Hot Water Systems Brisbane South, North, Logan to the Gold Coast. What’s Best?


Hot water systems Brisbane South to the Gold Coast or north to Moreton there are literally hundreds of options, sizes, and types to choose from. So what’s best for my family and how do I know which direction to go.

One of the best places to start is our hot water help guide (Link Our guide will help you make the most informed decision with actual facts and figures, not hearsay and without someone trying to pressure you into a sale.

The first step when choosing the right system is to think about what you want from a unit, whether it be to reduce long-term running costs, a system with low maintenance, a unit designed to last or something just to get you through the next few years.

When it comes to reduced long-term running costs you can’t go past solar or heat pump systems. These units can reduce your hot water power bill by up to 80% and potentially over $1000 per year. How much does a solar hot water system cost installed? Our solar hot water Brisbane prices start at around $5000 supplied and fitted and you can get back up to $1500 in rebates from the government, leaving you with an initial investment of around $3500 and potentially paying for itself in 5 years. We have a range of solar hot water systems for sale from reputable brands such as Rheem (who won the best solar hot water system 2017), Rinnai, Solarhart and Apricus. Not all solar systems are created equal and skimping on a cheaper unit upfront and potentially saving $1000, could mean you may only save around 20% on your power bills compared to 80% with a quality unit. That's why we have done our own solar hot water systems comparison and only supply and fit systems we know will save you now and into the future.

Not everyone has the available space or money to install a solar system, so what’s the next best option for a long-term investment? Heatpumps are a great way to save without needing collectors on your roof. A heatpump hot water system installation Brisbane to the Gold Coast can cost you only slightly more than a standard electric system. Our units start at around $3200 supplied and fitted, but when you take into account around $1000 in government rebates and potentially halving your power bill it doesn’t seem that far away.

When deciding on a new solar or heatpump system hot water systems reviews are more important than ever. A cheap solar might blow panels if you get a frost or short circuit the control panel in a storm potentially meaning you may never see a return on your investment. Reviews, reviews, reviews, read as much as you can and don’t rush into any decisions. If in doubt give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through all of your options.

Hot water systems Brisbane South to the Gold Coast or north to Moreton the majority of homeowners have a standard electric (exc instant electric hot water system) or gas system, and they have them for a reason. The hot water system installation cost for either type is relatively low, they can last upwards of twenty years, are relatively cheap to repair and designed to handle the harsh Australian climate day in day out. When it comes to standard electric and gas hot water systems we only supply the best the market has to offer and for prices cheaper than you can find a cheap knockoff unit for. Electric hot water systems prices vary depending on size, brand, quality and warranty and can be supplied and fitted for under $1000 and come with up to 12yr warranties. With the introduction of Rheem stainless steel systems, the Rheem electric hot water system prices now start at under $1100 installed for a standard unit or under $1300 for a stainless heater with a 12yr warranty. Even better we will guarantee a stocked Brisbane hot water replacement same day when booking before 9 am or $50 off. The majority of homes have a Rheem 250L electric system. 250L units are the most cost-effective per litre, generally, have the longest warranties and the largest range. Our 250-litre hot water system prices Brisbane to the Gold Coast and out to Scenic rim start at $1370 supplied and fitted with all new valves inc electrical and our Rheem 250 litre hot water system price starts at $1550 installed.

Gas continuous flow and storage heaters have recently had big overhauls and can come with an equivalent 7-star energy rating. Gas hot water systems reviews are just as important as reviewing any other product on the market, not all products are created equal and that’s why we stay away from Bunnings hot water systems and the likes. They are generally overpriced, and well below the standards set by the likes of Rheem, Rinnai, and Bosch. Like electric systems gas hot water systems prices start around the $1000 mark installed, but don’t be fooled into thinking it may be an inefficient unit. The 12L Continuous flow Rheem gas hot water system from just over $1000 installed is certified 6-star energy efficient.

Hot water systems Brisbane South to the Gold Coast or west to Ipswich, does size really matter? Yes, it does. Sizing is one of the most important factors when choosing a new hot water system. There are a number of key factors to take into consideration. How many people does the unit need to cater for? How many litres per minute do I need? How many bathrooms do I have? What power tariff am I on? And even how much sun does my house get a day? These are all important factors when choosing a system. A Rheem gas hot water system running at 16 litres per minute might sound like plenty, but not if you would like to turn on a kitchen tap while running a shower. That’s why we are the experts in hot water selection and installation, we know the products and the conditions to keep you in the most effective way under hot water.

Hot water systems Brisbane South or north will generally cost the same to run over a 10yr period. Water quality in Greater Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast is generally very good and you will expect long run times from any system we supply, with the only a slight variation being a Brisbane hot water system will last an average of 5% longer than those further inland. We have calculated all the expected running costs, installation costs and expected maintenance for nearly every type of domestic water heater on the market and put all the info in one place. Head to our hot water help guide for more info guide (Link

Whether it be an electric hot water system repairs Brisbane or Redland Bay or gas hot water repairs Brisbane to Scenic Rim we can repair it all. If you’re in cold water give us a call. We repair all makes, models and brands from thermostats on electric heaters to PCB’s on spa heaters we have the knowledge, experience and drive to get it fixed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

A question we get asked frequently is do you have any second hand solar hot water systems for sale? The answer is no, we don’t sell or recommend installing second-hand units of any form. When a unit has been removed, they deteriorate quickly. A 2yr old system might be a steal at $200 but you have no idea how much rust has formed inside the unit since the water has been drained. We have in the past installed customer supplied second-hand units only for them to die two years later, leaving them frustrated and digging into their pockets again.

Hot Water Systems Brisbane South, North, Logan to the Gold Coast. What’s Best? We are the best. When it comes time for a new hot water system come straight to us. We have the best prices, our reviews speak for themselves, workmanship is second to none and we have a full range of aftersales services and support. We have all the best products and who else’s Rheem electric hot water system prices start under $1000 installed? Our gas hot water systems Brisbane to the Gold Coast are all fixed, nothing changes, from under $1100 installed for a Rheem they are all that low.