, 110% price beat guarantee and same day installation.